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Shon Eze (TDDG) : Episode 9

Shon Eze ( The Diary of a Daddy's Girl
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Shon Eze (TDDG) : Episode 9

1 Year Later

“Good morning boo. You look so beautiful when you sleep, you should sleep more often.” Chike said as he kissed my nose.

“Good morning to you too.. I said and hit his head… So you’re saying I’m not beautiful when I’m awake abi?” I replied

“No joor! You’re probably one of the most beautiful people I know. I’m just saying you should sleep more often, it’s good for your health. Besides you can’t bully me when you’re asleep.” Chike teased me with his tongue out.

“Well I’d sleep more but I have these babies to take care of. Who knows what trouble they’ve gotten into between when I left them and now. They all want to be like Chike Songz, but they’re taking it so far acting like the old you.”

“You just had to throw that in my face, didn’t you?” He sulked

“Oh baby! I’m only reminding you not to go back to your old ways.”

“Abeg go joor, I should have just left you to sleep and gone out on my own without wahala.”

I got out of the duvet naked and walked towards him. Are you really mad at this too? I asked and did a little slow dance for him. I could make your day with this you know?

He beamed and replied…”Well, since you put it like that, I have no other option than to let you make my day.”

He pulled me towards him and kissed me softly.

“You know I love you right? The reason I was a bad boy was because I was waiting all my life for you. Since you came into my life, all I’ve known is love, joy, peace, happiness, progress and good news.”

“I love you more than you know, hun. But right now, all your lovey dovey talk is making me wet and I’d like to put your raging hard on to good use. So hush and fuck me.” I replied

“Who am I to say no to one-for-the-road sex?”

“You never say no to any type of sex darling..” I said as I went down on my knees and took his dick in my mouth.

45mins later, we were spent and we lay cuddling.

“Sweetheart, I’d love to spend all day spooning with you but my meeting with Don Ricci is by 10am and I have to stop at the studio first. So I gotta go now. Wish me luck.” Chike said

“Don’t worry, I’ll pray for you. Take good care of yourself.” I replied

“I’ll pick you up from work by 5pm for an early dinner then we can come back home and continue from where we left off.”

He bent to kiss my forehead, Bye love.

Chike and I had been dating for 7months now and I was happier than ever. My colleagues said I was glowing and less of a bully. Danielle still had her reservations about his total repentance, but she was happy I was happy.

I moved in with him 2 months ago and Pops almost had a heart attack. He called mom to report me to her, but surprisingly, she was on my side, and after all she was pregnant before their wedding. 

4 Months Later

I had been promoted at XY Media Fuse, Chike was a big act, and even though we tried to keep it under lids, the entertainment industry knew we were a couple. He had made several efforts to get in Pops’ good books, but there was no convincing him that Chike wasn’t a philanderer. Mom was however in love with him.

Since the meeting with Don Ricci, things had gotten better than ever. He was invited to perform at several private parties, there were more gigs than he could keep track of that we had to get him a Personal Assistant. Sometimes, I got invited to the private parties, sometimes I was to busy babysitting to make them, and other times, Don Ricci simply forgot to get an invite for me. On those days, his only daughter was sure to be invited, but I didn’t place so much attachment to that.

Chike was going back to the drinking faster than we could control and he started coke too. At first I was livid but one day, I had gotten home from work depressed and tired, he suggested I tried it, the feeling I got afterwards was indescribable, and the sex afterwards was fresh. So I became an “occasional user” as Chike liked to call me.

A few weeks later, a picture of Chike and Don Ricci’s daughter, bumping, grinding and humping in the dark,went viral. All gossip blogs went awry and fed on it like fodder.

“Baby! I just saw something that might interest you o.” I said

“Really? Let me see.” He replied

I turned my laptop screen towards him to show him the picture of himself and Bianca. The look on his face was that of a kid caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

“Are you for real? These people actually edit pictures before posting them to feed their gossips o. Shey you know?” He said in defence

“Do they? How come this is the first time I’m hearing it?”

“Oh babe! Com’mon! Don’t tell me you believe them.”

“Well, I wouldn’t believe them if you give me a better explanation for this than they have.”

“It’s not what it looks like baby. That was just a dance, these people just edited it to look like something more.”

“Seriously? They photoshopped your hands on her boobs and crotch? They edited her face to look like she was having an orgasm right there on the dance floor abi? Oya no wahala I don hear.”

“Baby are you really mad at me? So you don’t believe me?”

“I wish I did but recalling the fact that she’s Don Ricci’s daughter, and every single time Don Ricci forgets to get me an invite (which I don’t believe by the way), she’s conveniently present at the party. So I don’t know what to believe but I’m just going to let this slide.”

“Sweetheart, I promise you it’s nothing. You know I love you too much to do anything stupid.” He said and tried to hug me.

“Biko leave me alone. I’m even going to the office now sef, I need to work on something.”

“And you say you’re not mad at me? How come you didn’t have things to work on until you saw that picture?”

“I never said I’m not mad at you. Of course I’m mad at you. In fact I can’t stand you right now. All I want to do is slap you across the face severally with an iron chair and then fuck you silly so you never misbehave again. But I’ll resist the urge and get some fresh air instead, and please don’t call me.” I said rather calmly.

2 weeks later, we were fine and I had done 3 of his red carpet appearances with me to quench the rumours of our breakup. He had a month tour in the South-South the following month but I couldn’t go with him. He flew me to Calabar for one of the shows and the two days I spent there, I felt something was amid, but since I couldn’t place it I ignored it.

3 weeks after his tour, there were some more pictures. This time, it was Bianca who uploaded them herself. There was a picture of herself and Chike, and then one of her finger spotting a diamond ring which she captioned, Countdown to forever with the love of my life, Chike Songz. #HeProposed #ISaidYes #2013 #Weddings.

I saw red but a part of me refused to believe it was true. Who knows what stunts she and her silly friends were pulling. Then my phone rang, and it was Darrelle.

“Kamso what happened?” She asked

“Happened as how?”

“Why didn’t you tell us you and Chike have broke up?”

“Broke up ke? Why we go breakup?”

“Muna!!! You see? Your theory is wrong.” She screamed at Muna

“Na lie joor. Kamso has been keeping secrets from us since she started dating Chike. They’ve broken up, she does not want us to know.” Muna screamed back

“Muna! You dey pray make we break up since? Abi what’s your own this afternoon?” I replied.

Darrelle continued, “my own theory is that there’s another Chike Songz somewhere and he’s quite unpopular which is why we haven’t heard of him.”

“Darelle! What have you been smoking? Where’s Danielle and why is she letting you run around with this rubbish you’re talking.”

“Danielle is dressing up and she’s either coming to your office to mobilize you to kill someone, or she’s going to kill the person herself.”

“Okay! I think I need whatever it is you girls have been smoking.”

“Wait! Kamso you mean you’ve not seen or heard of Chike’s engagement to Bianca? because that can be the only logical reason why you’re still this calm.”

I hung up and picked my car keys. I needed to see Chike and confirm that all of this was a lie. I needed him to tell me that it was a sick prank or a game of truths or dares Bianca and her friends were playing. People had obviously heard too judging from the looks of pity on people’s faces.

As I walked into Cue Music Ltd building, the receptionist wanted to joke around with me but the look on my face stopped her in her tracks.

“He’s in his office.” She said quickly.

She obviously had seen the pictures too. Chike better have a proper explanation for this o.

I opened the door to his office, and there he was pants down, grunting like a pig as he banged some fat random chic from behind.

I closed the door and ran back if they had heard or seen me come in or leave. I just needed to get to his house and pick my things fast before he got back…..

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