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Shon Eze (TDDG) : Episode 12

Shon Eze ( The Diary of a Daddy's Girl
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Shon Eze (TDDG) : Episode 12

Thanks to all who have kept faith with this story, this is the concluding part of the first season, we do hope that you have enjoyed the story. We hope to be back soon.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. 🙂


Written by Esther Estelle


Of course you can see him for as long as you want. Just stop crying and let’s go to the hospital.

Why are you being nice to me? I thought you hated me.

Well, maybe cos I’m a nice person naturally. I giggled. I still hate you though, but now that I’ve seen you cry I’m sure you’re human too.

I helped her up and she seemed so fragile to me as she kept sobbing.

It was 6:30am as we drove to the hospital. I was sure mom was nagging Walter crazy to get through to me. I was glad I didn’t take my phone along else they’d have called my phone like crazy. I looked at Carmen as she sat quietly rolling the Kleenex I had given her into a ball continuously.

Carmen, can I ask you a question?

Do I have a choice? She feigned a smile at me.

Well you have a choice, but I’d prefer you answer me sha.

Shoot then.

You obviously care about him, so why did you cheat on him? Why did you decide to leave him?

I could be pretending you know?

Couldda fooled me. But trust me, I know a lie when I see one and the way you cried back there, was no acting. Plus those perfumes you broke are pretty too expensive to lose while trying to act, so talk to me.

Cos Carmen doesn’t fall in love. I’m the love ‘em, leave ‘em type. I have a bad omen in relationships, so it’s better I leave him now before we get more involved.

Really Carmen, how involved can you be again? You love him, he loves you, what else do you want?

Look who’s talking. Since it’s so easy, why aren’t you and Walter married yet? Or you think I don’t know what’s up with you two?

Carmen leave our matter first. Seriously, it’s not hard at all o.

I can’t compete with you, your place in his heart, he’s so proud of you; I don’t know if he’ll love me half as much as he loves you. Besides, I know you hate me, and I know you’re still mad at me for the blind date with Walter, but look how well it turned out after all.

Carmen don’t be silly, my father loves his daughter the way fathers love their daughters. I said as I maneuvered into the hospital parking space.

My father doesn’t love me like that my dear.

Well, I know he adores you. I’ve never seen him like this with any woman since after my mom. So madam, leave that thing. As for Walter, I still intend to make you pay o, but for now let’s go wake the old man up.

Even if things don’t work out with your dad and me, can we still be friends?

Why not? I said as I drew her in for a hug and we ran into the hospital lobby.

Mom and Walter were huddled outside Pops room and Jayden was nowhere around, I was guessing he was inside with Pops.

Hey mom. I hugged her from behind.

Na wa for you o. So you just ran off to God knows where and left everybody here hanging. Thank God for Walter here sef I would have been walking aimlessly looking for your father.

Mommy! You could have answered me first na. At least you found the room.

We turned to see Carmen sobbing in Walter’s arms and mom in her usual gossipy state looked at me and asked, Gu onye bia?

Mommy! You sef!

Abeg answer my question.

She’s daddy’s girlfriend.

Ehen! Your father has stopped dating Nigerians now?

Mommy abeg wait and ask him when he wakes up. Where’s Jay?

He’s been inside with your father since we got here. He said he had a dream about losing him that’s why he came to Nigeria without notice.

God won’t let us lose him yet. I was suddenly shivering

So the young man, huh? She winked at me. So your father had to be in the hospital for me to meet your boyfriend eh?

Mummy what’s your own with gossips this early morning now?

Well he’s good looking if you ask me, so I’m sure you both will give me good looking grandchildren.

Jayden came out of Pops’ room and I ran into his arms, glad to escape from mom’s interrogations.

Kay, I almost didn’t recognize him. He looks so weak, so very unlike Pops.

I didn’t recognize him either. But I know he’s a strong man and he’ll sail through this. He still looked like he didn’t believe that. Jay we’re not losing him, not yet, so hang in there and be a man for us, mom and I, and even dad.

Not like you need another man while you got Mr. Hunk. He winked knowingly.

Oh my God! What is it with my family members and gossip this morning na?

If we don’t quiz you like this we may never get anything out of you. Who’s the beauty clinging to him? Your groupie?

Ewwww! Why so gross nigger? That’s his cousin who happens to be Pops’ girlfriend. Don’t you dare ask who met who first before I hit you where it hurts the most.

Hahaha! At least do small introductions now.

I turned to Walter and Carmen and said, Walter, meet my mom and kid bro, Jay. Mom, Jay meet my boyfriend Walter. I didn’t miss the smile in his eyes as he greeted my mom and shook hands with Jay. Mom, Jay meet Carmen, my friend and daddy’s girlfriend. Carmen, meet a part of my family you haven’t met already.

Mom immediately said, my dear why are you still standing outside? I’m sure you want to spend some time with him, go in now.

Carmen couldn’t be happier or more grateful as she practically ran into the room and I turned to mom, Mom can you stay here for a while? I need to go make a few calls to the office then get a few things from the mart. Do you need anything?

Why not? I’ll let you know if anything changes. Get me a Snickers bar and some crackers. Kossy do you want anything? She asked my bro who shook his head as he concentrated on his phone and I motioned to Walter to come along.

Boyfriend huh? Walter asked immediately we were out of Mom’s sight.

Thought you’d like it. It’s not too late to tell her I was joking o.

Joking fire! As if you don’t like the sound of it. He said and pulled me in for a hug. How did you find Carmen? You called her friend, what’s up with that?

It’s a long story sha but we’re fine now. As for bringing her here, let’s just say I have some pretty convincing skills.

Thank God. At least your dad won’t wake up to a catfight. Oya make the calls you came out to make o before you get carried away staring at me.

Abeg shift jare. You’re just annoying. I scowled at him as I brought out my phone from my pocket.


I had made all the calls I needed to make. Ese had promised to take up my clients since Tobe was on leave, my boss had promised to drop by the hospital to check up on me. Walter had taken mom home to refresh and had brought her back, Carmen hadn’t moved an inch from Pops’ side since she went into the room even though Jay and I were sitting in the room too, she had refused to eat or go home to refresh.

Kamso biko bia. Mom beckoned me to come outside the room after a while. Kamso is it possible to restrict visitors from coming to see your father?

Of course it’s possible but why would you want to restrict visitors?

What or who are the visitors coming here to do or see? Is it not your father? Since he’s unconscious why then are they coming? Biko they should wait until he wakes up before flooding here, you know how your father’s crowds are now.

Mommy but what of the people that are coming to see me?

Shey it’s you they’re coming to see and not your father, Ehen then you meet them outside the room or in the lobby.

Kay, I think mummy is right. Jay said behind me. I didn’t even know he had come out.

Okay o. Let me go to the reception and tell them to inform us of any visitors first, and then we’ll tell them whether to let them come here or tell them to wait for us in the lobby. I replied them

After about an hour, I got a call from the reception, Ma’am, a young man is here to see Miss Shontelle. The receptionist said.

That’d be me. Can you please ask for his name? I replied.

He said he’s Chike Songz. I went pale as soon as I heard the name and I heard my mom asking if all was well.

Alright then, please tell him I’ll be with him in a bit. I said and hung up then turned to my mum. Mommy, they said I have a visitor, let me go and meet him. I won’t be long.

I got to the lobby and saw Chike sitting down with his chin in his hands. He looked forlorn and unkempt which was totally strange. I caught myself before I could start to feel pity for him.

Chike, what are you doing here?

Shontelle, thank God you’re alright.

What are you doing here? How did you know I was here?

I went to your office to look for you and they told me you were in the hospital. I freaked out cos I thought you were sick or worse but now I know that you’re probably nursing someone back to health. So who’s on admission?

That’s none of your business. Since when did you start going to my office to look for me?

Ever since you moved your things out of my house. Ever since you stopped picking my calls or replying my messages. Ever since you blocked me on all platforms I could reach you. Ever since you ordered your security guy not to let me into your compound.

Cool story! So why are you looking for me?

He went on his knees and said, Shontelle I’m sorry. Please take me back. I know I was a fool to cheat on you with Bianca but I’m sorry.

Errrrmmm Oga Chike you’re making a scene and you’re embarrassing yourself, so if you don’t mind please stand up.

I don’t care baby. I don’t care who’s looking, I just want you back.

Well, since you have no shame then get up cos you’re embarrassing me.

Just say you will have me back and I’ll get up. I’ll be everything you want me to, I promise. Baby please take me back.

You must be very mad Chike. Do you hear me? Very crazy. What do you take me for sef? Please if you know what is good for you take your stupid self outta here before I call security. What rubbish? I was livid that he decided to bring his stupidity to the public to embarrass me. People were beginning to stare at us and I didn’t like it a bit.

Shontelle, I broke up with Bianca. I ………

I cut him short there… So fucking what? Ehn Chike? And so bloody what? How does that change the price of garri in the market?

Baby, I’m a changed man. What happened with Bianca and I is more than you know, it’s more than meets the eye. I’m ready to come clean about that whenever you want me to. Just please forgive me and take me back. He was shedding tears at this point and I could feel a lump in my throat too.

You know what, Chike? You’ll get the fuck outta here this minute! I don’t want to ever see, hear, smell or sense you anywhere around me ever again. Is that clear?

But baby, don’t you love me anymore? He moved to touch me

Get out! I screamed. If you ever come close to me… if you ever come within 100yards around me, I will use whatever weapon I have within my reach, be it a gun or knife, on you. Bastard!

I turned to walk back to Pops’ room and I noticed everyone was staring at me including mom and Walter. I continued walking past them and I heard my mom say, Kamso, your father and I trained you to treat you better than that no matter what they do to you?

Mom, stay out of this please. I replied

No I won’t. No one deserves to be treated the way you treated that young man.

Mom, abeg just leave me. I can’t deal with you right now. I turned back to the direction of the lobby. I needed to chill off without anyone crowding the air for me.

Young lady, you don’t walk out on your mother?

Mommy, I’m not walking out on you. I’m going for a walk, when I get back I’ll feel better and then we can talk about this. For now, just leave me be.

I walked through the lobby on to the terrace. I could see Chike in the parking lot slouching as he walked like he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. That was his business, I didn’t give 2 fucks. As I turned the other way, an SUV raced past me and I was had to jump to avoid being hit. MOFO!!!!! I muttered beneath my breath as I turned back to look at the direction the car was headed. They were almost where Chike was, and the driver slowed down as a man from the back seat shouted Chike!!!!

Chike turned to them, then I heard four shots fired and I ducked. I heard screeching of tires and I looked out to see Chike on the ground. I ran as fast as I could to where he was lying.

There was blood all over him and I could hear him mumbling some things as blood gushed from his mouth.

Oh Chike, no! I’m sorry. I cried as I held his head against my bosom.

I heard people’s voices coming up behind me including Walter’s and mom’s but I couldn’t bear to look up.

Chike I’m sorry I spoke to you like that. Just wake up and we’ll sort it out. Don’t worry, I’ll take you back if you just wake up.

Ma’am, we’d like to take it from here. A nurse said as they carried him on a stretcher.

Mom, Jay and Carmen helped me up and held me as Walter stood aloof. I looked into his eyes for comfort but they were cold and distant before he looked away and said, Your dad is conscious and asking for you.

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