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August 4, 2021

Marvis Chronicles: Teaching her how to steal a man (18+)
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Marvis Chronicles: Teaching her how to steal a man (18+)


‘Hello Nina don’t you think the space is too small for you? Why not just come out from under the bed where you are hiding.’

I said whilst lifting the duvet, she came out hastily picked her clothes and headed for the exit but I stopped her just in time

‘Excuse me, where do you think you are going to?’ I asked she looked away shamelessly whilst making a face. I looked from her to my boyfriend and said

‘Bitch I’m going to teach you how to screw a man and have him drooling and not the child’s play you’ve been peddling him.’ I walked towards Tobi and kissed him hard, he tried resisting but my persistence loosened him up and he let go.

He kissed me back hungrily, he tried to let his hands run through my body but I stopped him and took control, I pushed him to the wall and pinned him to it, I then kissed him fiercely one last time and bit him before I let go of him.  

I moved swiftly to my knees and with my lips lifted his singlet, I stopped when I got to his nipples and took turn in sucking them one after the other. I drew circles around them with my tongue just before biting them slightly, he groaned but I didn’t care less.

I trailed my tongue to his lower abdomen just before dragging his shorts down, he was fully rigid and thick veins adorned him, I bypassed him and went to his balls, I massaged it carefully and bypassed his dick. After a while, I went to the tip of his dick and worked circles around it. I then moved my hand a little further to the base of his dick and from there worked my way to the top and right down again. His hands were free but he knew better than touching me so he just watched. I pulled my top and unstrapped my bra, freeing my breasts.

I held them each and used them to gently massage his already rigid dick. He was groaning loudly and his dick hole was drooling of precum but I wasn’t perturbed, I continued to tease him, I would rub them vigorously at the base of the dick and move gingerly all through to the tip of his D and slow down back to the base where I started.

He started gyrating his hips and I let him but when he increased his tempo, I withdrew my boobs and that reminded him that I was in charge. I took my boobs back to his dick base and started working, I was faster in my to and fro movement on his dick than the previous time, he was enjoying it and the fact that the bitch Nina was watching and getting turned on thrilled me.

So I replaced my boobs with my hand and moved faster, up and down his dick and before you could say, Jack, he was shooting spasm of cum on my boobs, I let him finish and called Nina to come clean me up. She hungrily lapped it all up and just when she was about to touch Tobi, I told her to go back to being a spectator; if eyes could kill, she would have killed me but I didn’t care as long as she obeyed me.

I told Tobi to sit on the couch in his room and he did, I then pulled off my pant and straddled him. Without warning I took him all in whilst maintain eye contact, he shut his eyes and made a face of pleasure and that gave me pride. I started humping like a stallion in a race, he was matching to meet my tempo and liked the fact that I outran him, he held my ass cheek and massaged him whilst I fucked him.

I stopped abruptly and started doing the hip circle movement on him slowly, just when he has gotten relaxed with the feeling, I stood up and walked to the bed. He followed me immediately, I went on all fours and he plunged him, I instructed him not move and whilst looking at Nina, I started moving really fast, my ass was doing the twerk movement really fast.

I really wanted to moan now but I didn’t him to know that I enjoyed having his dick in me, so I kept my face free of expression. Nina was soaking wet, I could see her pussy juice on her legs but I didn’t care, she tried to take my man and this is my payment.

She took her hands to her crotch and started pleasuring herself, she came closer to touch me but I shot her a deadly look and she retreated. I moved just when I felt Tobi getting bigger in me and he came right out on my crotch. I motioned on Nina once again and she hungrily ate it, she moved to my pussy lips and worked back to my crotch, I let her work on me a little before asking her to go back to her position so my man can fuck me.

Tobi slammed in and started ramming in and out of me, I was close and I was happy, he knew I was getting close so he pumped in and out of me with all he got and boom I came squirting all over the place for him. He held me in place and called me all the sweet names there is to calm me down.

When we were done I walked to his room door and held the door in place for Nina and while she walked out I said

‘Now that’s how you fuck a man bitch’ She didn’t say shit, she just left.

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