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Zoe’s Scribbles : Conspiracy V
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Zoe’s Scribbles : Conspiracy V

I’m sorry guys. This should have gone up last week but no light and with the fuel queues across the major cities in the country, I wasn’t about to waste man power just to buy 3 litres of fuel just to power the generator. The light is better now so yeah, I’m back. Can someone please tell the president to sit down in Aso Rock and do what he was elected to do? Thanks.


This is the end of The Conspiracy series. If there’s any type of story you’d like to see in Zoe’s Scribbles, please let me know in the comment section and I’ll work something out. Enjoy.


‘You bitch! You told me there was nothing between you and my husband and I believed you. You sent me on a wild goose chase looking for some girl that doesn’t exist. You better watch your back, bitch.’

That was the text I got this morning from Oyin. I’m not sure how she found out but I wasn’t ready to respond to it. Besides I was late for work. I got to the work and almost immediately I was swarmed with working out the final details of the acquisition. I spent the whole day so busy that when it was time for a meeting between my company and the target company, I almost didn’t want to attend it but I had to. Just as I got to the board room, I saw my previous boss waiting alone.

“Where’s everyone? And why are you the only one here? Where’s your team?”

‘I understand you’ve met Oyin, Tunde’s wife?’ And in that instant I knew he had told Oyin everything. I wasn’t going to dignify him with response but I knew it was time to put an end to this game for good.

“Yes I have. Pleasant lady, too. We hit it off real good”.

‘Does she know you are sleeping with her husband?’

“Was. I was but I suspect you already told her. Be sure to give her the updated version”.

The meeting went on smoothly and everyone at least got what they wanted and was satisfied, at least. Because of how good I felt, I decided to treat myself to a lovely dinner. I quickly sent a text and was off to the restaurant.

She came in two minutes after I did looking like she was planning to kill me.

‘Yov’ve got some nerve, you know? Knowing that I want to hurt you and you still invite me. Shouldn’t you be running away?’

I chuckled. “Well, you’ll only end up hurting yourself in the long run because what you’re looking for, you won’t find it.

I’m sure you’ve heard I was having an affair with your husband. That’s why I got sacked from my previous job. Well, I was. I’m not a lesbian but it’s true. Tunde does have a girl he’s sleeping with but it’s nothing serious.

What is actually serious is I know you’ve been sleeping around since you came to Lagos and I’ve got the evidence to prove it. You fucked the wrong person, Oyin. Remember Nick? Here’s what’s going to happen. You will call Tunde and tell him you’re going to grant him the divorce. I know him. He won’t fight you for any of his properties nor for the custody of the kids. You will call him tonight.”

And if I don’t?’ She asked.

I smiled sweetly. “Well, you know what happens and Tunde will believe me. I’m not petty so he’ll know I’m not telling lies. Why are you still holding on anyway? You don’t love him. If you’re scared he’ll let you go just like that, then you obviously don’t know the man you married, and even if he’s going to prove difficult, I know how to talk to him. Let him have his divorce and you’ll be free to fuck Nick any time you like.”

Watching the myriad of emotions across her face was sort of painful to watch but I wasn’t about to stop now. Besides, she wasn’t getting the short end of the stick. She put a call through to Tunde, asking him to wait a bit in his office as she was coming over to sign the divorce papers and then with as much dignity as she could muster, she stood up to leave.

“Oyin, be careful of Nick. He’s a user”.

She looked at me with an eyebrow raised and mumbled her thanks. With that, she walked off. As I settled down to enjoy my dinner which had just arrived, I flashed back to when I found out about Nick and Oyin.

Nick was Alex’s ex. The same one she caught in bed with another woman. Oyin was that other woman. After Alex dozed off, she woke up later in the night to drink some water. By that time, I was awake. For someone who spent the whole evening crying, she didn’t have any headache of any sort. Because I was working, she came to join me at the dining table.

“Hey babe, you’re awake. Feel better?”

‘I guess. I’m however still trying to process the fact that I found him with Tunde’s wife’.

I stopped. “Who? Whose wife?”

‘Tunde. your Tunde. I can never forget that face. Not after seeing her pictures splashed all over Linda Ikeji’s blog and Bella Naija. I will recognise that face anywhere. I saw the texts between them but I refused to believe it was anything serious. I figured he’s a man entitled to a little flirt here and there so he doesn’t feel imprisoned. Hell, he doesn’t even the money to be a cheat. I’ve had to loan him almost half a million naira. Only men like Tunde can afford to be Casanovas. I guess he’s just a user and now he’s found someone bigger’.

My mind was still reeling from this information and I tuned out. I knew it was just what I needed to put my plans into motion and all I needed was patience. And waited. I was brought back to the present by the waiter asking if I enjoyed my meal. Poor guy must’ve thought I didn’t like it when he saw the distant look in my eyes. I told him I loved it and he moved on.

After dinner, I stopped by the wine store to get a bottle of wine. It wasn’t celebratory. I wasn’t going to do that until I heard from Tunde which I hadn’t. I half expected to meet him at the house but I didn’t.

Since the next day was a Saturday, I decided to stay in and do some spring cleaning and cooking. By the time I was done, it was early evening and I was spent. I had just had a shower and was settling in when the doorbell rang. It was Tunde and he looked subdued. He also had a bottle of 1787 Chateau Margaux with him.

“Babe, are you okay? You look like hell” I said as I we sat down on the sofa. My heart was beating so fast but I couldn’t betray my feelings. “Oyin better nit have fucked with me”, I thought.

‘Oyin signed the divorce papers. She said she was tired of fighting and wanted to live her life in peace.’.

I heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s a good thing, right? I mean, you’ve wanted this for a long time and now, both of you can move on.”

‘Yeah. She asked for some properties but they are the ones I was going to give her anyway. I mean, I was married to her for 15 years. She deserves something. Besides she doesn’t know the full extent of my assets so it’s so biggie’.

“So what’s the problem? Why are you looking so sad?”

‘I’m not sad. I just don’t know how to broach this. Zoe, I love you and I want you to marry me. You get me, just like I get you. I love what we have and I don’t want to give it up. Every time I spend I spend with you is just… . I love you, Zoe. Please say yes. I know you feel the same way. Say something, Zoe. Say yes’.

I was speechless as he brought out the biggest and most gorgeous rock I have ever seen. This was even better than I expected. The plan was to warm my way into a permanent position in his life. It would have meant I would be a mistress but I didn’t mind. I loved this man completely. As he slipped the ring into my finger and held me in his arms, I knew that even if the truth about his divorce came out, we were going to be alright.


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