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May 18, 2021

Shon Eze (TDDG) S02: Episode 4 (18+)
Shon Eze ( The Diary of a Daddy's Girl
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Shon Eze (TDDG) S02: Episode 4 (18+)

Written By Esther Estelle

I got into Pops’ room to find Walter staring hardly out the window like he wished it would take him somewhere else and Carmen was practically lying in Pops’ bed with him. They looked oblivious to everyone else in the room with them and they hadn’t even noticed Jay& I were in the room yet.

Oh baby… I’m so sorry!! You look so lost. I said as I wrapped my arms around him from behind. He turned around and squeezed me like he imagined I had gotten lost or something.

Well you finally came back. You’re the lost one anyway. Abi you don’t know that Jay was head of the search party we sent out to look for you. He teased and planted a long kiss on my mouth.

Hmmmm… I want more of that. I whispered

Well, there’s more where that came from. He replied

I want all of it but I’m sure we don’t want my brother and dad or your cousin feeding their eyes on us.

Nope I don’t want that either. But I don’t know how long I can wait o.

Just hold that thought let me tease Pops a bit and then we can elope. Is that okay?

Sure! But don’t let me wait too long o.

Alright boo. He kissed me again before unwrapping his arms from around me.

Hey lovebirds… I said and hugged Carmen and Pops. You both can’t get enough of each other and take your eyes off each other abi? You both look like teenagers in the “first love” phase.

Carmen blushed and giggled.

Don’t start running your mouth around unless you want Jay and I to run you through what living with you when you were between ages 12& 15. Remember I saw you through the “first love” phase, right? Pops replied defensively.

Pops! Why do you always have to fight dirty? Why Pops? You could have just told me to shut my mouth instead of threatening to spill secrets. Now Walter won’t let me have peace of mind until he finds out what we’re hiding.

Oh! Thank God you know! Walter said and chuckled. Jay, we’re going for drinks tonight right? He looked at Pops and asked, how many drinks do I have to buy before he becomes pliable?

You people are shameless!!! My darling daddy is lying on his hospital bed and all you’re thinking of is getting drinks? Shame on the both of you. I said

Shontelle, you are a hypocrite and you know why I say so abi? Jay said and winked at me. I felt like throwing something at him cos I knew what he was referring to.

Walter my boy, Pops started, trust me I have no idea how many drinks it will take to get Jay inebriated. I wish I did o because this boy drinks alcohol like a fish in water. I’m even surprised he’s not nursing a bottle or glass of something in his hands at the moment.

Oh Pops! Trust me I have! One too many times for my own good o. There was this one time when we were still housemates ……..

Shontelle shut the fuck up o!!!! Jay yelled to cut me short

No I won’t!! I replied and tried to continue my revelation of Jay’s drunken skits

Oh! You don’t want to stop abi? The game is so on sis! Jay yelled and started talking louder than I was. Pops you remember that time Shon had that crazy crush on that fugly Femi Coker in our estate then, and she stole…..

Jay com’mon that’s low!!!!! I screeched and whacked him across the head with my purse. That’s really low even for a low beat like you.

Okay kiddos! Enough with the noise already! You don’t want them sending us out of the hospital because you so-called adults won’t stop making noise and bickering like 5 year olds. That’s beside the fact that you’re both embarrassing yourselves in the presence of our visitors.

Pops biko who are the visitors? Carmen and Walter? Walter is very much aware that I’m psycho enough for 3 people, so I’m sure he’s not surprised that Jay is just as psycho as I am or more sef. Carmen and I have had our share of psychotic behaviors. So Pops, unless there’s someone else in this room that I’m not seeing, we have no visitors here.

Babe, Pops looked to Carmen, what psychotic behaviors is she talking about?

Oh Carmen! You haven’t gisted him about that night?

What night are you both talking about? Jay asked

Are you referring to the night of the accident when you disappeared and miraculously reappeared back with Carmen? Walter asked

Yup! That’s the night we’re talking about. Carmen replied and giggled

I knew something abnormal happened that night… I knew it. Walter said

I know you ladies are having a swell time keeping us in suspense; but you either tell us or wipe the smug looks off your faces so we can move on to other things. Pops said

Okay! Okay!! We’ll tell you! Carmen and I said together


While we were telling the story of the confrontation I had had with Carmen at the top of our voices and everyone was giggling and laughing at our expense, Mom came in.

What are we celebrating here o, and why was I not invited? I heard your voices from outside the hospital gates.

Mummy! You can exaggerate o! Outside the hospital gates really? When no be say we carry gramophone. Jay replied.

I’m not joking o especially Kamso’s voice. When I’ve been telling her she doesn’t know how to act like a lady, she’ll be arguing with me.

Oh God! Mummy! Just chill first let us finish this gist then you can start lecturing me on how to talk. I know you’ll start prodding Jay for the gist later on, so let him listen so he can give you the full correct gist.

She sat down like someone had forced her to but I knew she was listening to us even if she pretended not to be interested in whatever we were talking about.


About an hour later, while we were all happily chatting, Walter and I had been sexting back and forth and I couldn’t stop holding my thighs together as if to keep the wetness in between my legs together. I was so horny that I imagined seeing Walter’s bulge from where I was sitting.

We said our goodbyes and I considered dragging Walter into one of the restrooms and just let him fuck my brains and this horniness out before heading home but then I knew Walter would refuse so I let go of the idea.

When we got into the car, I immediately pulled him close and kissed him hard. I was sure he tasted my sexual frustration like I could taste his.

Hmmmm… babe if you keep that up, I’m going to fuck you hard in this car in broad daylight not minding wh0’s watching. He said

Trust me hun, the way I feel right now, I would be less bothered if my dad watched me. I just want you buried deep in my pussy.

That’s going to have to wait till we get home. Remember that toy we ordered, I picked it up before heading here and I really really need us to try it out today. The entire time in your dad’s room, all I could think of were all of the things we would do with it.

Baby….. I purred

I had my fingers in my pussy working myself on Walter’s orders. Oh well, I was having a go at it and I was enjoying it and the view of the tent his dick had made in his trousers. If it was left to me, I would have driven the car into some basement car parks and just put his hard dick to use.

I had no idea how fast he drove or if he drove at all, but the next thing I knew, we were in front of Walter’s house. We practically jogged into the house and immediately the doors closed behind us, we jumped at each other, tearing our clothes off.

Baby we need to talk… Walter said as I unbuckled his belt

Talk? Really baby? Right now? I asked

Yes baby, there’s so much to talk about. He replied

The fact that you can conjure up comprehensible sentences while this is happening amazes me. I said and took his hard dick in my mouth and swirled my tongue around and heard him gasp. I pushed him on the couch and continued my ministrations for a while before asking, do you still wanna talk?

Honestly baby we should talk. He replied and pulled me up

Well, you should talk to this. I said and shoved my left boobs into his mouth and he immediately swirled his tongue around my nipples. I moaned loudly as he stroked my clit. Yeah baby, keep talking to me that way I moaned again.

I guess I will. He said and took my pussy in his mouth.

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