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May 9, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Swinger’s Fantasy II
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Crazy Lenny: Swinger’s Fantasy II

I lay on my back sucking Eze’s balls and watching Kunle’s tongue lapping at her pussy and his hands busy with her boobs. Sometimes his tongue slid over Eze’s dick too. It looked intentional to me.

I’m pretty sure they did notice what we were doing. Chioma was shaking and crying. Her whole body shuddered as she exploded in her biggest orgasm so far, squirting cum all over Kunle’s face. He opened his mouth and caught as much of it as he could but his entire face was slick with her cum before she finished squirting.


I felt Eze’s balls tighten in my mouth and knew he was going to cum in Chioma’s pussy. Overwhelmed by jealousy over the pleasure she was getting from Eze’s big dick, I pulled it from her pussy and took it in my mouth. He groaned, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” and shoved his dick down my throat until it’s entire length was lodged deep inside, choking me.

I tried not to gag loudly so that Chioma and Kunle wouldn’t catch on but I needn’t have worried. She had collapsed on top of Kunle and his eyes had been blinded by her cum anyhow. So this was my dirty little secret, taking another man’s dick deep in my throat and swallowing his cum. So much cum, flooding my throat and filling my belly. Mmmmm. I loved it. But I still hadn’t cum.

Chioma said, “Wow, I’m shattered. I can’t do anymore. My pussy is sore from being fucked so hard.”

Kunle said, “That’s okay; I’m wasted too. I think I’m done for the night.”

“Noooooooo,” I whined. “I’m the only one who didn’t get to cum. Not fair!”

Eze said, “Well as you know I did cum. But I’m still hard and still aroused. I could go again.”

Chiomascreamed, “Eze, you bastard! Did you cum in  Biola ‘s mouth?”

“Not my fault. She pulled my dick out of you and into her mouth so fast and I was already cumming and couldn’t stop. Her throat felt so good. I could feel her swallowing and gagging as I was shooting down her throat.”

“I’m sorry Chioma,” I said. “Please forgive me? I’ll make Kunle lick your pussy if you want.”

Chiomashook her head. “No, you slut! I have a better idea. You need to cum so I want Eze to fuck you hard as he did me. Only since he already came once in your mouth he will probably be abusing your poor little pussy with his big dick for an hour or more. You won’t be able to walk afterward.”

“You will really let Eze fuck me? OMG Chioma you’re the best friend ever. I wanted to know what his big dick would feel inside me like ever since I first saw it tonight.”

“Kiss me then and show me you really appreciate my generosity. Eze is mine, but you’re gonna be my slut. I want you to lick my pussy while my hubby fucks you from behind. You’re a girl so I know you can be gentle and sooth my poor sore pussy, won’t you?”

I kissed her and our tongues danced. I liked kissing her. I liked playing with her breasts and feeling her play with mine.

“Anything you say, honey, as long as you’re willing to share Eze’s beautiful dick with me tonight.”

Chioma nodded. “I am, and one more thing. Kunle won’t be allowed to join in this time. You must get him to agree to this or I won’t let Eze fuck you.”

I looked at Kunle. He looked so hurt. His dick was all shriveled up now. I said, “This was your fantasy, Kunle. You had your fun and came in my pussy but now you can’t get it up and fuck me like I need to be fucked. If you don’t do as Chioma says, I will leave you. I need this. I want to know what it’s like to be fucked by a real man with a big dick.”

Kunle didn’t smile but he said softly, “Okay.”

Eze pulled me to him and kissed me hard, his tongue deep in my mouth. When he broke the kiss he said. “Hands and knees slut. I want you to lick my wife’s pussy real good while I fuck your brains out.”

I moaned as I went on hands and knees. Chioma moved her pussy under my face and said, “Get busy licking my slit you sweet slut. That pussy isn’t going to lick itself.”

Eze wrapped his fingers around my long hair and pushed my face down in Chioma’s cunt. I could see his cum still pooled at her entrance. I lapped it up and she moaned, “Oh yeah baby, that’s so good. Get in there deep with your little tongue.”

I felt Eze’s thick helmet poking at my slit. It pushed and my pussy opened trying to suck it in. He felt so good already and all of his dick head wasn’t even inside me yet. He was stretching my pussy so much it hurt a little.

He kept me in a head down position with my ass up high. I knew he was gonna drill me deeper than any dick had ever been. I have never seen one as big as his before. I wondered if I could take it all.

Chioma was holding my face in her hands, her hips rocking as I ate her cunt. This was my first time eating pussy but it seemed to come naturally to me. I just did what I wanted to be done to me. I didn’t have any problem finding her clit and working it over with my tongue.

I looked at Kunle out of the corner of my eye. He was crying, obviously humiliated by being made to watch without joining in. Good. I thought, “Be careful what you ask for. You might get it.”

Eze had called me a slut but he really wasn’t rough with me. We were friends and he was treating me gently, going slow, stroking in and out, gradually working a fraction of an inch more in each time he thrust into me. He released my hair and his hands cupped my breasts lovingly, his fingers rolling my hard nipples.

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