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Edymaniac: Sexy Adventures of Ikenna [Part 11]

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Edymaniac: Sexy Adventures of Ikenna [Part 11]

Ikenna then lifted one foot at a time and removed her shoes. Then he stood up behind Aisha and circled his arms around her cupping her bra encased breasts. Ikenna kissed her neck and tongued her ear sending chills through Aisha’s body. Next, he unsnapped her bra and slowly removed it from her body.

Ikenna’s hands touched Aisha’s arms lightly as he peeled the bra straps down them. Aisha’s nipples were rock hard and standing out aching to be touched and kissed.

Ikenna was enjoying the slow torturous seduction but Aisha was going crazy. Aisha then realized that her pussy was soaking wet. All of a sudden Aisha wished that Ikenna would stop tormenting her and just throw her on the bed and fuck her.

But he did not hurry; he took his time and continued the seductive foreplay. Aisha had not looked at herself fully naked in awhile and now she was watching as her last item of clothing was removed from her body by her daughter’s boyfriend.

Ikenna left Aisha standing in front of the mirror looking at her body as he quickly stepped to the side out of view and removed his shorts. Then he came back into view and she caught a glimpse of his erection in the mirror. Ikenna stepped close behind Aisha again and took her in his arms. His hands caressed her breasts and squeeze her nipples. Aisha felt his dick brush against her buttocks and then it found its way into the crack of her backside. Aisha tensed for a moment as she was not up for another round of anal sex.

“Ikenna, please don’t put it in my ass again today. Just make love to me,” Aisha whispered hopefully.

Ikenna then began a descent down Aisha’s body kissing her shoulders, lower back, buttocks, and legs down to the back of her knees. Aisha’s body trembled with desire as he planted soft kisses all over her. Ikenna worked his way back up to Aisha’s bottom and kissed each cheek lovingly. Aisha’s pussy was flowing with her juices and she needed to cum soon or she would go crazy. Ikenna kissed Aisha’s tailbone just above the crack of her behind and she shivered as chills ran through her body.

Ikenna remained on his knees as he turned Aisha toward him and then he licked and kissed her pubic region. Aisha gasped aloud when his tongue touched her vulva and sought out her clitoris. Ikenna grasped Aisha’s buttocks and he held her to him as he licked her pussy and tongued her clit. Aisha screamed as a massive orgasm rocked her body.

She held Ikenna’s head to her vulva as she seemed to cum forever. Ikenna held Aisha tightly by her buttocks and he was relentless with his tongue. Aisha tried to push his head away several times but he just kept eating her and licking her until she collapsed in his grip. Ikenna eased Aisha to the floor as he sensed that she couldn’t stand anymore and then he picked her up and carried her to her bed.

Ikenna placed Aisha down on the bed and she watched as he got on it with her. He looked at her and smiled and gently spread her legs apart. Ikenna eased himself between Aisha’s legs and slid his rock hard dick into her pussy. It felt wonderful as it parted the lips of Aisha’s labia and nestled deep within her. Ikenna started moving slowly and Aisha wrapped her arms and legs around his upper body. He kept his weight off her as they made love but he managed to keep his shaft in constant contact with her clit.

Aisha felt another orgasm building within her and then she felt his release fill her womb. His seed jetted into her with a force she had not experienced before. That triggered her orgasm and the two of them rocked together in an intense climax. Aisha’s body went limp after her orgasm but Ikenna went right on screwing her. His dick had not softened and Aisha knew that she was in for a long session before he came a second, third and fourth time.

Aisha didn’t think it was possible for her to cum again but she was wrong. In fact, she had several orgasms along the way before Ikenna flooded her vagina with his seed a second time. This time he collapsed on top of her and she caressed his back as they both recovered from our orgasmic bliss. Ikenna sensed that he was too heavy for Aisha and rolled to the side.

They cuddled for a while before Ikenna rolled over on his back with his dick still buried in Aisha’s pussy. Ikenna fucked her again and this time Aisha just collapsed on his chest until he came in her womb for a third time. After several minutes he placed Aisha on all fours and fucked her again cumming for a fourth and final time that afternoon. Aisha was exhausted and cum filled but she was grateful that he had spared her ass and mouth that afternoon. Ikenna got out of bed, showered and dressed.

He left Aisha in her bed and left the house. Aisha dozed off and slept for several hours. Later when she woke up she opted for a quick shower since her husband would be home shortly. As she showered she wondered what Ikenna could possibly think off next and she wondered what her daughter and husband would say if they could see her engaged in such debauchery.

All week Ikenna thought about Aisha and what else he could with her. Then he recalled the story about Bunmi getting caught with three guys. Ikenna tried to imagine what she looked like with three dicks in her at the same time. Ikenna wished he had been part of that action. He thought back to Aisha and he decided that he would like to see her get fucked by three dicks. He was sure that she would resist at first but once they had her she would love it. Now he had to pick two guys who he trusted and who had decent size dicks. He immediately thought of his Igbo buddies Chidi and Ugo.

The following Wednesday evening Ikenna approached Chidi and Ugo and told him about his plan. They both seemed interested but were a little concerned that it was with an older woman.

“Is this chick very sexy?” Chidi asked.

“Very sexy and she is insatiable,” Ikenna admitted.

“Damn, engaged, I never fucked a woman that old,” Ugo chimed in.

“Does she take it in the ass?” Chidi asked.

“She loves it in the ass,” Ikenna confirmed.

“Does she like to suck dick too?” Ugo quizzed.

“She is the best dick sucker I have ever been with,” Ikenna admitted.

“Oh man, Chidi we got to do this,” Ugo said excitedly.

“Well one more thing, I wanted guys with large dicks. That leaves you two out,” Ikenna said breaking their balls as he knew that they were both well endowed.

“Fuck you!” Ugo replied with a laugh.

“So it’s set,” Chidi added.

“Yeah it’s a go. This Saturday at her house, be there at 9:30 AM,” Ikenna told them.

That Saturday morning Aisha was shocked to see three young men at her door although the two other guys were very handsome.

“What’s going on?” Aisha asked Ikenna in a panic.

“This is Chidi and Ugo. I told these guys about you and how great you were in bed. I also told them that I didn’t think that one dick was enough for you,” Ikenna told her.

“You can’t do this. You three can’t just come into my home and expect to fuck me,” Aisha said trying to sound assertive.

But Chidi turned her toward him and pulled her tightly against his body. Aisha wouldn’t look at him but she didn’t withdraw either. She allowed him to hold her tightly up against his manhood and she was exhilarated by the hard dick pushing below her waist.

Chidi lowered his mouth to hers holding her head in his strong hands. She felt herself opening her mouth and pushing her tongue out to combat with the strong opponent pushing into her own mouth. Aisha’s lips crushed against the young mouth, her lipstick was being smeared, but she didn’t care as her head was held firmly as the two tongues fought ferociously with one another.

Chidi’s hand was on her gown and rubbing the cheeks of her ass. Aisha could feel his big hands on her cheeks, pushing and then releasing her buttocks, grinding her body onto his impressive manhood. Aisha had temporarily forgotten about Ikenna and Ugo who watched the seduction. Aisha realized that her gown was being gently pulled up the backs of her legs.

Chidi had taken charge and Aisha knew she was in for a long day.

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