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May 8, 2021

Shon Eze (TDDG) : Episode 1
Shon Eze ( The Diary of a Daddy's Girl
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Shon Eze (TDDG) : Episode 1

Written By Esther Estelle

“Grrr!! Grrr!!” My phone began to buzz, It was on silent mode. It seemed like the louder it rang, the deeper I snuggled into my blanket and tighter I held the duvet. Finally, it stopped, “I hope your batteries are dead now, sadist?”, I muttered hoping to fall asleep again, contemplating snoozing it for another 30 minutes if possible.

“Because I’m happy……” My other phone started ringing at the same time. Oh shit! I forgot to put that one on silent.

“Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh!! What did I ever do wrong to the universe to deserve this great ill treatment?” I cried. It was just 4:30am, normal human beings, even witches should be back meeting, sleeping away. My damn phones won’t stop ringing. I looked at my phones to check the beast who decided to cut my sleep short and yeah my guess was right. It was my boss.

Calling my  phones at the same time like he bought them for me. Well, literally he didn’t, but it was his money that became mine when he paid my salary.

“Hello Boss!” I said in the most hostile voice I could summon. Lord! I have to remember to drop a rant in my journal after this call cos I’m 200% sure he’s calling to annoy me.

“I’m sorry to bother you but these guys want their money now, the show is over. I know I promised to allow you sleep till morning, I also thought we wouldn’t have to deal with this till well into the morning. I’m off to my house, my wife sends her regard.” My Boss said.

“Okay sir, I can manage. Give her my best, sir” I said.

I know I had no option but to get out of the bed, its really hard to deal with these so called artistes, most of them are just  children with over bloated egos. Well, thats my dilemma with the business I’m in.

I got out of bed, went into the bathroom for a moment, washed my face, applied my make-up, opened up my pull along box, a nice v-neck white t-shirt with blue ripped jeans, and finally my high heeled Jimmy Choos’ shoes.

Quite sexy, especially because of my firm D-Cup boobs, flat tummy and apple shaped bum, my clothing was a second skin, tight and the shirt was quite revealing, the light complexion bulbs of my boobs. I like to be a tease, even though its 4:30am in the morning.

As I locked the door to my room, walking through the hallway of Eko Hotel, to the elevator, my phone rang, it was  a text message from my boss of the list of artistes that wanted attention like lil bitches.

“Just 3 of them? ” I muttered to myself, So Boss cant handle 3 artistes after his long years in entertainment. I’m sure he can handle them, he has entrusted this as my job which is why he isn’t bothered and has been for the past 3 years, I joined his entertainment coy.

I exited the elevator at the ground floor, with peering eyes at the Eko Hotel reception as I walked briskly to the hall where the event just finished. The reason for the stare was the way my perky boobs bounced around the shirt despite been skin tight with my nipples harassing the shirt. I kept a straight face as I walked through but was busting out with laughter in my mind as the oversized expatriate who almost fell off his chair as I walked past him.

I went straight for the backstage, and located the one-hit wonder asshole, who was the show opener. As he saw me walk in, he approached me immediately.

“Shon, Its not what you think, I was cool with it until now, but TK-Cruz said to come back with a cheque” Lil Rems said

I know TK-Cruz, he is the asshole boss of Rep TK Music. He has always had it for me and my boss, we cut him off on a deal with MTN some few months back. Its a dog eat dog world, he should understand but that’s the story for another day. The only reason he agreed for his newbie artiste is because it makes business sense for him to expose him at this kind of stage.

“So, since its not what I think, tell me what the fuck it is” I asked him with a straight face.

“Common Shon, you cant be mad at me, I’m your guy, but Its my label, I gotta obey the boss. You know I would do anything for you, love” He said pleading…

“Lil Rem, you need to be a man, stand for yourself. I gave you this show because you asked me personally and now your boss wants to hold me by the tits?” I said to him, the truth is I needed him more than he needed me for this show, we needed a spectacular show opener and his struggling ass could make that happen, which he did, but there is no way in hell, I will admit to that.

“This is what will happen, I don’t have any signed company cheque with me, sleep it off in the hotel, I will be back with your cheque for the balance. I should be back by 2pm.” I said affirmatively.

“I want it now, Shon” He said.

“You cant have it now, If you cant wait, call TK Cruz, when he calls me, its the same answer.” I said and walked away, I could sense that he and his crew were looking at my ass as I was walking away from them.

The second act was an act recommended by my friend, also another one hit wonder, his problem is that he has been told to be careful, that the industry is tricky and people are ripping each other off. He didnt have a solid label like Lil Rems but his singing prowess is incredible, he will be the new Wande Coal with proper management. I can help him if he allows me.

“Jeff, you need to chill, I’m not trying to rip you off, Dammy sent you to me, she is my homegirl. Just to show you, my genuine intention, I will write you a cheque for your balance.” I grabbed my handbag, brought out my diamond bank cheque, and wrote him a cheque for N75,000.

He was too excited to collect the money and move on, and for the last one. I looked at the time, it was almost 6AM. Jesus!

I looked around for Chike Songz, he was a super star already, just not a mega superstar yet. I saw his manager who told me, he was in his room, and told me his room number. Stupid Jerk, he just wanted me to come to his room.

I looked around the hall, the stage was almost dismantled completely, the show is officially over, I walked back to the elevator to talk to Chike in person. I’m sure he has plans for me in his room.

I knocked on his door, It seemed he was waiting for me to knock. He was in his brief, and Jesus Christ, was he smoking hawt, big biceps, large chest and those awesome pacs.

“Hey Sugar, please come in” Chike said in his calm seductive voice.

“I would rather not come in, I can pass the information I need to pass from here.” I said trying to look away from his seductive eyes, bit a dilemma, I dont wanna look down to see his awesome abs.

“Its simple, the cheque for the balance will be ready in the afternoon, I will give it your manager by 3pm” I said, trying not to fumble with my speech.

He dragged me by hands, and pulled me into the room, shut the door, I began to walk backwards as he approached him, I couldnt run to the door, he was backing it.

“Chike, please let me go, we’re done, we’ve been done for over 4 months” I said with my voice and lips quavering, his presence was erupting warm, sexual feeling within my whole body.

He grabbed me, and kissed me, it felt sweet, divine, and it was a cure for my illness, I instantly felt better, I kissed him like my life depended on it. He put his hand underneath my top and grabbed a boob, held it soft and squashed it against my chest. I began to take short breathes. I pushed him off, which he mistook for passion, and dashed for the door.

I wiped my lips and went for the staircase instead of the elevator, anything to be not on the same floor as him. I bolted my door like a mob was behind me.

Hello world!! My name is Eze Shontelle Kamsiyiochukwu and this is my life.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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