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May 16, 2021

Shon Eze (TDDG): Episode 10
Shon Eze ( The Diary of a Daddy's Girl
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Shon Eze (TDDG): Episode 10

Written by Esther Estelle

“Hello Pops.” I said into the phone

“Oh my darling daughter… I can’t remember the last time we spoke. I don’t see you anymore these days. What has happened? Who’s the young man that has taken you away from me?” He teased

“Pops you’re just too dramatic. How have you been?”

“I’ve been good. You know I’m an advanced man now, so I’ve been taking it easy, and Carmen has been a darling too.”

“Oh! That?“ I replied

“Young lady, I don’t know if there’s more to this your hatred for Carmen. If there is, you may need to sort it out with her, or at least tell me about it maybe I can do something to change things.”

“Well Pops, I’m sure there’d be no need for that since I know you’ll soon dump her.”

“Hmmmm… about that, Kamso, I don’t think I’m dumping her anytime soon. In fact I think I should make this thing official already. But that’s not a matter to discuss on the phone, so how about you come over and I treat you to some daddy delicacies while we talk. I’m not saying it has to be today o, anytime your slave-master boss gives you time off, or the secret boyfriend releases you is fine by me.” Pops dropped the bombshell.

“Pops there’s no secret boyfriend anywhere. I’ll see you tomorrow evening after work. I mean just you o, no Cuban-American entourage o.” I ignored the making things official bit.

He giggled and replied, “Yes ma’am. Make sure you bring an empty stomach because I’m going all in for you.”

“Alright Pops. Take good care of yourself. Love ya”

“Love you too my angel.” He replied.

I giggled as I hung up.


It’s been 2 weeks since I saw Carmen banging Walter’s interns and I had been avoiding Pops so I didn’t have to be the bearer of bad news. Walter had begged me to give Carmen time to come clean with Pops herself so they could trash their issues together, but as it stood, Carmen was going to take that secret to the grave and she expected me to do same.

I wish I could, but that would mean exposing Pops to whatever veneral diseases she has going on from her indiscriminate sexual activities. I didn’t care if they broke up or anything I just didn’t want one of the causes of my father’s death to be STDs. I would tell him about it tomorrow, so help me God.

Walter and I had been going steady since then, I really won’t say we were dating but we saw every day, we talked about every and anything, I had told him about my past with Chike and he hadn’t judged me nor looked at me with pity like the girls had when I told them. When we finally made love; yes we made love not stoned sex, it was passionate, and like nothing I had felt before. I liked him and I know he liked me too but dating wasn’t kind of my scene these days so I would chill and watch how things would go from here.

My phone started to ring and it was Walter; think of the devil…

“Hey you”… I said as I picked the call.

“Hey to you too….” He replied

“I was just thinking of you before you called”

“You could have called me na. abi pride won’t let you?” He teased

“You’re just an annoying person sha. Please get out of my phone if you know you want to insult me.”

“I will, let me just confirm the movie you want us to see tonight and what time.”

“Abeg leave me. I picked the last time so you pick today.”

“Okay o. Don’t complain if you don’t like my choice o. because I’m thinking of Teenage Ninja Turtles Mutant.”

“Whatever. If I don’t like it I’ll either sleep off or walk out of the movie theatre na.”

“Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll like it.”

“Okay o. I spoke to my dad today and obviously Carmen hasn’t still told him.”

“What the …… that girl is mightily screwed up sha. I haven’t spoken to her in days I think I should have the talk with her now.”

“Well, you probably should because I intend to tell my dad tomorrow when we see.”

“I can’t make you change your mind about that right? Well you do your thing; I’ll go talk to her and see if I can convince her to come clean before you. But don’t forget I’m picking you up by 4pm.”

“Alright. Take care of you then.”



“Carmen, what’s up?” Walter said as he sat on the bed with her. “Can we talk now?”

“Depends on what we have to talk about.” She replied

“Well, you know you can’t run away from it forever. You either have to tell him or Shontelle will and that’s not a good thing.”

“So, it’s about your little girlfriend again, as usual. You don’t even care to ask me how I feel or what prompted me to do what I did. All you keep yapping about is how Shontelle is taking it and blah blah blah. I’m sure if she wasn’t here with you that day, you wouldn’t be so concerned about the whole thing. In fact I can bet my life savings that you would have looked away. After all, this isn’t the first time you’re witnessing this.”

“Carmen, is that what you think? Have you forgotten that those boys are my interns? Did that escape your tiny brain? Oh yes! I looked the other way the other times because I didn’t have any ties with the people involved. I didn’t think you were seeing anyone then.”

“Walter I am your family! Family look out for each other all the time.”

“Carmen, you are 29. Old enough to make decisions without me butting in. If we were talking about your kid sister Samantha, that would be different.”

“So what has that got to do with anything?”

“Everything! Carmen everything!! You can’t continue going around screwing everyone. What exactly are you looking for this time? Last time, you complained you were not getting enough attention, love and money. Shontelle’s dad gives you all of that and more that I’m sure of. That man would give an arm to take care of you yet you still sleep around. How do you think those interns will respect me after you brought them to my house for a session?” Walter screamed at Carmen

“So big bro, what advice do you have for me?” Carmen tried to make light the situation.

“I’m not joking Carmen. I meant every word I just said.”

“I already screwed up. How do I fix that?”

“You could start by going for a checkup, to be sure……”

“I know I don’t have anything. I’m perfectly healthy and I know Shontelle put that in your head.”

“Well, it’s not farfetched, is it? We saw that you guys didn’t use protection and she’s very protective of her father too.”

“I only need to cough for that girl to hate me right?”

“I also think, you should tell him you screwed up. You don’t have to give him the gross details and you could embellish it a bit. I’m 100% sure he won’t tell Shontelle about it.”

“But he could break up with me and I think I might love him.”

“Shontelle says he loves you too so I don’t think he would. He may be mad at you for a while but it will pass.”

As Walter stood up to leave the room, Carmen said, “thanks big bro, and I love you no matter how overbearing you get.”

“I love you too kiddo even though you don’t have a brain.” He hugged her and kissed her forehead.



“So, how did the daddy-daughter date go?” Walter asked.

“It went perfectly fine. We had fun and there was so much to catch up on. The gossips were fresh too.”

“Since you had so much fun at your dad’s, why then are you here?” He teased

“Well, because I can’t kiss my dad like this or do any of these stuffs.” I said as I kissed him and unfastened his belt at the same time.

“Hmmmm… if you put it that way, then it’s perfectly okay for me to assume you love me more than your old man.”

“Dumbass, there’s no comparison anywhere. Now come here.” I said as I walked into his room.

We sat at the table to eat after I made vegetable soup and eba, that made Walter excited.

“I might have to ask what size of ring you wear.” Walter said

“What’s your business with my ring size biko?” I asked

“You cook so well, and your bedroom skills are quite impressive as well as the other beautiful qualities you possess, why else won’t I wife you.”

“Wife your head, abeg shut up and eat so you can dress up and take me home to get ready for the show.”

“Alright ma.” He said

My phone started to ring and I saw it was Pops.

“Hey Pops.” I said

“Kamso, where is Walter.” He asked

“Walter? Why will you be asking me na?”

“Stop deceiving yourself. You think I don’t know he was the one you were on phone with for 45mins yesterday?”

“Okay, you caught me. Is that why you’re looking for him?”

“No. Carmen hasn’t picked my calls since yesterday. She won’t reply my messages either. So I need to know if Walter knows where she is.”

“Okay hold on for him then. I said and gave the phone to Walter.”

“Good evening sir.” Walter said

“Good evening Walter, how are you?”

“I’m very fine sir. You?”

“I’ve been better and I’ll feel better if only I know where Carmen is. She hasn’t answered my calls since yesterday and she hasn’t replied my messages either. Do you have an idea where she is?”

“For now, I don’t know sir. But I’ll call her and a few friends to know her whereabouts. When I hear from her, Shontelle will let you know.”

“Okay. Thank you and one more thing, take care of my girl.”

“I will sir.” Walter said as he hung up.

“You didn’t tell him?” He turned and asked me.

“Are you high? How will I tell my father we’re shagging? Of course I didn’t.”

“Shagging? I thought we were doing more. But that’s not my question. You didn’t tell him about Carmen?”

“Well, I didn’t because I assumed it would be easier for her to tell him herself. Besides there was no easy way to tell my dad I had seen his girlfriend acting porn with your interns na.”

“Wow! Yet you wonder why I asked for your ring size? Thank you for this. I talked to her two days ago and she sounded contrite, so I’m surprised that she’s avoiding your dad now.”

“Try calling her then and tell her my 52year old father is on the verge of a heart attack because he’s worried sick.”

“She’s not picking my calls either, but I just sent her a text message using your exact words.”

“Well, can we go on now? I need to sit in front row at the show.”

“Alright alright, I’ll be out in 10mins.” I spanked his ass as he hurried in.

15mins later, we were in Walter’s car headed for my house when my phone rang. It was Pops again.

“Pops, how you expect me to have a life if you keep reporting your little girlfriend to me every time.”

“Hello, am I speaking to Ms Shontelle Kamso Eze?” A female voice over the phone asked

“Yes you are. Who are you and why are you with my dad’s phone.” I asked

“I’m calling you from St. Nicholas Hospital, Ikoyi where your dad was rushed in few minutes ago. He’s bleeding profusely and I think he’s sliding in n out of consciousness……..”

“OMG!!!!! I cut him short….. What? I spoke to him a few minutes ago now.”

Walter grabbed the phone from me and said we’ll be there as soon as possible just do everything possible to make sure he’s fine.

He hung up and reversed the car heading to Ikoyi.


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