May 9, 2021

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The Cape Town Orgy (18+)

Written by Vixen Banks I always have a busy year stating mid January to November, so I always fix my leave for the last month of the year, December. I not only go on leave, I try as much as i can to make sure that I unwind and spend my holidays in...

Zoe’s Scribbles (18+): One that got away

It was a 4 day weekend looking forward to it. Earlier in the week, Alex had hit me up for us to spend the weekend at the beach house her father owned and I couldn’t wait for us to get there. Friday morning, Alex came to pick me up and off we set to...

Zoe’s Scribbles: Happy Holiday

I’ve never really spent Christmas alone, as it is the only opportunity I have to spend time with my family. However, this Christmas was a little different. I had my hands full with work and I was torn between staying to work over the holidays...