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May 9, 2021

Housegirl Grace gets a new madam & her dreamy husband II
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Housegirl Grace gets a new madam & her dreamy husband II

After her aunt left, Grace’s new madam showed her the room she would be sleeping in.

It was almost as big as the living room in her former madam’s house. There was a cupboard where she put her bag, a small table and chair and also a bed. Her madam showed her the kitchen and told her they would be cooking together until she understood the kitchen and how she cooks her food.

After she was done showing her around including the washing machine that Grace didn’t understand how to operate even though her madam explained it twice. Her madam asked her to go bath and change her clothes and also rest before it was time to start preparing dinner.

She went to her room smiling to herself; she was happy. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends from her former house. She could already imagine what they would say, she could already feel the jealousy of some of them as they will say “levels don change o”

Grace quickly undressed when she got inside her room and tied her wrapper around her chest. She was about heading out when she remembered that her room had a bathroom. Suddenly she broke into the song and dance that she had been holding in.

She couldn’t believe her good fortune when her aunt kept going on and on about the new madam she thought she was just adding sugar the story. Grace was already happy to be getting a new madam that lived in a nice house but this was even better than she could ever imagine. She danced till her body sheened with sweat. The bathroom was tiled, it had a toilet and also a tap with a bucket under.

They were already a small soap in a sponge case and when she turned the tap and water came out she swore that she would do her very best to stay in this house. She took her bath and changed into a t-shirt and skirt.

Grace wanted to rest as her madam suggested but she was too excited to sleep so she brought out her torchlight phone. After flashing all her friends she waited for them to call back but none of them did. A knock of the door made her jump up; she was eager for work for a chance to prove herself. Walking quickly she reached the door

“Who dey there,” She asked

“Who are you” She had a voice answer back

“Eh house girl” She answered not sure what to do

“This is my house open the door” The voice snapped back

Grace opened the door and saw a frowning young boy in school uniform who was almost her height

“Are you going to stand there all day or you’re going to let me enter my house?” He said

For a moment she wasn’t sure which direction to move so she just stood there before she moved aside against the door. He gave her a look over before he swaggered into the house. Grace closed the door

“Dennis is that you” She heard her madam call out

“Yes mom,” He said

Grace walked over to see him walk towards her madam

“Welcome dear, how was school,” She asked

He didn’t answer but only shrugged his shoulders

“You must be tired eh, go and freshen up I’ll microwave something for you,” Her madam said touching his cheek

“No I’ll wait for dinner,” He said before pulling away from her and walked inside

“Igwanu, let’s go and start cooking,” her madam said gesturing to her

Dinner was easy to prepare but it took a long time to finish. Grace helped in washing the meat and in cutting all the vegetables they used. She blended the tomatoes and pepper like her madam showed her and chopped carrots and lettuce like her madam explained.

She watched and listened as her madam explain how to use all the spices. By the time they were done, it was already dark out. They dished out the food into large food warmers that they arranged on the dining table alongside plates and spoons

“Usually everyone eats dinner where they want but on weekends like this we try to do it family style,” Her madam said

When they were done her madam disappeared to her room and came out minutes later to go and call her son. They both walked to the table and soon after her Oga joined them she tried not to look at him but still stole glances at him. As they sat, Grace was about to start dishing from the warmers like her madam instructed they was a knock on the door

“I got it,” Dennis said standing up throwing grace a look

He opened the door and she could hear a muffled conversation with someone with a deep smooth voice before they both appeared. The guy with him was like a smaller copy of her Oga with the skin of her madam

“You made it,” her madam said

“Yes the lecturer of the last class didn’t show,” he said before sitting down

“Mmhm” Dennis quipped

Just then the lights turned off

“Ohhhh” Dennis groaned

“I’ll go turn on the gen,” the guy said

“Dennis go get the flashlight for Grace,” Her madam said

Grace followed the guy outside through the back door in the kitchen to where a big generator was housed inside a cage. He opened the door and pressed some buttons before turning the key that started the generator

As they were heading back she felt his palm on her ass before pressing closer to her

“When Dennis texted and said you were beautiful I didn’t imagine you’ll be so hot,” He said

He gave her ass a firm squeeze before heading inside ahead of her

Where he squeezed lightly, the sweet sensation spread sweetly to her pussy that was the beginning to moisture gathering inside her.

As she got to the dining table she found herself looking forward to when she’ll fuck him.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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