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Marvis Chronicles: Rockview (18+)

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Marvis Chronicles: Rockview (18+)

Written by Marvis Dom

The news of Lilian coming in to town for the weekend had been a great source of joy to me, at least I get to spice up my life a little. Prior to the news I had lived a lifestyle of me, myself and I.

This past weeks before she came has been hell, it had only been the routine of sleep, eat, wake up and then repeat the same thing. Come to think of it I’m beginning to put on some weight, my cheeks are getting puffy and most of my clothes don’t fit any more.

I wasn’t the indoor person kind of girl when I was schooling in the UK but ever since I got back to Nigeria I’ve been subjected to a life of loneliness and boredom because I don’t have much friends in Owerri and to crown it all the job I applied for is yet to call me up for an interview. So when Lilian called me that she was going to take the next available flight from Abuja to Owerri, I was super happy.

I wasn’t just happy that I was going to have someone to chill with alone, I was also happy because I get to unwind a little for the weekend. That thought alone got my pussy itchy, it’s been what, say four five months since I last had sex. The only thing that takes me off the edge is Larry my dildo and it has been a very good companion, at least it helps me hit orgasm but then masturbation alone doesn’t do the magic because it wasn’t long I started feeling the need to get the real D in my goddamn pussy. You know I need real hands on those boobs of mine, real mouth to eat me up and above all a real dick to fuck some real sense into me.

Lilian finally came on Friday with the evening flight and just like I expected she already made plans for the night. Right there at the Sam Mbakwe airport she told me point blank

“Hey, slut I’m taking you out for the night and I’m not taking no for an answer” I just laughed

“Hehehe see this girl ooo, who’s planning to tell you no in the first place? Abeg oo it’s been long I went out and I ain’t gon let this opportunity pass me by”

With that we drove straight home to my house. The evening passed very fast and night took over, we hit the club by 10pm against my suggestion that it was too early to go to a club.

I had told her to chill till it was 11:15pm but she vehemently refused saying she wants to get all the fun there is. When we eventually got to NV lounge and night club it was almost empty like I had insinuated as most people are yet to start coming.

Lilian disappointed, suggested we drive to Orange Room but I objected telling her there’s no need for that “why go to Orange Room when NV lounge has a sit out by the corner? We could just sit there for a while” I said.

She agreed with me and we went to Mimi’s Place to wait for sometime before entering the club, we weren’t disappointed as it looked like everyone inside of Mimi’s place was waiting for 11:30pm to hit the club. We eventually hit the club again light headed this time as we had already been drinking at the sit out, we found a corner by the VIP section, settled in and ordered for drinks and shisha. Midway into the club the drink started taking hold of me so I stood to my feet and danced.

I hit the dance floor like no one was watching, I think that enticed Lilian as she joined me too, we are both great dancers so we stole the attention of everyone in the VIP section. It wasn’t long I felt someone dancing behind me, I wasn’t always comfortable with dancing with strangers in club all parties so I turned to tell him off, that was when the earth stood still.

Oh my! Who is this sex god before me? I thought, I was practically drooling, Lilian had to pinch me to close my mouth.

“Hey sexy lady, mind if I dance with you? I didn’t say anything I just moved closer to him and continued dancing fiercely and that was all the invitation he needed, we danced like royalty, I must confess he’s not that bad in the art of dancing.

We danced for a while feigning tiredness I went outside just to lure him out and just as planned he took the bait. I was leaning on the bonnet of me car when he came to me. He asked why I left the dance floor, I told him I was tired and needed some air, he offered we go sit in car and talk for a while I declined at first but gave in at the second request.

When we got to his car I was already getting hot just being this close to him, I silently wished he wants me as much as I want him. I really need some dick to rock and I want his, so I made up my mind to play the seductive card. While we talk I’d touch his laps and sluggishly remove my hand while maintaining eye contact. It wasn’t long it started working as he started having ruptured breathing, I could see the bulge in this pants which clearly shows that he is hard.

I continued my seductive game since I saw that its already working, he said something really funny and I laughed In the cause of laughing I started coughing he held me to make sure I was okay and that was when we had our first kiss.

Our lips were locked together for a few minutes before he took his hands to my boobs, he pinched my tits and I gasped, without wasting time he slipped his hands under my dress. It didn’t take long for him to locate my pussy hole, he teased my vagina lips a little and was about sliding a finger when my phone rang and interrupted the already intense atmosphere.

Lilian had called to ask my whereabouts and I told her where to find me, she came in less than two minutes exchanged pleasantries with the sex god whom I don’t even know his name and then ask that we go home, grudgingly I left with her after exchanging numbers with him.

The next day I got a call from an unknown number; the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard in a long while had introduced himself as the dude from the club and would love to host me for the afternoon if I’m free. I agreed but told him I’d bring a friend along, he accepted and said we should meet with him at Rockview hotels outside bar in two hours with that he hung up.

Lilian and I got ready and left for Rockview, when we got there I called the number that had called me earlier on and he came down to meet us at the lobby. Prior to the visit I had filled Lilian in about last night and what I intend to get off the anonymous dude and we both decided to dress up in dresses that doesn’t require underwear in view of that, we were wearing neither bra nor panties. Lilian and I are both 6ft, dark in complexion, while she’s a 32b cup sized boobs I’m a 32d cup size, slim waist and crazy ass bum, although hers is a little bigger than mine.

We had both been attracted to each other right from the time we met, people had always called us twins, due to the fact that we always want the same things safe for men, I’m in to slim tall guys with flawless body while she’s into huge and chubby guys but when it comes to their dicks we want the same thing long and huge.

We got upstairs to the bar and settled in, we joined him in taking the wine he was taking while he ordered asun. We talked about so many things, school, fashion, politics and finally sex. The sex gist got us all hot as we divulged all those nasty things about us, it started drizzling and we all hurried for the door, that was when he suggested that we take the party upstairs since we were all enjoying ourselves, we accepted and hit the elevator.

He was staying in the pent house, we got in with our already ordered drinks in hand and made for the room. I sat on the bed and suggested we play truth or dare, with one round of truth and continuous rounds of dare.

They both agreed and the games began, he threw the first dare, he had dared me to kiss Lilian not like its the first time, I did it anyway I threw the second dare, I told him to strip butt naked and masturbate for 2 minutes, he did and that was the last dare as just mere sight of his dick made Lilian and I gasp. Jeez!

This guy has got it all, not only is he good looking, he’s also long and huge, damn! Believe me when I say he was beautifully created. Lilian who is a go getter made for this sex tool and before we could say jack took it all in her mouth.

The sensual way she was eating up the young mister got me all fired up and in slipped in a finger into my pussy and shut my eyes trying to stay up in my world a little but his sexy groaning made me increase it to two, I was still lost in my world of lust when I felt a soft kiss on the edge of my fingers, a little moan escaped my lips as the soft lips replaced my fingers.

I need no preacher to tell me that that was Lilian’s lips, I’m very familiar with them as Lilian and I help each other unwind a lot. Lilian was still eating me out when Mr. Sexy slipped his full dick into her from behind. The aura of the room has changed to a more intense one, I’m this close to cuming but the cock in Lilian’s pussy wouldn’t let her do a good job on me so all I got was teasing, I was moaning loudly now taking my frustration out on my boobs.

It wasn’t long Lilian stopped sucking at all and started moaning loudly, she only does that when she’s close to cuming and I sense she’s close. I changed position placed my head where my bum was my lips on her tit and two fingers in my pussy, I wasn’t gon be left out and just like I predicted our first orgasm hit us the same time I quickly took his cock into my mouth and sucked all those juices till it was empty and hard again.

I made him lie down straddled him and guided the massive cock in to my pussy. I started humping and he too started bouncing to catch up my rhythm and movement at some point I stopped moving because he was doing all the work, when I grew silent he got fiercer and started slapping my ass and a scream left my mouth, gush this is it, the real thing, my second orgasm started building up, when I heard an extra voice I opened my eyes and behold Lilian was sitting on his face and he was eating her out that was all the heat I needed to explode my second orgasm and I did.

That turned him on as his dick started swelling inside of me, I knew he was close so I increase my tempo, it wasn’t long Lilian let out that familiar scream again and Mr. too started groaning, I got hot again and in few minutes we all hard massive orgasm and this time Lilian took it all in her mouth and we shared it whilst kissing each other.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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