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August 4, 2021

Marvis Chronicle: The best birthday sex ever!
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Marvis Chronicle: The best birthday sex ever!

There’s a “freak” in everybody, all we need is the right person to bring it out.

14th of December saw to it that my inner freak is unleashed for the umpteenth time since I first fucked this hot dude reeking of so much mystery and sex appeal.

He was just my kind of man; Tall, Dark & Handsome (in a rugged kind of way). The way he would look at me with those eyes staring into the very core of my being made me feel naked and helpless. What was happening to me? I was stronger than this. How could one guy make me feel this way? What was this feeling anyway? To cut a long story short, what started out as an attraction led to a crush and to the best sex of my life. Everytime!  

We had one of our fights were we would not talk to each other for as long as God-knows-when, which is why in my mind, his birthday was going to come and go without me even wishing him Happy Birthday (good riddance!).

Like he knew this was going to happen, he broke the ice like a week to his birthday, making small talk. Then he asked what I was going to get him for his birthday. I was trapped. He’s a very egocentric and proud guy so when he asked the same question the next day, I knew he was serious. I made a mental note to get him a cake and something else, maybe a shirt.

The day came and I was still thinking of how I would get the stuff across without being physically present when he called to ask if I could come hang with him and his friends someplace. The question on my mind was

“Errr… ain’t you supposed to be with your girlfriend?” But I was too curious to see what he had planned so instead, I agreed without question. Till date, I still do not know what got into me when I chose a simple short dress with a very revealing chest area.

The V-necked dress left little to the imagination as it did justice to my small boobs, making them desirable to any man that has blood flowing through his veins. With the dress coupled with my unassuming and innocent look, I was the perfect seductress. Ghen ghen! Seun was in for it!

I got to the place cake in hand and saw him walking towards me wearing a Polo T-shirt and tight pants, a full 6ft 2” tall. Omg! He was so cute! My heart started racing, my knees started to buckle while the butterflies in my tummy were doing their thing. If he didn’t get to where I was early enough, that cake would have ended up on the ground.

At that moment, I was glad I wore that dress because I couldn’t be the only unstable person between us both. I handed the cake to him, not smiling.

“Happy Birthday”

“Wow… Thanks”

He carried the cake to his car while I walked gingerly behind him like a little girl, following the trail of his cologne. Oh yes, he smelled so good! I silently hoped he liked the cake ‘cos I made it myself. His friends were yet to arrive so we chilled and gisted inside the car while we waited for them.

Have I mentioned that he couldn’t stop looking in the general direction of my chest area? LOL! I was glad but I pretended not to even notice.

When his friends arrived, we got out the car and headed towards the bar/restaurant. He’s not one of the public touchy-feely types so I was quite surprised when he took the chair beside me and took my hand in his.

What was going on here? Something told me to enjoy it while it lasted so I got comfortable. He also seemed particularly attentive today. I liked this. I took my over-calculative brain to neutral and settled down to enjoy the day. We all ate, gisted, cracked jokes and of course had drinks. It’s safe to say that chocolate flavored vodka we were passing around and drinking straight was to blame for the events that transpired afterward.

We kept drinking till it was dark.

Like clockwork, he looked at me, looked at the car, and looked at me again. I didn’t have to be told. I knew what he was thinking ‘cos I was thinking the same too. I scanned the area. There was a suya spot just beside where the car was parked and people were walking to and fro.

Definitely not the best of places and time to do what we both desperately wanted to do. But as you would soon find out, Seun n I have no inhibitions when it comes to sex.

He gave me the keys and I went straight to the car, no questions asked. I sat in the driver’s seat and waited. Someone knocked on the window; it wasn’t him but his friend who came to buy suya. Oh gosh! Where was he? We were chatting when Seun walked up to the car and entered the back seat. I entered into my emotional outpouring zone where I told him how I felt about him but as usual, I got nothing back. I had gotten used to this. It was weirdly one of the reasons why I was attracted to him. His air of mystery. I moved to the back seat to join him.

He grabbed my boobs, gently planting kisses on them and partially holding them away from my bra. I was on fire! Every nerve in my body was screaming for release. The message was well received down south as I could feel the river rising beneath me. Just one touch and I was gone.

“Oh my gosh”, I whispered.

I wanted nothing more than to have him inside me right there and then. It had been too long and I didn’t care who saw. It was wild, dangerous, risky, adventurous but fun. The passion in me matched his from the look in his drunken eyes. I was totally having this.

I was nuts. This was crazy.

“Sit on me……”

But of course sir! As I was about to, I noticed that his friend was standing outside the car watching and smiling. Mehn, I couldn’t care less, I was about to be “D”ignified and there was no stopping that ☺. He shifted my G-strings to the side after unzipping his fly and releasing “el monstro”.

I held on to the headrest of the driver’s seat with both hands for support then I SAT down. He whistled. I moaned in ecstasy as my heart skipped a beat. Gaddemit! The feeling was heavenly. It was like a hot summer day in the pool. It was everything beautiful. I could sit there all night.

I started to ride his dick slowly in regular Up-Down motion, interchanging with circular motion rotating my pelvis at intervals. I had to be careful how I moved so as not to make the car shake and cause attention outside. I must have done a good job at that since no one came to poke nose except Babs who was our only audience.

I made sure I put on a good show though since he refused to leave. LOL!

Still, on the matter, Seun was losing it completely. He moaned and groaned incoherently. He wanted it faster but he wasn’t going to have it. I was on top and was in charge of the pace. He rocked his waist as I rocked mine, reaching depths unknown and touching spots unfamiliar. His two hands on each side of my waist, he pulled me in as his thrusts went deeper and deeper and deeper. I was on the brink of collapsing. My clit and Labia Manora were throbbing and breathing of their own free will as his rock-hard dick rubbed against them.

I was reaching heights only attainable with him. I let out a stifled moan as he whispered:

“I’m going to cum”. I felt his Dick throbbing inside me as his “cum” pedaled in full throttle to the tip. He kept rocking his waist and subtly biting my back while I put both hands on either of his thighs. He shot his full load into me and groaned like a wounded animal… As always.

I collapsed on the chair beside him as he zipped his fly.

“Did you cum?”


“We have to do the sequel at the house”

Now that’s what I’m talking about! ☺

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