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May 16, 2021

Zoe’s Scribbles (18+): One that got away
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Zoe’s Scribbles (18+): One that got away

It was a 4 day weekend looking forward to it.

Earlier in the week, Alex had hit me up for us to spend the weekend at the beach house her father owned and I couldn’t wait for us to get there. Friday morning, Alex came to pick me up and off we set to the jetty where a boat would take us to the resort.

We got there only to see the crew and I shot a look at Alex who had an apology written all over her face.

“I’m sorry. If I had told you that the rest of the crew was coming you wouldn’t have wanted to come and I wasn’t having that. Plus we all haven’t hung out since the Miami trip and I wanted us to spend this weekend together. No vex”.

To be honest, I was glad they were there. I wasn’t sure how I was going to spend four days alone with Alex. Before I could even give her a reply, the boat was here and we all hurried to join it. In all the craziness, I hadn’t noticed anyone in particular. However, I had time to when we got in and that was when I noticed Jide.

Jide used to be my ex. He was the one who got away or was it the other way round? I’m not quite sure.

In any case, our break up ended really badly that it even caused some awkwardness for our friends. They all had to tell both of us if the other was going to be at a meet-up so one would stay away.

Talk about 50 shades of awkward. As fate would have it, he was seated by my side and after a long awkward silence, he said hi. I mumbled a reply and moved to seats with one of the others. I really wasn’t about to not enjoy that boat ride. Soon, we got to our destination, we got down and several beach buggies were waiting to take us to the house.

That was when I noticed everyone had a partner with them. Even Alex brought her girlfriend along although she joined us at the jetty. Everyone except Jide and I.

I think he knew what I was thinking because he asked me to ride with him and even asked to help me carry my things into my room since I wasn’t with anyone. As much as there was a high level of awkwardness between us, one thing was for sure; the chemistry between us was still very much present.

We had agreed to rest for about 20 minutes before meeting up at the living room for lunch. I decided to use that time to take a warm bath. Alex’s dad’s beach house is huge with a lot of rooms en suite and each room had a very beautiful bath as opposed to a shower.

It wasn’t my first time, I sort of had my own permanent room there. I filled the bath up with warm water, threw in some rose petals and aromatic oil and proceeded to soak myself in.

It felt so good that I completely forgot I was supposed to meet the crew. Of course I was late and hungry.  We had lunch and decided to play a game of charades and drink till we were done. It wasn’t until late before we turned in.

By this time almost everyone was wasted.  I tried to sleep but for some reason, I couldn’t.

Decided to swim the weariness away so I changed into my bikini and grabbed a bottle of wine. Guess who I saw skinny dipping? Of course, Jide. I made to turn back and I heard, “You don’t have to leave. I could leave if I make you that uncomfortable”.

Dammit! I was hoping you wouldn’t see me. I knew it would seem childish if I refused or asked him to leave and I decided to fuck it anyway.

“It’s fine. You don’t have to leave either. The pool is big enough”.

I got in and did a few laps before helping myself to the glass of wine I brought. And because I didn’t want it to be any more awkward, I decided a conversation would be best.

“So um… How’s life? Still working at your dad’s company?” I asked.

“Well, only as a member of the board of directors. I started my own company. I own the Jade Group”. I was surprised to say the least.

The Jade Group is about the fastest growing company and around and it didn’t look like it was slowing down soon. Knowing that it belongs to Jide wasn’t surprising.

He has always been driven.

“That’s really nice. I didn’t know that” and that was the truth. I really didn’t want o hear anything about Jide after our break up and I had successfully blocked everything that concerned him from my path… until today.

“You still work at Case Oil and Gas, don’t you? Alex says you’re doing really well and you recently got a promotion. I never stopped asking about you, you know. I know I hurt you and I’ve never quite forgiven myself for it”.

I didn’t like the direction this convo was taking at this. ”Jide I don’t want to talk about this. Whatever happened, did. Too much water under the bridge now”.

I didn’t talk about what happened then, I wasn’t going to now. I got out of the pool and went over to one of the pool lounge and he followed. “Why Zoe? Why don’t you? Do you hate me that much? Do I repulse you so much that you don’t want to talk to me? I said I was sorry. Whatever happened between Nene and I was nothing. She meant nothing to me”

At that, I made to smack him across the face but Jide caught it, drew me close and kissed me deeply. No, I didn’t resist. I wanted him to do that. He used one hand to draw me close while the other found its way to my core. Pressing his thumb against my clit, his fore finger circled my folds and played with my pussy. I soon found myself whimpering. Jide lifted me and we made our way to his room. He dropped me with a thud on the bed and a ‘stay put’. I wasn’t sure what he was about to do but I was going to find out.

I saw him holding two of the silk scarves I had given him as a “just because” gift just before our breakup. Infact, 2 days before. I was about to protest when he shushed me and proceeded to tie my hands and bindfold me. I felt him take off my bikini and spread my legs apart.

Briefly kissing me, I felt his mouth all over my upper body. Nibbling my earlobes, neck and shoulders till his lips rested on my nipple. He bit lightly on them and I moaned, he took his time, building the tension and I protested when his lips left the left and sighed when it rested on the other.

Soon, he was trailing my body with kisses and tiny bites, working his way down to my center. I felt his breath on my pussy and it watered. I heard his grunt and I knew he was fighting the urge to take me then. Then he dove. “OH FUCK!” I screamed as his tongue tortured and pleasured me at the same time. His tongue went deep while he gently nibbled on my clit. It wasn’t long before I was cumming all over his face.

I felt him raise my ass and rest a pillow under and his dick position itself at the entrance of my temple teasing me. As he played with me this way, I cried out “Fuck this Jude. Stop torturing me”.

He gently guided his piping hot penis into me and was thrusting slowly. His tempo picked and I’m pretty sure my moan woke up the whole house. Just as I was about to cum, his pace slowed and I knew he was trying to prolong it. Not like I minded. I had missed Jide’s dick like hell.

He flipped me over, raised my ass a little towards him and went in slowly till he picked up pace. With one hand on my boob and the other playing with my pussy, I was cumming all over him.

He wasn’t done, he fucked me through my orgasm and soon he was having one of his own. He gently took off my blindfold and the scarf tying my hands together as he cuddled me. I was so exhausted that I slept peacefully that night.

I woke up the next morning to a throbbing in my pussy and a building orgasm. As I came all over the sheets, he pulled me up to straddle him. “You know, I never had sex with anyone after you and I never slept with Nene. She doesn’t hold a candle to you”. It was a very happy me that kissed him as I lowered myself down his dick.


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