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August 4, 2021

Marvis Chronicles: The meeting with happy ending (18+)
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Marvis Chronicles: The meeting with happy ending (18+)

“See you by 1pm” She said

Chidinma had been a curious personality for Philip for the past week since he contacted her agency to recruit models for a shoot. She had this “cheerful” yet high seductive vibe to her over the phone so Philip was excited when she suggested a semi-formal meeting to go over the final selection of models..

He was quick to pick “home ground”, his cousin’s lounge which was right in the heart of his uncle’s hotel (Yoruba demon style).

“Where are you? I am here already.”

“Oops, I am some minutes away, go into the lounge and order anything, I would be with you shortly.”

Typical of him to always arrive late

He walked in exchanging pleasantries with customers and staff alike at the same time trying to scan the scenery, then he spots her sitting in a corner having a drink; slim, perfect height and well-rounded curves.

He walks up to her and hugs her while apologizing for being late…

That hug was the beginning of trouble for him, the minute he caught her scent like a chain reaction his “pants“ began to form a better shape.

It seems they both felt the fire because before long they had changed locations from the bar to one of the hotel rooms…

Getting to the room there was a silent understanding as they both got “comfortable” in as little clothes as possible. He caught sight of her well rounded boobs and was awestruck…

They tried to make small talk but the urge for a taste of her skin prevailed as on him as they got locked in a deep and sensual kiss…before long he was feeding off her breasts like a starved little baby; flicking and sucking and kneading.

The way her body responded to him was almost magical and before long a sense of urgency overtook them both.

She took charge by mounting him (a position he was happy to give her).

The first contact his cock had with her wetness, he was gone. The feeling of her juices on his shaft drove him wild with ecstasy.

He pulled her into him so he could feel his full length in the depths of being.

Such a good feeling. Before long the “rider” in her came to life and as an obedient “horse” he responded with the same enthusiasm.

Their rhythm was in sync and her juices flowed freely…

The pleasure was intense and Philip being a generous guy decided to repay the favor, snatching control from her, he flipped her over and it became an “offshore drilling “venture.

He couldn’t get enough of the pleasures of her depths and he kept “drilling” for more.

Chidinma enjoyed every bit of the discovery and before long he struck an oil field with her “juices” gushing out, she moaned in pleasure but Philip wasn’t ready to let this end…

He was ready to “die there” and she loved the passion and dedication he had to pleasuring her.

Soon she was on the verge of another outflow and her body started to quake, he was also getting to the promised land as his tempo increased and his moaning got louder.

She grabbed his butt and screamed as they both came in unison.

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