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Zoe’s Scribbles : Sugar baby VIII (18+)

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Zoe’s Scribbles : Sugar baby VIII (18+)

My phone kept ringing all the way home but I couldn’t risk it. Luckily, I was way ahead of the rush hour traffic and got home in record time. As I drove in, I saw Tunde by his car.

“What the hell happened?” He said as I got out of the car. I was so mad and confused that I didn’t dare say a word while we were outside. I walked past him and took the flight of stairs to my apartment. As we got in, he held me to himself as I burst into tears.

I hadn’t looked at my CV in so long and I wasn’t planning to just yet. How was I supposed to start looking for another job?

I was able to calm down then we spoke. Not that it mattered but I had to ask how my boss (well, now former) knew about both of us and he admitted to letting it slip that we were together of which he didn’t realise it was meant to be a secret.

The look I sent him made him apologise for that statement immediately. A single girl dating a marrying a married man? Was it supposed to be public? What kind of girls had he been dating anyway. I left him in the living room and went to the kitchen to fix us something to eat. I couldn’t obviously think about my next step on an empty stomach.

While I was in the kitchen, I heard Tunde make a call. I couldn’t hear the details of the call but it sounded like he was making an appointment with someone. He came into the kitchen with his sleeves rolled up to help.

“Tunde, I really don’t need you in here. Not now. I just want to think about my next step and cooking helps me think”. He ignored me and picked up a knife to cut the vegetables. I glared at him so much that if looks could kill, he’d probably have dropped dead.

I think a part of me blamed him for not keeping his mouth shut.

It didn’t take long for the food to get ready and when I brought it out to the dining area, I saw he had already set the table. I gave him a half smile as I laid it on the table.

“I fixed an interview for you at Wintershall Holdings. Anytime you want, just let me know so I can talk to them”. I looked at him with my jaw dropping.

Wintershall is about the largest oil and gas servicing firm in the world. It’s owned by Germans and they recently fixed their sights on Nigeria. I didn’t even know they were recruiting Nigerians because I had heard albeit erroneously, obviously that they brought in their guys from Germany. Then again, I guess they have to comply with the Local Content Act.

I decided to go in for the interview tomorrow. I had another issue to worry about. The apartment I lived in belonged to the company and I guess I had to move out quickly.

“Erm, hun, do you know any estate agent who can get me a smaller place on the Island? I obviously can’t afford a place like this”, I said

‘But your rent hasn’t expired. Or… It’s owned by the company’, he replied.

I nodded as I cleared the table since we were done eating.

‘I’ll see what I can do this week’.

It wasn’t until much later that Tunde left before I could have the house to myself. I dialled Alex’s number and the stupid babe picked my call after the third ring.

Alex: ‘Haaaayyyy, how far na? I almost came to your office today o but mehn my boss just swamped me with one kain work. I even had to sneak out. What’s happening nau?’

Me: “At least you have a job. I’m now in the job market”.

Alex: ‘what do you mean you’re in the job market? Una office don shut down?’

Me: E for better na. I got fired over my choice of a fucking buddy.

Alex: Huh? I don’t understand. Did his wife find out? I thought she didn’t care”.

Me: “Girl, I wish it was the wife. It was my fucking boss. Well, ex boss now. You know both of them are like brothers. Well, he found out I was dating Tunde and fired me over it talmbout how he thought I was a decent girl and shit. I swear, now that I’m calm, it’s fucking hilarious. This man fucking sacked me over who I chose to sit my pussy on”.

Alex: Oh honey. Are you okay? Do you want me to come over?

Me: I’m fine now. You don’t have to. I have to arrange my CV for an interview to tomorrow.

Alex: Oh? That was fast. No need to ask. I’m sure Tunde did it. Where?

Me: Wintershall

Alex at this point screamed so much that I had to hold my phone away from my ears.

Alex: GIRRRRRLLLLLLLLLL. You’re going to be swimming in dough now o.

Me: Ehn, let me get it first. Meanwhile, abeg I need estate agent. You know the apartment belongs to the company and I can’t afford a place like this.

Alex: mahn. I think I know a couple. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to them. I’m so sorry, baby. You sure you’ll be alright?

Me: I will. Thanks.

After we hung up, I decided to update and print out my resume. Luckily I had gotten a couple of professional certifications along the way.

The next day, I was up early, had breakfast and got ready since my appointment was for 8:30. As I was leaving the house, I saw one of Tunde’s drivers who said he asked him to take me to the interview and bring me back.

As much as I wanted to be mad at Tunde, I was thankful. I really didn’t feel like driving. I got to Wintershall a few minutes before 8:30am because traffic was a bitch and for some reason, the interview started early. I guess I must have done really great because after 2 hours of interview, I was offered the job. Now my take home pay was about 5 times what I used to take in my former company.

Obviously there was nothing to think about. I signed the contracts there and then. I was asked to resume the following week which was perfect by me.


As we drove home, I tried to call Tunde but he wasn’t picking. I called Alex and told her the good news. I’m pretty sure she barely managed to compose herself because she was in the office.

It wasn’t until I dropped that I noticed the driver wasn’t taking my route home.

“Mr Akin, please where are you going? This isn’t the way home”.

‘Oga said I should take you somewhere, madam”.

We got to a block of luxury apartments and Akin led me to the penthouse. As we got in, Tunde was standing by the door with his arms stretched open and I rushed into them.

“I got the job”, I said.

‘I know, I was told you really impressed them and didn’t have to make me use my influence. I’m proud of you’. I sighed as I pulled away to look at where we were.

“What are we doing here anyway? Whose apartment is this?”

‘Yours. I had wanted to give it to you as a birthday gift but what the hell? It’s your birth month anyway’.

I screamed as I jumped on him. To prove it was mine, he gave me a document containing the deed of gift. I didn’t realise tears had started running down my eyes when I knelt down to thank him.

“Tunde, thank you. God will bless you. Another will do for you what you’ve done for me”.

He picked me up and held me while I wept. I couldn’t believe I was moving into my own home. It was a tastefully furnished 2 bedroom apartment. One room was done while the other bedroom was empty. I asked why it was bare.

‘I wasn’t sure if you wanted it to be an office space for when you brought work home or a guest room’.

“It will be an office. I don’t let people sleep over except Alex and we sleep on the same bed”.

When I saw the look on his face, I laughed and said,

“Alex is a girl. She was with me when we first met”. He laughed as he remembered. That boisterous laughter that turns me on.

I led him to the bedroom and pushed him to the bed. I knelt between his legs and unbuckled his belt. As I pulled down his pants, his dick sprang up at half mast.

I teased his pee hole a little before taking him filly in my mouth. Alternating my tempo, I took him deep into my throat while I massaged his balls. I knew he was about to cum and I didn’t want that yet and I stopped. I took off my skirt and underwear and straddled him with my back to him. I sank my pussy down his shaft and started to ride him slowly.

I increased my tempo, touching myself at the same time. I felt him sit up and lift me up and down his shift. Soon, my gates burst open and I was squirting all over his dick. He pushed me up, laid me on all fours on the bed and rammed into me. He too didn’t last long as he came all over me. As we cuddled on the mattress, he made a call to someone asking them to arrange a pickup truck the next day.

I immediately got a call on my phone.

‘Hello, Ms Zoé. This is Peju from First Oil Company Ltd. I have been asked to eject you from the company’s apartment and also take back the company car’.

“Oh, come and pick up your keys tomorrow’, I said and hung up.

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