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Average Joe: Auntie Onyi & Her Concubines [Episode 5] (18+)


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Average Joe: Auntie Onyi & Her Concubines [Episode 5] (18+)

Ugo didn’t last long on my face. “I want to fuck!” She announced. “Nkechi, let me have that big hard cock. You can let him eat you out.”

“Sure!” agreed Nkechi, and the two sisters traded places. I couldn’t believe it. My aunt wanted to fuck me! I was just about to fuck! For the first time!

Ugo straddled my upper body, lowered herself down, and aimed her pussy at my erect cock. Her lips found the head, and she slowly forced it into her. After that, she slid down the shaft. I could feel her lubed-up canal sliding along my cock as she settled in on top of me. She had swallowed up the whole unit and, after settling in, started sliding up and down on it. It felt even better than I had ever imagined it would.

Before Nkechi blocked my view, I noticed that Onyi was sitting down on my right side, just below Olivia. Onyi had her legs spread and was rubbing her own clit. She really did want to orgasm again!

Once Ugo was settled in on my upper body, Nkechi spread her legs around me and slowly dropped down on my face. Overall she had great legs, but the oldest sister’s thighs were just a little flabbier. I didn’t mind. I loved the moving flesh resting against me. I licked up into the lady with gusto.

I felt someone moving my right foot and then felt something hairy touching it. I stopped eating Nkechi long enough to look down. Onyi had taken my right foot and was rubbing my sole along her pussy mound.

If I could have a still picture from any moment in my life, this would be the one. When I looked down, what I saw was that I was servicing the pussies of my five aunts, all at one time. All five of the older lingerie-clad women had their eyes closed and their mouths open, moaning, panting, and whimpering.

Ugo was sliding her pussy up and down my cock. Nkechi’s panties were off I was licking up into her wet pussy. Ebere was getting finger fucked by me while she squeezed both of her own breasts and pulled on her nipples. Olivia was holding her left breast up to her mouth and was licking and sucking her own long nipple, as I fingered her. Onyi had her legs spread wide and was rubbing my foot over her pussy. That was a sight I’ll never forget, or ever match.

It was also almost enough to make me cum. I don’t know how I hung in this long. It must have just been the strangeness of the situation. I fucked up rapidly into Ugo and with the same rhythm, I licked Nkechi, diddled Ebere and Olivia’s clits where they had placed my finger, and even wiggled my big toe on Onyi’s clit.

All five were virtually moving in unison, and for the most part, panting and whimpering and squealing in unison. It was a strange, wild sound.

Ugo clamped down hard on my torso and gyrated all over the place, and I shot my jizz up into her. Suddenly all around me, from all angles, older women were screaming and spazzing. As if in chorus, they all let out one last wild high-pitched scream, and then relaxed, panting.

When all of my aunts had fallen off of me, I got up off the carpet and crashed onto the couch. Onyi and Olivia followed me over to the couch, and sat on either side of me, Onyi on my left and Olivia on my right, leaning against me and pressing their thighs against my bare thighs. I put my hands on their thighs and casually massaged them. My cock was still standing straight out, occasionally coming to life with little spasms.

With her head on my shoulder, Aunt Onyi reached out with her left hand and stroked my cock. I guess she was game for more action, as I was. I moved my hands up onto Onyi and Olivia’s bare thighs above it. I was looking down at both of their pussies. Olivia leaned over and started making out with me. I slid my hands up over both of their pussies, and fingered them. I fucked one of my aunts tonight, I wondered if I could get another one to fuck me.

Onyi leaned over, put her face down by my crotch, and wrapped her pretty lips around my dick head. She slowly slurped up and down on it while sitting next to me. It was hard for me to reach her pussy now, so I tugged on her hanging nipples as she sucked me, while making out with Olivia. Eventually, I let go of Onyi’s breasts and put my left hand on The Big One’s jugs, massaging them. I briefly put both arms around Olivia as we French kissed.

She wasn’t one of the better kissers of the group, but she was passionate about it. I felt both of her bare breasts, which were still surrounded by her leather outfit. After tugging on her long fat nipples and marvelling at her dark areolas close-up, I sank my head onto her chest and kissed and sucked both of the big puppies. I kissed and licked between them, burying my face in her cleavage, then kissed and licked them all over, before moving to her left nipple, taking the hard thing into my mouth.

Onyi moved down onto the carpet, kneeling between my legs, and sucked me off more. Nkechi took her place on the couch next to me on my left. So I alternately made out with Nkechi and Olivia, the two oldest of my aunts. I tried putting my arms around them and sat up straight, and they sunk down so my hands could reach down onto their chest. I now had my left hand on Nkechi’s little left breast and my right hand on Olivia’s large right breast.

I had to reach into Nkechi’s pink see-through bra to get to it. Nkechi put her hands to her chest and unfastened and opened her front hook bra, and both of her breasts flew out. I jiggled the smaller breast and pulled on her nipple while rolling Olivia’s big breast.

Onyi’s sucking was doing its job, although I think Ugo was the better cocksucker. I placed both hands on Nkechi’s and Olivia’s thighs again, ran them up over their exposed flesh, and back over their pussies. Both of my aunts spread their legs wide for me. I fingered both of them and eventually worked a second, then a third, finger in each of the dripping wet holes.

Onyi suddenly got off of her knees, turned her back to me, and lowered her open-crotched bottom onto my pulsating cock. Staring at her ass, I could see her pussy hair between her legs, and her pink slit lowering down on my shaft. She settled in on my lap, leaning forward with her back arched, her legs spread wide.

Then she started bending her knees and slid her bottom up and down my cock. This isn’t how I had envisioned fucking Aunt Onyi, but it was wild watching her work out on me while I fingered the other two.

Ebere then climbed onto the couch right between Olivia and Onyi and stood on the cushions facing me, with her feet planted on either side of me. Staring me in the face was Ebere’s open-crotched panties with the untied string hanging down, gapped open several inches, giving me a view of Ebere’s pink slit surrounded by pubic hair.

Ebere spread her legs and bent her knees slightly, and pressed her pussy into my face. I used my nose and lips to work through the forest of curly hairs until my tongue finally had a free shot at her pussy lips. I licked up and down while trying to get a rhythm with humping Onyi and fingering Nkechi and Olivia.

Ugo took a page from Onyi’s book and sat on the carpet in front of Onyi, spread her legs, and placed my foot on her pussy. This led to some delicacy on my part because I needed leverage from my feet to thrust up into Onyi, but I didn’t want to put too much weight on Ugo’s crotch. But we got it balanced, and it felt sort of nice having Ugo’s thick mat of fur rubbing along the bottom of my right foot.

Onyi now was the loudest and hardest worker, with the others adding their sighs and whimpers. Ebere’s bare thigh flesh was pressed against my cheeks, but I occasionally got a little rub of the top of her hose, too. Once again, I was satisfying all five of my aunt’s pussies.

Onyi was using her muscular thighs to bounce up and down rapidly on my lap, causing the whole couch to shake. Both Nkechi and Olivia had taken my hands and moved them up to that little nub above their slits that I presumed was their clit. I diddled the nubs with my middle fingers, and that seemed to really drive them wild.

They were both moaning and thrusting their hips up. I decided to see if Ebere liked that, so I moved my tongue up to her clit, and licked it. “Oh, YES, Joe!” she blurted. She was gyrating her hips over my face. I had to work to keep my tongue on her.

Onyi gyrated rapidly on my lap. I had never heard her raise her voice much above a whisper in my life, and now she was squealing and crying out. “Ahh! Ahh! WhooooooOOO!”

Ebere was nearly matching her in volume. “WhhaaaAAAA! HUUUGGH!” Nkechi let out quieter, lower-pitched grunts. Olivia had a higher-pitched squeal.

Onyi climaxed first, but I came seconds after she did. After resting on my cock for a minute, she climbed off and lay down on the carpet. Ebere immediately backed away from my face, straddled my lap, and slid her pussy down over my cock. She was now fucking me while facing me, her big thighs wrapped around me.

As she bounced on my cock, I was slumped back into the couch a little, and my aunt’s breasts, which were still hanging out the top of her corset, were jiggling in my face. I leaned forward and sucked on her bouncing breasts and nipples.

“Oh, Joe, oh, honey!” panted Nkechi.

“Joe, that’s so good!” squealed Olivia.

“Fuck me, Joe, fuck me hard!” grunted Ebere.

Soon it was another chorus of grunts, squeals, and outright bellowing from the four remaining aunts whose pussies I was currently servicing. “OHH! UUUGGGG! AhhhhHHHH! Woooooaaaa!!!” Aunt Ebere bounced so hard on my lap that her breast flew out of my mouth, and I sat back and watched them rapidly bobble all over the place.

That fine image was the final straw, and I came in her pussy. Olivia and Nkechi were wiggling their bottoms all over and squeezing their thighs around my fingers, but I did my best to keep after their clits until they finished their orgasms.

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