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Edymaniac: Nkechi’s BOSOM Assignment III (18+)


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Edymaniac: Nkechi’s BOSOM Assignment III (18+)

Nkechi hung on every word. “And did you do it?”

“I did. I sucked on each of her nipples. For the rest of the year, before class would start, we will meet in her office, and I would nurse from her nipples to make sure that her breasts wouldn’t leak during her lecture. It worked out well and I never ever forgot it.”

“Did you…” Nkechi cleared her throat. “Like it?”

Tomi laughed. “Let’s just say that it changed me. It was eye-opening and it helped mould my sexuality.”


“So, tell me Nkechi, do you want to nurse from my breasts now?”

Nkechi gulped loudly. “I’ll be happy to give it a try.”

“Is that all? You’re happy to give it a try? Or is your pussy soaked just thinking about it?”


“Are you going to just sit there and stutter?” Tomi asked in a lawyerly tone. “Or are we going to get to the facts of the matter? Remember, you’re dealing with a lawyer; facts and evidence are very important to us. Pull down your trouser.”

“My trouser?” squeaked Nkechi.

“Was I unclear?”

Nkechi felt her mind race with all sorts of taboo thoughts. Oh, she was definitely aroused.

She stood up slowly undid her jeans, pushing them down to her ankles so that her legs and panties were showing.

“On second thought,” Tomi said, looking over the petite student. “Remove them completely. Socks too.”

Orders were orders. Nkechi stepped on the tip of a sock and pulled her foot back, then she did the same with the other foot, leaving her bare feet on the carpet. She next kicked her jeans away so that her legs and small panties were showing. She wondered what was next and hoped it involved body contact.

“Step forward,” Tomi said in an authoritarian tone. “Let me see if you’re the right sitter for the job. Darling relax. I don’t bite, unless asked.”

When Nkechi stepped forward, Tomi reached out and touched her bare legs in a soothing, stroking manner. The caress caused Nkechi to freeze in place. Gazing down at Tomi, Nkechi was struck by the sultry look in her eyes.

Tomi’s hands were exploring the young and athletic legs of the sitter. Each of them admired the other’s soft skin. Nkechi enjoyed feeling Tomi’s mature touch. And Tomi enjoyed feeling the muscles of the tempting sitter.

“Now sit,” Tomi said.

Nkechi sat down.

“I’m going to make you cum with my fingers,” Tomi said in a matter-of-fact way. “This is how I’ll know if you’re right for the job. I only want to hire someone who finds enjoyment in all this. Okay?”

Nkechi spread her legs a bit further apart. “I actually … umm … think that makes a lot of sense. Hiring people that are passionate about their job is always a good policy. So, umm, yeah, I agree. Thank you, Ma.”

“That’s the attitude I like to hear. Now stay calm. I can tell you’re nervous. You won’t be for long. Not after my fingers get done with you.”

Tomi pressed the palm of her hand on top of Nkechi’s panties and fondled the mound. She stroked as if Nkechi’s panties were a soft kitten meant to be petted with care.

Then Tomi hooked her finger inside the panties and gave them a nice pull, instantly exposing Nkechi’s wet pussy. The lips were slightly engorged, and the inside was pink and moist. Tomi could plainly see evidence of Nkechi’s arousal. Nkechi’s natural reaction was to close her legs, which she did, a little. Then she found the courage to spread them wider.

“Don’t move a muscle,” Tomi whispered before slipping two fingers inside the tantalizing pussy.

Two fingers slipped inside Nkechi’s pussy, and it made her gasp sharply. Nkechi had never seemed to find time for a steady boyfriend, but she loved masturbating as much as anyone and had her own special technique. Feeling Tomi’s fingers inside her soaking wet pussy was a new sensation.

Tomi knew just where to touch and where to rub inside Nkechi’s pussy, making the student moan with pleasure.

“Now imagine my nipple in your mouth,” Tomi whispered. “You squeezing at my breast. My milk shooting onto your tongue, then down your throat.”

Nkechi tilted her head back. “Oooooohhhhh fuuuuuuuck.”

The orgasm came swiftly. Nkechi pictured herself nursing on Tomi’s milk-filled breasts while Tomi’s fingers manipulated her pussy masterfully. It was a perfect storm of pleasure and naughtiness. Nkechi’s feet flexed sharply, and she melted into the couch from cumming so hard. She closed her eyes and kept on imagining herself sucking on the milk-filled breasts while Tomi’s fingers remained relentless. A longer, more forceful orgasm had never been experienced by Nkechi.

Trickles of fluids leaked from Nkechi’s pussy as she made short panting noises, putting her hands over Tomi’s busy hand.

When the orgasm subsided, Tomi pulled her fingers away and happily licked them clean, smiling to show that she enjoyed the taste.

“Well,” Tomi said. “Putting those thoughts in your mind seemed to work wonders. Maybe you are the right girl for this job.”

Nkechi’s legs crossed and squirmed. “Maybe I am. Jeez, that felt nice. Sorry about your couch. I know several cleaning tips. I’ll take care of it.”

“Nevermind the chair. There’s still a final step. The most important step.”

There was a lust-filled tone in Tomi’s voice, and Nkechi’s body remained wrung out on the chair.

“Anything, please.”

“Nurse from my breast,” Tomi said. “Your main duty will be to ensure that my lactation remains consistent when I’m home alone for days. During the evenings, you’ll be expected to come here to suckle on my nipples and drink my milk. Now, show me what a good girl you can be.”

“Of course, ma. If you learn anything about me, it’s that I take my duties seriously.”

Nkechi peeled herself off the chair and knelt on the floor at the feet of Tomi between her legs. It was a miracle when she could muster enough strength after that orgasm to lean forward toward Tomi’s breasts. God, those nipples looked so fucking stiff, and those breasts so full of sustenance. Nkechi parted her lips and extended her tongue to the underside of Tomi’s right nipple. Slowly and humbly, she licked the bottom of the nipple.

Tomi’s sharply drawn breath gave Nkechi the confidence to continue. She circled the divine nipple with her tongue before she enveloped it in her mouth. Her tongue confirmed just how stiff Tomi’s nipple was. She feared using her teeth on the nipple, so she used her lips to sheath her teeth. Gingerly, she sucked and stroked with her tongue, but milk was not forthcoming yet…

“Massage my breasts from the bottom,” Tomi instructed patiently. “Squeeze them, even. Don’t be afraid to suckle a little harder. Then, you’ll be rewarded with my sweet milk.”

Nkechi followed the instructions and used her hands to cup Tomi’s breast, while gently squeezing. At the same time, she sucked on the nipple a bit harder and moved her lips to encompass the areola as well.

The result was that milk was expressed from Tomi’s mammary glands into Nkechi’s mouth. It came in the form of a squirt, which she sucked, and trickles in between. While sucking the milk from Tomi’s teat, Nkechi could have sworn that Tomi’s nipple had become harder.

Equally as surprising was the taste. It tasted creamy and sweet, definitely not what she expected. It actually tasted good! And she looked up, while sucking on the breast, to see Tomi looking down with a pleased and peaceful expression.

Tomi even ran her fingers through Nkechi’s hair, like Nkechi was a good girl who was deserving of this banquet.

“Now the other breast,” Tomi said lovingly. “You’ve almost gotten the job.”

Nkechi pulled her mouth away, and her lips were wet with milk. She licked them clean while looking Tomi in the eyes.

“You taste delicious.”

Tomi smiled. “I know I do. I drink my own milk sometimes. My husband and other adult partners agree as well.”

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