August 9, 2022

Marvis Chronicles: Helping the locked out neighbour (18+)

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Marvis Chronicles: Helping the locked out neighbour (18+)

‘Guy look, look, look’

‘Who be that?’  

‘Na that rude, kpankere fine girl wey dey stay for flat 6 with her friend. The same one I’ve complained about’

‘Same one that called you stupid after you helped her lift stuff to her room and tried to get her contact?’

‘Yeah, the same one, I’ve been planning my revenge and when I do, you will applaud me.’

‘Eric nah I dey d wait you.’

Weeks after that gist with Deji, I was in my room seeing Black Panther for the 10th time when I heard it; there was a heavy splash on my window and I walked to it to find out where it was coming from, only to discover that there’s a heavy downpour

‘Damn! My clothes’ I rushed out, from the back door and headed to the hanger, though they were wet a little but they were still pinned to the hanger, I was just about to dash back into my room when I saw her outside in the rain frustrated. I made to pass her by but remembering my quest for revenge I approached her.

‘What’s up, nobody at home?’ I asked, she gave me a disgusting look and looked away. I said out loud

‘Why do I even try? And headed back to my door, just as I was about to head back to my room, she called on me, apologized and asked if she could chill in my room till her housemates return. I let her in and asked her to make herself comfortable in the sitting room and to get food from the kitchen if she’s hungry, after which I headed back to my room.

I was chilling in my room, when she knocked, I asked her in and she asked if she could get something to get comfortable in, I told her the only the only stuff I have is my boxer and stay in t-shirt and she could manage them whilst she waits for her wet clothes to be dried by the dryer.  I looked away and continued pressing my phone, silently wishing that she will accept.

After standing for a few moments she picked up the boxer and t-shirt from where I showed her and undressed in my presence. I stood up the moment her top came off and headed for the door when she called me back

‘Oga I don’t bite and you can stay back and be a good host.’

‘how do you mean; I’ve given you everything you wanted, I’m not sure I understand.’ I said; without saying much, she walked to me and held me, I squeezed her ass and she leaned more into me, I lifted her and took her left tits in my mouth, she leaned more into me.  

I placed her on the wall for support, moved her pant to the side and inserted a finger.

I started finger thrusting with a finger at first and later increased it to two fingers, she was moaning out loud and I loved that feeling, I wanted her to beg for it, so I went slow and before long she was asking me to go harder, I did but pulled out, just when she was about to cum, she cursed but I didn’t mind.

I pulled down my zipper and plunged in before she could say jack, she screamed and bit her lips, I started ramming in with full force, she was getting tired of the posture but I ignored her pleas and continued. I took her to the bed and plunged in from the back. I spanked her hard and held her bed whilst ramming in and out of her like a horse.

She was screaming in pleasure and I enjoyed it but when she was about to climax again and pulled out yet again, she hit me playfully and I smirked, I flipped her over and rammed into her yet again, she moaned, I moved in and out twice and pulled out.

When she wasn’t expecting it, I plunged in again and started moving fast with the agility of a horse. She was getting sore but I didn’t care, I wanted to inflict pain and I was doing just that. She wanted me to stop but at the same time wanted me to continue.

I continued to ram in till I was close, I pulled out and asked her to come ride me, she mounted me and proceeded to give me the ride of my life, she was struggling to please me in pain and I loved it, that’s how you get them bitches to bow.

She rode me till I spilled my seed in her, I carried her to the bathtub to give her a warm bath. Whilst bathing her, I said

‘I hope you’ve learned the lesson of not being rude to humans’ with a smirk; she looked up and I continued

‘I will attend to your sore and when it’s calm, I will work on making you cum.’ She looked at me for a while and said

‘Lesson well learned.’

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