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November 19, 2020

Edymaniac: Lola’s Best Friend Experience VI (18+)
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Edymaniac: Lola’s Best Friend Experience VI (18+)

Lola, feeling his breath against her chest, chortled loudly in his ear. Wanting to add to the fun, she stood up, turned around, and settled onto Chidi’s lap.

“Oh, I think you’ve earned your title,” Lola quipped. She smiled at the feeling of his hard-on pressed against her bottom, and Ali smiled with eager consent. Both of them were feeling much more comfortable having Chidi involved. Impulsively, Lola reached back to grab Chidi’s hands and pulled them up to her breasts!

He leaped with surprise, and Lola cackled wildly at his reaction. Knowing that Chidi would have no problem playing along, she focused on Ali as she urged their friend’s hands to squeeze her breasts. It took Ali a moment to get over his initial shock, but he couldn’t help but shake his head and smile at the fun his girlfriend was having with him.

Lola grinned and gestured for Ali to approach. Letting Chidi’s hands take over on their own, she grabbed Ali as he walked up and began to unbutton his shirt. It was enough for Chidi that Ali didn’t seem to mind where things were going, so he wasted no time letting his hands get a little frisky with Lola. She was glad that Chidi was taking up her offer and decided to give him a little more encouragement.

As she cast off Ali’s shirt and began unbuckling his knickers, Lola wiggled against Chidi’s lap until she felt his erection wedge between her cheeks. He instantly let out a most lascivious groan. Realizing just what Lola was up to, Ali had to chuckle, which Lola took as a green light to start grinding up against Chidi’s crotch.

Chidi’s head fell back in ecstasy against the sofa as Lola tantalized his cock. Leaving Ali’s knickers open, she put her hands down on Chidi’s knees, spread them apart, and muscled her hips into a lap-tease. Keeping her sparkling eyes on her boyfriend all the while, she could see how much it amused him to watch Chidi getting off. His look was exasperated, not with envy, but with overwhelming pleasure. While giving Ali what he wanted to see, she told him what she wanted him to do.

“Take it out.”

The fiery look in her eyes as she said it destroyed him. In a rush, he fumbled with his belt and zipper, promptly dropping his pants and kicking them to the side. A garish erection bulged within his boxer shorts, and he stared into his girlfriend’s eyes as he pulled out the waist-band and set the monster loose. Lola grinned as it sprung into the open. Even Chidi could feel her clench with excitement.

As Ali tossed his boxers to the side, Lola slipped away from Chidi and knelt on the floor between the two of them. At eye level, she stared hungrily at her boyfriend’s cock. She ached to have it. Then, looking at Chidi’s lap, Lola had her most mischievous impulse yet.

“Both of you.”

Chidi and Ali stared at her blankly, neither sure that he had heard her correctly. One look at his girlfriend’s expression, however, convinced Ali that he not misunderstood at all. His eyes grew wide upon her, but apart from showing his surprise, his look was full of curiosity. Lola was exhilarated.

“Both of you,” she repeated, directing her plea to Chidi. “Take it out.”

Having made herself clear, Lola smiled assuring and pulled her boyfriend’s cock into her mouth. Ali grunted loudly. He had been worked into such a frenzy from watching Lola tease them both that he was positively throbbing for her touch. The plunges of her mouth were almost overwhelming.

Chidi had no idea what to do. Just being able to watch Lola give head was taking liberties enough. Could he really take out his cock in front of his friend’s fiancée? He could see Lola glancing at him as she went down, waiting for him to respond. It was Ali, however, who would have to open the way.

“I think you better give her what she wants to see…” Ali paused, unable to argue with the benefits of playing along with Lola’s game.

Chidi’s heart stopped. There now was nothing standing in his way, and yet the idea still terrified him as much as it turned him on. With both of them waiting for him, he decided that there was no use in modesty and began to pull open his pants. Lola let up and simply squeezed her boyfriend’s cock with anticipation. Trembling, Chidi reached into the fly of his boxers and pulled out his erection for her to see.

Lola’s face lit up at the sight, and she crowed with a kind of maniacal laughter.

“Very nice,” she added, wanting Chidi to know that her laugh was hardly one of ridicule. In fact, ever since she had first caused a stir in Chidi’s knickers, she had been longing to get a peek, and she was by no means disappointed. The mast rising from his lap was impressive. Though not carrying quite the exceptional heft of her fiancé, it had an attractive shape, and it was swollen to a thickness that Lola took as a compliment.

Chidi gulped as he felt Lola’s eyes sizing up his cock. So did Ali. He knew that mischievous glint. Lola looked up at him, biting her bottom lip with a heavy hint of suggestion. He never imagined that he would find this particular suggestion so erotic. As Lola edged closer to Chidi, Ali took the step with her and watched with pained fascination as she reached out and touched his friend’s cock!

Chidi slammed back into the cushions as he felt her fingers slip around his erection. Never, but in his wildest fantasies, did he imagine that things would go this far. Yet the excitement in Lola’s eyes—and more astonishingly, in Ali’s—convinced him that his friends had been sharing the same fantasies.

Clenched in shock, he was helpless to do anything but stared at the marvelous sight of Lola stroking his cock with one hand and her boyfriend’s with the other!

For Lola, too, it was electrifying, if shocking, to feel both hard dicks at the same time. There was a dizzy sense of power in being able to tease each one of them by what she would do to the other. It was especially fun to see how Ali reacted to the way she pleasured Chidi.

He knew that more than anything, she was doing it to tease him, and it really got him hot. Curious to see the reaction it would get, Lola couldn’t resist upping the ante once more… by touching Chidi with her tongue!

The room spun as Ali watched his girlfriend encroach upon Chidi’s lap and give his tip a tickle. Though both of them could hear Chidi gasping, their eyes were locked onto one another. Baiting him, Lola swirled her tongue around the head. Ali might have been shocked by the sight, but she could feel his hard-on throbbing in her hand. She squeezed him firmly, entreating him to indulge this fantasy with her. It was then that she could see that Ali had surrendered completely.

Practically snarling at her boyfriend with excitement, Lola sunk her lips around the top of Chidi’s shaft. Chidi choked on his breath, and for the first time, he felt Ali looking directly at his face. The guilt he felt for allowing his friend’s fiancée to suck his cock was overwhelming but was itself overwhelmed by how spectacular it felt. He expected to see anger or resentment from Ali, but in his expression, there was nothing so malign. Seeing the effect that his girlfriend was having on Chidi actually seemed to make him smug!

Chidi groaned indulgently, wanting both of them to know that the pleasure was supreme. Lola’s mouth felt every bit as sensational as he had imagined when watching her before. His cock sizzled in her hot spit, and her tongue hugged him in just the right way on each plunge. As she smothered him, he could tell that she was looking at Ali, and it made him even hotter to know that his friend was watching him penetrate her lips.

When Lola finally pulled away, she looked at Chidi for the first time. Smiling at his polished knob, she petted it lightly and then tugged at his shorts, inciting him to take them off. He eagerly obeyed while Lola turned her attention back to her fiancé, nuzzling lovingly against his throbbing wood. All the teasing would now pay off as she engulfed him deeply in her mouth.

Chidi watched in respectful awe. He had a new appreciation for how Ali must have felt. Casting his bottoms to one side, Chidi removed his shirt as well and sat completely naked on the couch. Lola hadn’t failed to notice. Eager to feel him, she stretched her fingertips to stroke down Chidi’s abs and then swirled them playfully around his balls. Wanting Chidi to fully enjoy the sight of the blow job she was giving, she put her hand around his shaft and proceeded to jerk him off.

For the first time in a while, Ali even chuckled. The look on Chidi’s face was priceless, and there was a certain sinister delight in seeing his friend undergo the sweet torture of Lola’s hand. He took a deep, gratifying breath while trying to stand up to the afflictions that Lola was imposing on him as well.

The sheer adrenaline of pleasuring both of them at once kept Lola going at a frantic pace. Ali’s hand at the back of her head gently helped her to keep her rhythm, and the hardness of his shaft made her mouth water. Chidi could see the saliva gushing down his friend’s cock. Combined with the frenzy of Lola’s hand, the assault on his senses was becoming too much to take.

“You are so hot…” Chidi gasped, directing the comment not just to Lola, but to them both.

Slipping her mouth away, Lola smiled while stroking them both with her hands. Chidi, clearly in an agitated state, looked her up and down, as if to memorize everything from her lovely, high-spirited face down to the way she looked in those tiny black under-shorts. Her breasts took on a tantalizing bounce as she jerked them both off, and the sight only pushed Chidi further toward the brink.

“Ngggh… oh… oh, it’s so good…”

Lola’s face lit up when she realized how close he was to the edge. Impulsively, she looked up at her boyfriend and made her most provocative suggestion yet.

“Let’s make him come.”

Taking Ali’s response for granted, Lola lunged into Chidi’s lap and started sucking him off at a fevered pace. Her plunges were so tight and wet that he was almost instantly destroyed.

“Ohh! Oh, fuck!!”

Ali’s eyes widened as he watched his friend’s body tense up to the point of breaking. With the next growl he heard Chidi make, he knew for certain that his friend was about to climax in his girlfriend’s mouth.

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