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May 16, 2021

Shon Eze (TDDG) : Episode 11
Shon Eze ( The Diary of a Daddy's Girl
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Shon Eze (TDDG) : Episode 11

Written by Esther Estelle

As we drove to the hospital, I said a million prayers that only consisted of the words, Lord keep my daddy alive for me. I couldn’t imagine life without Pops, at least not now. Who would I run to on the days when I need a break from reality? Who would tease me incessantly about any and everything? Who would walk me down the aisle and give out my hand in marriage? No one! Pops couldn’t die yet.

I was silent throughout the drive and grateful that Walter was there. I wasn’t sure I could be calm enough to drive and occasionally, he held my hand with his free hand, as if to say, Hang in there mate, I’m here.

When we got to the hospital lobby, I didn’t know my way around but I didn’t have the patience to ask anyone, everybody looked like they were in a rush somewhere too. It was Walter who held my hand and practically dragged me to the counter.

Where’s my dad? I cried immediately I saw the nurse at the counter.

Baby, calm down. Let me ask her properly. Walter replied.

Good evening ma’am. He said to the nurse.

Good evening sir. She replied

Please we’re looking for Barr. Eze. We got a call from here that he was rushed in here about an hour ago.

Oh. He should be in the Accident& Emergency ward. Go towards your right, walk straight down, the last door to your left is the A&E ward.

Thank you ma. He replied as he rushed to meet up with me since in had dashed in the direction she pointed.

On getting to the ward, we saw a doctor attending to a patient, Walter dashed towards him while I searched the beds for Pops. I saw him at the far end on the left, I almost didn’t recognize him under the mass of bandages on his head and chest, his right leg was hanging and his face looked swollen. There were several tubes around him and I rushed to him. He was unconscious and I rushed to his side.

Daddy… Pops, it’s me Kamsiyiochukwu. I’m here now, you can wake up. I said to the unconscious frame.

I felt Walter come up behind me, before he said, Baby, I think you should talk to the doctor and sort out some details with him.

I wiped the tears off my face as more kept coming down. Good evening doctor. I’m his first daughter so you can tell me anything. What’s his condition like?

A few broken ribs, a compound fracture on the right leg and about 3 deep cuts on the head, one of would have cost him an eye if it had gone an inch lower. He lost a lot of blood and he was unconscious when he was brought in, he came into consciousness while we cleaned him up but slid back in about 15mins after. We don’t know of any internal injuries yet, but we’ll continue to check.

What are his chances? He’s going to survive this long list you’ve called out right? I asked

Yes ma’am. As long as he comes into consciousness within 3 days, then we have no problem. Although, we noticed he has a weak heart, we’d like to know what medications he’s been using so we can include them here too.

Okay doctor, but first can he moved to a private ward? I’m sure he won’t be happy if he wakes up and sees the crowd here.

Sure, I’ll get a nurse to prepare a room for him and let you know. Any preferences or specifications?

We want the best you have doc. Walter replied

I’ll go home and bring his drugs cos I don’t know any of those long names. I said

Okay. We’ll be waiting. Before you go, we’d need you to sign a few documents too, so follow me to my office.

As we walked to the doctor’s office, I realized I didn’t know the cause of the accident so I asked; doctor please, do you have an idea of what caused the accident? Are there other victims? Was any other person involved?

The truck driver that brought him in said he was standing at the roadside buying something while your dad was in traffic. He said he had seen your dad making calls and texting nonstop but he didn’t stop texting even when the traffic loosened and then he saw him lose control of the steering and he swerved and ran into his truck. No one else was injured.

I heaved a sigh of relief. At least I had only Pops to worry about and how to repair the truck. That was good enough for us. But I needed to see who he had been texting or calling that made him so agitated.

Doc, can I please have his phone?

Yes sure ma’am. It’s in my office alongside his other belongings that was recovered from the car.

20mins later, I had signed like a million documents for any and everything as long as Pops was taken care of. They had moved him to the private ward that looked like a hotel suite to me and the doctor had left us. I decided to call mom and Jay. Jay’s number wasn’t going through so I called mom.

Hey mom. I hope I didn’t wake you up. I said into the phone.

Halos sis. It wasn’t mom’s voice or any of her kids.

Jayden Eze!!! I screamed. I just called your number and it wasn’t going through.

I just got in from the airport. Mom is screaming her head off; you know how she is when she’s surprised. I was planning to come to your office tomorrow to surprise you but since you’re here now, SURPRISEEEEE!!!!!

Well maybe you can bring your surprising butt to the hospital and surprise Pops out of his unconsciousness.

Hospital? Pops? Unconsciousness? I don’t understand you.

Who is in the hospital and who is unconscious again? Mom screamed into the phone

Pops was rushed into St. Nicholas Hospital, Ikoyi about 2hrs ago. He was in an accident and he’s been unconscious.

Oh my God! I heard Mom scream

We’re on our way there Kamso. Mom said and I could hear her barking orders at her help.

Kay! Jayden continued. Is there anything else I need to be prepared for?

Hell no! He’s not dying if that’s what you mean. The doctor said we just have to keep praying he comes into consciousness soon. You’re such a chicken Jayden!!! Bring Mom here in one piece o

I heard him sigh like the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders before he said; alright sis, see you soon then. Then he hung up.

I walked into Pop’s room and saw Walter sitting over his bed. I had forgotten him in all my panic but I was relieved he had come with me. He looked up and smiled at me as he motioned me to come sit. I opted to sit on his lap instead and he kissed my forehead as he hugged me.

Thank you for coming with me. I said

Well, I’d rather be with you than anywhere else. So thank you for letting me come with you. How is your Mom taking it?

Luckily for me, Jay just got into the country so he’s at her place. Mom is taking it well but Jay sounded like he was breaking down inside. They’ll be here soon.

I went to the mart while you were with the doctor to get a few things you might need. Toothbrush, toothpaste, and then I got you a few cans of coke and chocolates. Is there any other thing you wanted?

You’re so thoughtful Walter. Thank you very much. I said and hugged him. I’m going to Pops house to pick his drugs and a few things he might need, I’ll pick any other thing I’ll need. Are you coming along?

Who’s going to stay with him when he comes to or when your mom comes? He threw his car keys to me and said, run along babe, and please drive safely o. I can’t afford seeing you lying down unconscious like your Pops.

Don’t worry boo; I’ll be fine for you.

As I got into the office, I remembered I hadn’t checked Pops’ phone to see who he was texting and brought the phone out of my purse. As I opened call logs, all I saw was Carmen’s name. I wasn’t surprised since he said he had been calling her, there was no sign she had taken any of the calls either. I checked his inbox and there was the message that had gotten him agitated: Joe darling, I can’t continue this charade anymore. I don’t love you and I never will. I’ll be returning to Brazil first thing tomorrow. I’m sorry I wasted your time. Have a nice life.

OMG!!!!! So the bitch was just going to break his heart and run out of the country without looking back? I knew she was up to no good but Pops wouldn’t believe me. I would have let it slide unpunished if it was just the broken heart, but my father was lying unconscious with a lot of broken bones and all she wanted to do, was run back to Brazil? Hell to the no!!! She’d have to answer a few questions I was going to be asking.

It was 3:30am when I finally left Pops’ house. I had packed his toiletries and some other essential supplies, I took his IPod to play him some music if that would wake him up, and I didn’t forget his drugs either. I had stopped by at my place first to send a mail to work that I wouldn’t be coming in as well as pack a few things too. That done, I could go over to Walter’s and meet Carmen before she runs off.

I let myself into Walter’s apartment with the keys he had given me and I could see that Carmen was really serious about leaving, there were 3 well packed boxes in the sitting room and I was pretty sure she was bringing the rest out soon. I walked into her room and there she was looking like a crazy woman, everywhere was untidy and it looked like she was packing all that she owned in Nigeria. She looked up to see who had walked in, and then looked back down as if my presence meant nothing.

So this is what you are too? A coward as well as a two-timer? I said but she didn’t even look up.

So you just use people and dump them when you’re done right? That’s how it is for you?

Still no response.

So you don’t care about anybody? You’re just going to pack up your life and leave Walter to come back to an empty house? No notes, no goodbyes, nothing? Does my dad know you’re leaving too?

Shontelle I don’t have anything to say to you. Why are you even here? Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere with Walter doing whatever it is you both do? Or has he run off with some other chic? She feigned a hearty laugh and continued. Is that why you’re here this early?

Gladly, he doesn’t share the promiscuous gene with you. So no, I’m not here to see him. I’m here to see you and you sure should have a lot to say to me after what you did.

Miss Goody-two-shoes, I owe you no explanations whatsoever. The fact that I dated your old man doesn’t give you a say about me. Whether you saw me banging anybody or not doesn’t either.

She was walking towards the door and I moved to block the door. She pushed me off and I slapped her immediately.

Wrong lady, you owe me more explanations than you can imagine.

She gave me probably the hottest slap I had ever received.

What is it you want with me girl?

There’s a long list but I’ll summarize it. Are you ready to hear it?

Just get it over with and leave me be in peace.

First, you cheated on your “Joe darling”, and you didn’t have the dignity to tell him. Next thing, you’re trying to run off and all you could leave him is a “Dear John” text message. Com’mon Carmen, that’s low, even for you.

Shontelle, I don’t know why any of this is your business or why you know I left your dad a text, but I’m sure he’s a big boy and he can take care of himself. He doesn’t need you butting into his affairs. Besides, he’s only going to feel bad about it for a few minutes before his next girlfriend comes along. Or have you ever heard of anyone dying of a broken heart?

I should slap you senseless for that rubbish you just spewed out of the junk hole you call a mouth, but I’ll resist the urge to commit murder….. She cut me short there

I swear mamita, if you as much raise your hands at me, I’ll bury you here.

I’ll ignore the threat Carmen. But for your information, I have better things to do with my life than keep tabs of my dad’s whores.

Shontelle, call me any name other than Carmen one more time and watch me go Rambo on you.

Whatever! I wouldn’t be here wasting my time with you if all my dad was nursing was a broken heart.

What else could he be nursing? A hard on? Is that why you’re pleading with me? Since you love him so much and you don’t want any woman around him, why don’t you help him out? She giggled as she began to pack her toiletries in a bag.

Ewwww Carmen! Ewwww! How dare you say such disgusting things?

Then go ahead and tell me what else he could be nursing.

A compound fracture on his right leg, a few broken ribs…… I heard bottles crashing and I looked at her face contorted with grief as she screamed Dios mio!!! Is he okay?

He’s unconscious as we speak and I left Walter with him in case he comes to.

She had dropped everything else she had been holding and she was sobbing as she said, Oh my God! What have I done? I’m just so stupid and selfish and….. She broke into more uncontrollable sobs.

I felt for this person rolled up in a ball at my feet crying. She didn’t look anything like the strong bitchy Carmen I had come to know. I bent down to console her, Carmen it is okay. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad about yourself.

No it’s not okay. This is my entire fault. If only I had stopped thinking about myself for once and considered other people’s feelings, none of these would be happening.

It’s not all your fault Carmen. He should have known better than to text while driving.

Oh yes, it’s my fault. It was me he was trying to reach. I shouldn’t have sent him that text, I shouldn’t have avoided him. I should have just grown some balls and tell him what I had done. She continued sobbing as I held her.

Can I see him? Please Shontelle, even if it’s just for a minute. I’m sorry I put you through this Shontelle.

Final episode comes up next week, look out! Thanks for keeping faith with us.

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