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May 16, 2021

Shon Eze (TDDG) S02: Episode 1
Shon Eze ( The Diary of a Daddy's Girl
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Shon Eze (TDDG) S02: Episode 1

Written By Esther Estelle

Happy New Year  Guys!!!

I’m back and hopefully better, we had a long hiatus here but we’re back to entertaining you


“Hey Pops” I said and ran to his bedside immediately I got into the room.

“My darling” he croaked

“I can’t feel any part of my body, seems like my spirit and soul have taken over another person’s body.”

“I feel the same way too Pops. I was so scared when I came in yesterday night, I almost didn’t recognize you.”

“I didn’t recognize you either kiddo; you look like a hot mess, what’s up with that?” He groaned in pains as he tried to adjust his lying position.

“What’s up with what Pops?” I asked.

“You, Shontelle Kamso Eze, never have a hair out of place, always looking on fleek or whatever it is you youngsters call it. But here you are, your hair is an unruly mess; no concealer to hide the Hermes bags under your eyes, nothing.” He teased

“Well, the thing is, the only man I love has been lying unconscious on this bed and you expect me to have the time to start brushing some stupid weaves? Mehnnn dad, you overrate me sometimes though.”

“I might have to stop you right there o! The only man you love kwa? Abeg o, you better retract or rephrase that statement before Walter takes me back to the land of the unconscious o.” he teased and giggled

“Speaking of our love lives Pops, what on earth were you thinking texting and driving? I thought you would have better judgment on that though.” I scolded

“Sssshhh young lady!!! I hope you haven’t told your mother this part of the story?” He whispered conspiratorially

“I haven’t yet, but you know Mom will find out either way. Abi won’t she still ask what caused the accident?”

“Don’t worry about that, let me tell her myself o. I don’t trust your reporting skills.”

“Kamso! This one you’re hoarding your father, I hope you know there are other people here too o.” I heard mom say as she walked into the room.

Pops tried to wink to remind me not to say a word about the accident to the mom but he looked funny and in pains at the same time.

“Mummy! Nobody was here when I came in so it’s not like I pushed anybody out na.” I replied

“You always have an answer to everything abi? Lawyer Ikpama!” She said and eyed me

“Joe, do you need anything?” She asked dad

“Not really. I’m just happy to see all of you. Sadly, it will borne out of me almost dying” He replied

“Pops why are you so dramatic? You sound like we abandoned you for years and didn’t come when you sent for us.” Jay said

“Kossy stay with your father, I need to talk to Kamso.” Mom said

“Where are Carmen and Walter?” I asked Jay

“Carmen went to freshen up and Walter said something about going for a meeting.” He replied

“Okay….. mommy I’m outside waiting for you.” I said as I walked out.


30mins later, after an ear-filling session with Mom about the Chike drama, I left Pops’ wing of the hospital for the theatre. I hadn’t heard anything about Chike since they rushed him in.

I had listed my name as next of kin in case they needed anything. I’m sure y’all wondering why I still have anything to do with Chike, but then if I was to go by anything he had told me while we were together, his parents were late and he hadn’t spoken to or heard from his only sibling in 15 years. He had said he didn’t want to speak about it and I had let it go.

There was no else to call now except I counted Don Ricci and Bianca as his family; either way I wasn’t going to make the call to them.

“Ma’am! are you looking for someone?” A nurse asked and jolted me back to reality

“Oh shit! Yes I need to know where Chike Songz is being operated on so I can meet them up there.”

“They just left the theatre ma.” She replied

“They what? How come no one called me to let me know?” I screamed

“Ma’am, are you a member of his family or something?”

“No o! I just like walking up and down in hospitals looking for random patients in the operating rooms. Biko show me where they took me to and stop asking me JAMB questions.”

“Sorry madam o. I was just asking routine questions because right now only family members are allowed into the emergency ward. Besides I’m trying to keep my job.”

“Well, it’s my name on the next of kin column; does that count as family enough? Or do you need me to bring a sample of my DNA for you to confirm?” I snapped back

“You can go down this hallway and then turn left; he’s in the third room on your right.” She directed

“Thank you dear.” I replied more calmly this time as I walked away from the nurse to find Chike’s room.

I rushed into the room and met a doctor checking his vitals.

“Hi doctor! My name is Shontelle Eze; I’m listed as Chike’s next of kin.” I said hurriedly.

“Is he conscious? I heard you guys just finished surgery, what do I need to know?” I asked without catching my breath as I stretched my neck to see Chike over the doctor’s head.

“Ms. Shontelle! Can I call you that?” He asked.

“Yes doctor. You can call me whatever you want as long as you tell me what I want to know.” I answered irritated at the way he was calmly speaking.

“Ma’am I’m a resident with the surgeon who operated on him so I’m not in the position to tell you anything. I could show you his office so you can speak to him. But I can tell you that he’s stable, he’s only sleeping out the effects of the midazolam we injected him before surgery.” He explained calmly.

“Oh my world! Why do I have to speak to all the fucking assistants and interns in this damn hospital before I get answers?”

“Ma’am, this way please.” He said as he led me down the hallway the same way I had come in towards the elevator.

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