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April 20, 2021

Nonye’s Lesson II (18+)
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Nonye’s Lesson II (18+)

Written by Edymaniac

Moses motioned to Benson. He leaned down close to her face, and said, quietly but forcefully, “Don’t scream.” With that he removed his hand from her mouth, but grabbed her throat instead, holding her lightly, hoping she would enjoy the light grab.

“Wait, I…” Nonye begged, “No use grabbing my throat”. He removed his hands

“Come on, Nonye, I know you want it, you’re as wet as a dolphin” Moses teased, slapping his cock wetly against Nonye’s pussy. “Won’t it feel good to have my dick slide up your wet little pussy?” he asked.

“Errrmm, uhhn, please, Moses, oh, it’s too big, please, slide it in slowly…” she trailed off unintelligibly as Moses slapped his dick against Nonye’s pussy again before presenting the head against her opening. She wanted it so bad but couldn’t bring herself to say it. Nonye sure didn’t say no, though.

“Well, this is what you get when you tease,” Moses told her as he pushed his dick into her pussy. Nonye’s pussy lips spread wide to accommodate his impressive girth.

“Oh God, yes, yes, yes!” Nonye moaned as Moses slid his dick all the way inside her wet pussy.

“There you go. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it? A big hard cock filling up your pussy?”

“Oh, Moses, oh yes that feels so good,” Nonye gasped as Moses started rocking back and forth. “Oh God it’s so big, so big…” she moaned.

Moses watched his thick dick in and out of her soaked pussy. Nonye thrashed about on the teacher’s desk.

“Damn, girl, your pussy feels so good! Can you feel my big dick slide all the way up in your pussy?” Moses told her as he picked up his pace. He gripped her hips, fucking her hard. Akin massaged and sucked on her boobs, squeezing them and pinching her nipples.

“Yes, Moses, oh, I can feel it, no, we shouldn’t this is wrong I could get expelled…” Nonye babbled inarticulately, overwhelmed by the sensations wrecking her body. The sounds of her moans mixed with the wet slapping noise produced as Moses slammed his cock into her pussy filled the room. Moses’s dick filled her up. Nonye moaned and bit her lip. She couldn’t believe this was going on right in Mr. Tayo’s classroom. It was intensely erotic how easily she’d let herself get into this position.

“There you go, Nonye, that’s a good little bitch,” Moses told her as he pounded into her pussy. “Your pussy is so warm and wet around my cock.” Moses grunted as he fucked her hard, making her boobs bounce.

Nonye’s chest heaved, trying to draw breath. Each time Moses’s cock slammed into her she released a high-pitched squeal that pleaded for mercy.

“Please, erhm!” she wailed. Her cries only encouraged the boys, Moses pounded her harder while the other boys waited their turn, eyes filled with lust.

“O boy!, Nonye’s pussy is sweet!” Bayo exclaimed.

“Yes o!,” replied Benson. “I will fuck the hell out of her.” Benson grabbed a boob. Akin reached for the other one, and both boys abused Nonye’s tender breasts, squeezing them, slapping them, and pulling and pinching her swollen nipples.

“Such beautiful breasts…” Akin commented.

“Uh, boys, oh, uh!” Nonye whined between thrusts of Moses’s hard dick into her dripping wet pussy. Nonye raised her head to witness her violation at the hands of her ‘students’. She saw five faces consumed with lust—lust for her tender young body, and lust that she knew would not be satisfied until each of them had fucked her. The thought of five hard cocks fucking her, one after the other, pounding into her and then filling her pussy with hot cum elicited a gasping moan from the beautiful university student. Her eyes rolled back in her head.

Akin and Benson were clearly fixated on her boobs, as they enjoyed slapping or sucking on her sensitive nipples, all the while maintaining a firm grip on Nonye’s wrists, keeping her powerless to interfere. Kelechi held her right ankle, and ran his hands up and down her slender leg, massaging her smooth calf and soft thighs. Bayo still held her other ankle firmly, keeping Nonye’s legs in the air wide apart, but his gaze was concentrated on her juicy pussy, as he watched her swollen lips expand and contract, grabbing Moses’s dick like a glove.

“Yeah, take my dick in your fucking pussy.” Moses hissed at her. He readjusted his grip on her hips for more leverage and slammed his weapon into her pussy, filling it completely, forcing out another cry from the helpless student-teacher. His gaze never left hers.

Nonye was consumed with lust, but was also afraid. Was she really a tease? Is this really what she wanted?

Did her subconscious mind lead her to tease these boys, and to tease the other men around her, hoping that some man (or men) would finally take her, use her and fuck her? She fucked around a lot at the university, but never with a group of boys, and certainly not at work!

Moses interrupted her train of thought. “You ready for it, baby?” he teased, withdrawing. Nonye’s pussy slowly contracted, but stayed open, still, stretched and dripping. Nonye moaned loudly. Her pussy felt so empty now. The cool air gave her a chill as it ran across her open pussy, causing her to tremble. She moaned and whined.

“Come on, bitch, you want my cum in your bitchy little pussy?” Moses slapped his stiff member against her open pussy, impacting her clit. Nonye thrashed on the desk, but couldn’t move far with the boys holding her down.

“Oh, God, please, please,” Nonye whimpered and begged.

“Please what, Nonye? Huh, tell me?” he asked, grinning. “Tell me what you want,” Moses slapped his cock again against her pussy.

“Please, Moses, not in my pussy…” Nonye managed halfheartedly. Moses slid the head of his cock up and down her gaping pussy.

“Sorry, ma but if you’re gonna tease like that, you’re gonna have to get used to a pussy full of cum,” he told her, smirking. With that he thrust forward, burying his shaft inside her hot wet pussy. Nonye cried out in shock and intense pleasure.

Moses sawed in and out quickly a few times, building steam. He reached up to Nonye’s outstretched bare ankles and took them from Bayo and Kelechi, and, when he had the her legs firmly under his control, he lifted and spread them even further before slamming like a hammer into her steaming pussy. The two boys took a step back, as did Benson and Akin, anxious to watch the show, but leaving Nonye to concentrate fully on what Moses was about to do to her.

“Oh, God, oh, God!” Nonye cried as Moses fucked her mercilessly, groaning with each thrust. Her boobs bounced wildly, and the intense pounding threatened to push her off the desk. Instinctively her hands grabbed for the edge of the desk. “Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God, oh, God!” Nonye moaned, now holding herself steady against Moses’s assault. Her pussy was on fire.

“Yesss!, pound her!” cheered Bayo, stroking his dick as he waited for his turn.

“Oh boy!, look, she’s fucking back!” laughed Akin.

Nonye realized with a start that he was right; her arms were pulling herself back against Moses, helping him fuck her harder and faster. She cried out in alarm, then bit her lip to keep from screaming.

Nonye knew if she screamed, she would be screaming for more. She held on for dear life, she couldn’t count the amount of times, she came, and the boys kept taking turns. Not a bad experience, definitely won’t be the last time she tried this, maybe this set of boys or others, who knows?

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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