August 9, 2022

Zoe’s Scribbles : Conspiracy

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Zoe’s Scribbles : Conspiracy

I had just started a new job at one of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world which decided to anchor their ship here in Nigeria after losing my old job for the most ridiculous reason- having a sugar daddy who happened to be my old boss’ best friend. Well, said sugar daddy got me this job whose pay is about four times higher than the previous one and my office has a view of the island.

Oh, I had a proper job this time where I could utilise my degrees in law. Luckily, I worked closely with the lawyers at my former job so the transition wasn’t all that difficult.

Tunde and I agreed to end our relationship. I was at the point where I wanted to share something real with someone and we both knew his wife was never going to agree to a divorce. We still remained good friends though. I wasn’t stupid enough to let a billionaire like that go out of my life. I was basically his handbag but without the sex. He asked several times but I refused to connect him with any girl I knew. I wasn’t about to pour sand into my garri with my own hands. Life was perfect, wasn’t it? Until it wasn’t.

I had a very busy week at the office and I just wasn’t in the mood for any hangouts with any of my colleagues after work. I knew the only place I could get peace was Tunde’s getaway house on Banana Island and I drove there.

I didn’t have to call him before hand because I had a key and I knew he made it a rule to never bring any girl to the house to avoid trouble. Well, any girl except me. I got there and as expected, his car wasn’t in the drive way which meant he was at work. I let myself in and made straight to the kitchen to fix something to eat before he got back and just then, I saw these legs that went on forever but could use a little lotion bent over the fridge looking for God knows what. In this harmattan, a girl can forget her moisturizer?

“Hi. Do you need anything?”

Just then, she turned and gave me this ‘who be this?’ look

‘I should be asking you that. Who are you and how did you get in here?’

Where did Tunde pick this ratchet one from?

“I have my keys. I’m assuming Tunde left you in here on purpose because the doors were locked. Did he head back to the office?”

‘Who are you and how can you ask me stupid questions? What do you mean you have your keys and me, his girlfriend doesn’t?”

Now my problem with this chic is that I could have been anyone. His wife, his sister, any one but babe was just concerned with announcing that she was his girlfriend. As if!

I walked away while she was still screaming at the top of her voice and went into Tunde’s room. As soon as I locked myself in, I sent a text to him.

“You left a mad dog here. Come and get it out now.”

Five minutes later, he called but I refused to pick. I wanted him to stew a little. It wasn’t like I was jealous or anything because I knew that animal wasn’t girlfriend material. I was just mad that my plan to enjoy a peaceful evening had been ruined.

I must have dozed off because I heard a knock that could only have been Tunde.

‘Zoey. Babe. Please open the door. It’s me.’

He obviously thought I was mad because it took me a few minutes to open the door as I was a bit disoriented at first. When I did, he rushed in, enveloping me in an embrace.

‘Zoey, I’m sorry. I brought her here because I wanted to pick up something but then the Minister came into town and I had to rush to him. You know he is my father’s friend and I can’t treat him like I treat the others. I’m so sorry’.

“It’s fine. She ruined my evening, that’s all.”

Just then, the girl walked into the room screaming like a banshee.

‘Tunde! Who is this prostitute and what are you doing with her?’

I inhaled sharply as he turned to look at her.

‘What did you say?’ He asked, deathly calm.

She knew she goofed because she didn’t open her mouth to say anything.

He then walked to his drawer, pulled out some notes and handed it to her. The money was about 20k ‘For your trouble’.

See how girls miss their luck. He pressed a bell and one of his guards came in to see her out. The girl looked like she was about to cry and she looked at me to beg on her behalf. I looked away so she would know I also didn’t want her there.

I followed behind them as I wanted to head to the kitchen and fix us something to eat. While I was making our dinner, I felt his hands around my waist as he planted little kisses on my neck and ear.

‘It’s all your fault, you know. You ended things between us and I’ve been looking for someone like you ever since’.

“No. We ended things and you can stop searching. You can’t find anyone like me”.

‘Obviously. What are you making?’

“Rice and chicken sauce. I didn’t want to eat out”.

‘Don’t feel like either and if you weren’t here, I’d have been spending unnecessary money. Money that isn’t exactly flowing in this Buhari’s government’.

I laughed at that but he was right. Money was a bit tight and has been since the new administration came on. I had an idea which had been dancing around in my head for a few weeks and I figured now was the best time to bring it up. Well, after he had eaten.

“Why don’t you help me cut the chicken into bits while I sauté the vegetables. The rice is already cooking and it shouldn’t take long to get soft. That way we finish up quickly and eat. I’m starving”.

Soon we were having dinner and as I brought out two bottles of red wine, he knew I wanted us to talk.

‘What’s on your mind?’

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