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Average Joe: Helping the Neighbour’s Wife VII (18+)


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Average Joe: Helping the Neighbour’s Wife VII (18+)

I froze slightly and hoped that Bisola would mistake that awkward look on my face for embarrassment when it was actually for shame. How to answer that question?

“She lay on her back; I was on top,” I answered. Stick to the truth where you can, the lying conniving part of my mind advised me; it’s more convincing that way. “She just lay there while I entered her and started moving.

She didn’t really respond, and we didn’t touch each other, but she did become…lubricated inside, enough to have sex and to stimulate me. I made myself cum by closing my eyes and thinking about you, about having sex with you.” Fine answer, my devious internal adviser added, while I maintained direct eye contact throughout.

Bisola appeared to contemplate that for a few seconds, then smiled and said,
“Let’s get inside and get rid of the babysitter then. I want my husband to myself.”

She turned to open the door, and I assumed I had passed whatever test she had been set with her questions.


5 minutes later, Bisola was shutting the front door to our house after showing Ikwo our perky 18-year-old babysitter, out, having fielded the confused comments from Ikwo that “we had not been gone very long.”

Bisola turned to me and smiled. “So. The kids are all in bed, and it’s just the two of us.” I could clearly recognise what she wanted by the way she put her hand on her hip and smiled mischievously.

“Shall we go upstairs?” I suggested, grinning and happy to see that the sexual implications of my wife’s comment still caused a reaction in my cock.

She moved in closer to me, walking slowly and sensuously, still wearing the black shoes she had walked home in and otherwise wearing a close-fitting cotton dress which came halfway down her calves. She entered my personal space and put both her arms around my neck, purring seductively, “Oh, why waste time? I want to reclaim my husband right here…and right now.”

And then we were kissing in the entrance hallway of our house, by the stairs, my arms reaching around to her back and waist and pulling her into me, her full breasts pressing into me while our mouths also pressed together. I ran my hand down her body to her ass, gripping it and pulling her tightly onto me, while she ran her hands into my hair.

She was definitely hot for me, and she wanted sex; there was no doubt about that by the way she pulled me onto her and the urgency in her mouth as our tongues intertwined.

She sinuously shifted her hips to grind herself against my now stiffening dick as we kissed, and her words about reclaiming her husband echoed in my head.

I felt sure that she was about to give me a sexual encounter which she intended to employ to wipe out all thoughts of Chioma from my mind, whether she believed it had been a passionless encounter or not.

As I fondled her body and kissed her, my cock now fully stiff as we made out in the space next to our stairs, a part of me could not help but make a comparison between the familiar body of my wife and the woman I had fucked only minutes earlier; Bisola’ full soft breasts compared to Chioma’s firm small perky ones.

Bisola’s height compared to Chiomas’ petiteness, Bisola’s fleshier rounder body and large hips compared to Chioma’s delicately slim and toned physique. And the exciting thing was that the contrasting earlier experience made my wife’s body somehow slightly less familiar and, therefore more exciting.

I was pulling Bisola onto me firmly, my cock pressing rock hard into her midriff, and we could both feel how turned on the other one was as we mashed our mouths onto each others.

I was, therefore momentarily surprised when Bisola pulled abruptly away from the kiss, but this surprise turned quickly into thrilling anticipation as she started to run her hands down my chest while sinking down to her knees in front of me, shaking her long hair, so it fell around her shoulders sexily.

I was therefore standing in the hallway of our house, still fully clothed and with my cock rigid in my jeans, my wife kneeling in front of me with her dress bunched up high around her thighs, her leather boots tucked under her.

Bisola placed both her hands on my crotch, one sliding up and along my shaft through my jeans, the other reaching under to cup my balls.

She moved her mouth to within about an inch of my dick, such that I was already anticipating the feel of her lips even through the jeans, then looked up at me sideways and whispered, “Who does this cock belong to?”

“You….” I replied, imploring her to go further.

She reached up and unbuckled my belt before sliding down my zip.

“And I am the only woman you will ever truly want, aren’t I?” Even as she said this, she pushed my jeans down my hips so that they fell around my ankles, my cock now bulging against the straining fabric of my boxers. Her mouth moved closer, and her lips parted and then were pressed forward to rest against the side of my boxer-covered shaft without actually moving on it.

“Yes…..I want you so much,” I replied, once again a slave to my now master-less dick.

“Well then, tell me what you want me to do?” she teased, while just the tip of her tongue emerged and lapped about an inch up my cock.

“Suck my dick, please,” I urged, and thankfully this was all the extra encouragement she needed to commence. She immediately lapped her tongue again along with the boxers, but this time started at the base of my cock and trailed all the way up to its length until she circled on the tip. Still looking up at me, she smiled, then hooked her thumbs onto the elastic of my boxer shorts and pulled them over my cock and down my legs such that I could shake off both the boxers and the jeans down from my ankles.

Her hand then returned to my balls, and she started to fondle them while her mouth moved to the head of my dick. She swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock once, then while still caressing my balls, teasingly said, “I hope these balls are still full of your delicious sperm…I hope you haven’t used it all?”

“God…no,” I whispered, wanting her to put my cock in her mouth. “Lot’s left for you.”

“That’s good…because…” She opened her mouth and softly wrapped her lips on the head of my cock and sucked it, slowly and tantalisingly. “…because I want your cum in my mouth and in my cunt…”

Then she started to properly work me with her mouth and lips, sucking me into her while her tongue snaked along the underside of my cock.

One hand continued to fondle my balls while the other was placed around the base of my cock, and she gradually drew more of me inside her warm wet oral cavity as she increased the pace of the blowjob.

Bisola was a fantastic cocksucker, and tonight she was really working hard to please me, her tongue swirling on the underside of my dick while she moved her lips up and down me, her mane of hair draping over my manhood and trailing electrically against my hips and pelvis.

“Mmmmmm……” I moaned, placing one hand on her shoulder and the other on the back of her head, my eyes closing slowly in pleasure as my wife put all of her passion and expertise into working my dick, her lips taking my cock in, then deliciously releasing me.

My hand on the back of her head slowly began to push my cock further into her mouth and throat. This was so right, I thought, as her ministrations with her hands and mouth enticingly drew me towards orgasm. My beloved wife pleasuring me, sex without betrayal, lust without guilt. She increased the pace and effort on my cock, and in pleasure, I closed my eyes…

….and in my mind, it was no longer Bisola kneeling in front of me, giving me a fantastic blowjob. Instead, Chioma knelt before me, her petite hands sliding around my cock while her hungry mouth worked me. In the picture, in my mind, she was naked but for silk panties and a pair of shoes tucked beneath her.

Her eyes were fixed on me while she worshipped my dick with her mouth and one of her hands, the other hand sliding down her sleek waist to slip inside her panties and find her crotch, to masturbate herself while she pleasured me.

Her tongue worked me expertly while her exotic brown eyes remained locked on mine, and I pushed my cock firmly into her willing orifice as I felt myself cumming in her mouth…

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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