May 10, 2021

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7 Actors Who Sacrificed Their Sanity For Success

The path to a masterpiece can often be paved with glimmers of insanity. When one pushes oneself to the ultimate boundary of creation, the results can certainly take their toll on the hardiest of hearts. Here’s a list of actors who are such...

20 Highest Grossing Actors Of All Time

20. Will Smith Total Gross: $6.604 Billion Andrew Milligan/PA Wire Highest Grossing Movie: Independence Day ($817 million) His output may have dwindled in recent years, but Will Smith’s legacy as a box office draw is still strong. Just don’t do...

10 Most Extreme Method Actors

1. Daniel Day-Lewis pushes the boundaries for every role he undertakes Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the greatest actors in history or one of the most insane depending upon who you talk to. How far has Day-Lewis gone to immerse himself in a role...