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Shon Eze (TDDG) S02: Episode 3

Shon Eze ( The Diary of a Daddy's Girl
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Shon Eze (TDDG) S02: Episode 3

Bianca was in the hallway screaming obscenities at anyone who wouldn’t let her in and making the hell out of a scene. The nurses at the reception were trying to speak to her all at the same time while she cussed each of them out in turns.

Shontelle, this is your opportunity to run for the hills. Remember Walter, your safe haven? Yeah, he’s waiting for you. You don’t have to get involved in this.

Subconscious tried to stop me as I made my way to the mini crowd Bianca had created. I was pretty sure she was loving every minute of it.

I need to see my fiancée!!! Bianca screamed

But ma’am, you’re not listed as next of kin, and only family members are allowed in there cos he just came out of surgery. One of the nurses tried to explain

“How dare you tell me that next of kin and family bullshit? I’m telling you I need to see my fiancée not listen to the lame crap coming out of all your stinky mouths. You people really don’t want to see the other side of me, so please don’t make me lose my cool here cos I’m trying really hard to keep my temper in check here o.”

I chuckled… if this was what keeping her temper in check looked like, then only God knows what the main temper would look like, Armageddon probably. Thank God she didn’t come with her minions, the chaos they would have caused by now though.

“Ma’am!” A doctor tried to intervene so the crowd could disperse.

“They are only following protocols to keep their jobs. We all are, after all we have nothing to gain from keeping you from seeing your fiancée. But rules are rules, so how about you calm down a little bit and sit out here for a while or something, then when he regains consciousness, which is in a bit by the way, and identifies you, we let you go in.”

“You see, you lost me the minute you gave the “calm down” speech. Can’t you see I’m calm? It’s you dumbasses keeping me from seeing my fiancée that need to chill the hell out.” Bianca retorted

“Hey Bianca!” I said from behind the doctor.

“I think you should listen to the nice doctor and keep your cool until he regains consciousness. Or better still, just go home and sit it out, when Chike needs you he’ll call you.”

“Oh no! This bitch is here? How come? Who the fuck let this bitch near my husband?” She was yelling at the top of her voice at this point. I’m going to sue every goddamn person in this hospital to their last dime for this.

“You were nowhere to be found and your darling fiancée needed urgent medical attention so I filled the next of kin form, so the surgery could start immediately.”

“Oh! So you just conveniently happened to be in the hospital when Chike got shot? How sweet!! A round of applause for you, you came through.”

“Sorry to burst your bubbles sweetheart, your darling Chike actually stalked me down here to beg me to take him back. I know he ended the charade you call an engagement, so you might really need to consider using other adjectives other than the tired fiancée adjective.”

“If you think I believe any of the crap you’re vomiting, then you’re in for a shocker. How am I sure you didn’t shoot him? I mean everyone is aware of how bitterly you took it when he dumped your sorry ass like a sack of rotten potatoes. We all know hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. So, I hope you have your lawyers ready cos you might be spending some time in jail for shooting my fiancée.”

“Hahahahaha!! I had no idea you were this deluded. I mean, I know you’re a typical blonde, dumb n stupid, but I hadn’t added delusion to the mix until now. For your information, before you start running your tiny mouth to the police, I know everything. Every goddamn dirty thing your daddy dearest has his hands in. Chike told me everything the cops would need to keep your daddy dearest locked up till you have grandkids. I’m sure your daddy knew Chike was on to him and had ratted him out, which was why he decided to take him out. Well, unfortunately for your family and fortunately for Chike, he survived. He’s fine and no way in heaven or on earth am I letting you anywhere near him.”

“What gibberish are you saying about my family? Are you crazy as well as bitter? Well, it figures, depression has made you Cray Cray right? You can’t keep me away from my fiancée, you’re just a bitter old hag and when the investigation into this shooting is over, you’d either be locked up in maximum security for murder, libel and slander or locked up in some asylum far away from my darling Chike and I.”

“Well Bianca, watch me keep away from your murderous family. I’ve taken it upon myself; I’ll move him out of here if that will keep you as far away from him as I want. I said as I walked away”

“Dear God, what have I gotten myself into now?” I muttered beneath my breath

“Shontelle you haven’t heard the last of me!! You just drew the battle lines and I won’t stop until I draw the last blood!!” She yelled

“I’d be careful of everything I say if I were you. You know everything you say will be used against you in the court of law right?” I yelled right back


“I hope you don’t regret any of those things you just said. Why do you have to fight everyone?” Jay whispered

“Oh my God! Jay!! You startled me!!, I’m not fighting everyone, just this dumb bitch” I slapped his arm and he giggled. “You heard everything?

“Yes sis! Every goddamn thing. Somehow, I think that was very brave of you. But then again, after everything Chike has put you through, you’re still willing to throw yourself in the middle of all his drama? I can help but think that that was very stupid of you.”

“Well, if you knew you wanted to insult me, why didn’t you just start the sentence with “Shontelle you dey craze o”?”

“Shon! Com’mon!! You know I can’t insult you now. But what kind of brother will I be if I can’t tell you the truth? Huh? It’s bad enough that I’m not around to defend you or always have your back or watch over you.”

“Easy there champ! I don’t need anybody watching over me or having my back, I think God does enough of that already. Besides, I can do bad all by myself.”

“My point exactly! You’re Shontelle Eze not Olivia Pope or Annalise Keating. This is reality not some fictional series you seem so obsessed to live out. You are no superwoman.”

“I still don’t get the moral lessons of all your plenty comparisons bros.” I barked

“Okay! So Chike stalked you down here to give you some bull crap about breaking up with Bianca to get back with you the ends up getting shot. Yet, you still want to stay in the middle of that?”

“How do you know it’s bull crap?” I replied

“How do you know it’s not bull crap?” He yelled. “It’s Chike for God’s sakes, when isn’t it bull crap with him? When Shontelle?”

“Well, I didn’t say I was taking him back so you can get your panties back up.”

“I don’t wear panties and I know this is your way of trying to make light of everything so you can change the subject. News flash!! I’m not dad, so it doesn’t work on me!”

“It didn’t work? Nah man!” I groaned. “But honestly I never said I was taking him back. I’m not.”

“It sure doesn’t look that way to anyone.”

“Oh really? Y’all in my head and mind now? So you know what I’m thinking right now? Cos if you did, you’d know I’m a second away from whacking you on the head with that flower pot.”

“Even if you kill me, my ghost will still follow you around and continue this gist. See Shon, I know you’re on some grown woman P, I get it. But that won’t stop me from holding your hands when we’re about to cross the road cos I know how terrified you are of crossing roads.”

“Jeez! Jay! Thank you for reducing my cool kid rep. you don’t know how much of my street cred you just destroyed, do you? Not cool man! Thank God no one was here to hear any of that. So before you begin to spill major childhood secrets, just lecture me already. I promise not to interrupt again.”

“You see? I still have all your Mumu buttons.” He squealed and I glared at him

“Okay! Okay!! You claim you don’t want to take him back, yet when he got shot, there you were with his head in your bosom, crying and begging him to wake up and you’d get back together with him.”

“I said that in the heat of the moment joor. You know those things mothers tell their crying children to pacify them so they stop crying?”

“Only in this case, you’re not his mother neither is he your crying child. But chill, let me conclude my lecture.”

“Okay sensei!” I grinned

“6 hours later, you’re in his hospital room. Not too long after that you’re in a screaming match with his fiancé…”

“Ex fiancé!” I retorted

“Ex, cos he said so. How many sides are there to a story again?”

“3 sides…. His side, her side and the truth.” I replied grudgingly

“Good! Not only are you yelling at his fiancé like two divorced parents over custody of their kids, you’re also threatening to expose secrets about her family. Secrets I suppose you know about. But of course, you always want to have the last words so you had to drop that in to spice things up. Are things really looking good for you now?”

“You do have a point bruv….”

My phone rings and interrupts me. It’s Walter

“Hey baby”

Jay winks at me

“Madam, your parents have quizzed my generations’ history out of me and if I have to watch Carmen and your dad all lovey dovey for one more minute, I’ll just stab myself.” Walter complained

“Awwwww!!! I was already on my way to you then I ran into Jay and we had to do a little catching up. I’m racing to you right now. Tell Carmen and Pops to get another room and stop harassing you.”

“Just hurry up abeg”


“You know you still have to talk about the drama of crying over Chike’s unconscious body with Walter too, right?” Jay said as I got off the phone.

“I know and I will. I promise. Can we hurry to them now?”

“After you sis….”


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