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Chronicles: The Weekend (18+)

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Chronicles: The Weekend (18+)

Written By Marvis Dom

Ok class, like I said earlier that Romanticism (The Romantic Era) was an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement that originated in Europe towards the end of the 18th century. I also mentioned some Romantic Era poets, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Blake, George Gordon, 6th Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelly and John Keats.

Do read up everything about them and their works.  Now for your assignment, critically analyze William Blake’s The Lamb and The Tyga while stating the obvious contrast between the two poems, to be submitted on Monday. Have a blissful Weekend”

With that Professor Kennedy left the class, woah! Freedom at last, this man has practically been talking for the past 1 hour 30 minutes, in as much as I love Prof. Ken’s course today’s class was boring, maybe because my mind was 10000 miles away from the class or it’s just boring. I began to pack my books while at it Eniola walked up to me and asked if I have anything for the evening, I told her no and that I intend to stay indoors too, after trying effortlessly to convince me to go out with her, she gave up and left me in peace.

It’s another Friday and like every other Friday it’s going to be a boring one, I’d just go home tuck myself in on my couch and have a movie night, I’d deal with Prof’s assignment later. I eventually got home around 5pm, opened the compound gate and walked in. The compound is made up of three buildings, each storey building placed side by side and facing the gate.

Each of the storey building comprises a one bed room apartment both upstairs and downstairs. Entering the compound I realised that my neighbours cars are not outside which clearly suggest that I’m the first person to get home, I gradually walked to my apartment which is in the middle opened the balcony door, walked to my door, slotted in my key and opened the door. Entering my apartment I went straight to the room, got rid of my clothes and underwear after which I hit the bath.

I stepped out of the bath after having a cold bath, put on my stay home short and tank top and walked to the kitchen, fixed myself corn flakes while I wait for the Pizza I ordered from Dominos. With my plate of cornflakes in hand, I walked to the sitting room, inserted my flash drive to the TV, selected The Originals season 3 and settled in on my couch to watch. I didn’t used to be this introverted, I had always been this type of outgoing and emotional kinda girl till I got back stabbed and then retreated into my shell. I trusted no one, even girlfriends were just acquaintances. Eniola has always been there for me, even though I push her away a lot but not withstanding that, she always has my back.

I continued my movie till a knock startled me, I paused and checked the time, 10pm, who could be knocking on my door by this time? Besides I’m not expecting anyone. I ignored the knock and continued my movie, but the knock came again and louder this time, grudgingly I stood up from my couch and walked to the door.

I opened the door to see Endee my neighbour in front of my door; he asked to come in so I let him in. Getting in I asked him what brought him to my house and he replied that he’s having a boring night and if I don’t mind he would love to chill with me in my apartment a little bit. Even though I felt like staying alone, I obliged him his request and told him to feel at home.

I offered him pizza and drink and we settled back to continue the movie I was already seeing, he wasn’t understanding the movie so I filled him a little on all he needs to know about the movie.

He just said ‘wow I never knew you talk’ I just smiled and told him I do only when it’s necessary, from there we started talking about random things, he asked so many questions, like why I keep to myself, what I do at my spare time etc.

We talked about so many things till he popped the sex question

“When last did you have sex?”

Sincerely I didn’t know what to tell him because I’m not used to discussing my sexuality, I just told him it’s personal

“Oh come on! loosen up a bit, at least you should consider me friend by now considering how long we’ve been talking. A little info like this won’t do you any harm, besides I would say mine too”

I just told him it’s been a long while and that I’ve stopped bothering. He didn’t wait for me to ask before he started telling me about his escapades with ladies, the odd places he has done it, in the car, the bath, the kitchen, the parking lot, his office desk, in the club. Wait WHAT!!!! The club? Who does that?

Phew! This guy will be one hell of a crazy person and truthfully his story is seriously getting me hot and for no just cause I’m soaking inside, I can even perceive my scent. I feel he perceived it too because his voice became husky and I can feel the lust in his eyes, he even started illustrating in details while gesticulating.

While telling a particular story of one of his numerous girls he used me to illustrate what he was doing to her. At first he ran his hand through my hair while explaining that he did it to the girl in his story, and then he maintained eye contact with me for a while, while still talking and running his hands through my head and brushing it slightly to my neck, drawing me closer to him.

Our faces were an inch apart from each other now, the room was silent now safe for our laboured breathing. I got very uncomfortable and broke eye contact with him, standing up from the couch I took a step towards the TV which I had nothing in mind to do there, I only just wanted to break away from his charm. Just like a flash he caught me by the arm as I tried to take the second step and drew me towards him before I could say jack his lips where on mine.

He kissed me first but I didn’t kiss him back, I tried breaking away but he held me hard and continued kissing me while I resisted even though my pussy was saying otherwise, he continued to kiss me till I broke and kissed him back, I savoured his lips like one who was hungry for that moment in a long, long while and I closed my eyes while at it. I continued to savour his lips oblivious of the fact that he had stopped kissing and is now looking at me.

I opened my eyes to see him starring at me,

“babe you are so hungry for this, you’ve been starved for so long but not worry, I’m here for you” with that he winked at me and continued kissing me his hands on my boobs this time.

He squeezed it gently whilst interchanging his touches amongst the boobs evenly, he squeezed my tits and I moaned

“Oh God Endee please stop” I said almost in a whisper, “oh I see your love your boobs teased, well let’s get to work then” he said and went on his knees while pulling me to the couch, he used his lips to pull my tank top to my chest slightly above my boobs.

“Gush your boobs are so firm and beautiful” he said. I just sat there staring into his eyes, he brought his lips very close to mine and tried to kiss me just as I proceeded to kiss him back he took his lips away and placed it on my tits, I whimpered in pleasure, he sucked my boobs so well that I begged him to quit teasing and fuck me already.

He just smiled brought out his dick and held it while starring into my eyes, I on the other hand yanked my shorts of my waist and laid on the couch slightly spreading my hair, he got up, wore his under pants, his trouser followed suit then he zipped it and was about to buckle his belt when I stopped him.

I begged him not to leave me hanging, I told him he can’t bring me this far to walk away now, I begged him to finish what he started. Like he was waiting for me to beg him, he held my face in his palms and started kissing me again, I gently undid his pants whilst returning his kiss.

Butt naked now I took his dick in my hand and started stroking it, I think he couldn’t take the teasing anymore as he flipped me over placing me on all fours tapping my butt cheeks with his dick. He asked again if I wanted to get fucked by him, I just shouted and told him to do it already, without warning he slammed his dick into me and I screamed with pleasure, he didn’t even move up to three times and I came so hard. He just gushed at my climax and continued ramming into me strokes after stroke till we climaxed together; he came hard into me with me screaming at the top of my voice and him groaning.

He pulled out of me dressed up and headed for the door,

“Endee” “yea?” he answered “I’m, home for the weekend, if you don’t mind you could stay all night and through Saturday and Sunday with me” Smiling mischievously he accepted and carried me to the bathroom.

Damn it’s going to be a long weekend.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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