May 23, 2022

Marvis Chronicles: The Crush From the Group (18+)

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Marvis Chronicles: The Crush From the Group (18+)

I was bored all day doing nothing other than roll from one side of the bed to the other whilst going through my phone in the bid to get rid of the boredom in my one room apartment in Yaba, there was no light and the hot weather made the already bad situation worse.

I was in this cranky mood when I got an invite to a hook-up group; I joined the group and before long got acquainted. I was so happy when I found my lifetime crush in the group; you see I was the class whore so even with my beauty he loathes me. I’ve tried everything in my girlie will to get him look my way to no avail. So you see, seeing him in the group was a plus for me and as a result of this I changed my display picture.

I made sure I disagreed with all his comments with good reasons why mine should be accepted. My strategy paid off; he buzzed me privately to ask why I always frustrate his comments in the group chat and all, we soon got acquainted and we both got to know things about each other. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and we kept in touch, growing fond of each other via chat but yet can’t stand the other in person.

After the end of our degree exams, our department organized a party in one of the exotic hotels in town and booked the rooms in full to accommodate everyone. On the D day people came in the afternoon to occupy their rooms as against the party in the evening. As luck will have it, I was assigned to a room next to my crush, to Daniels detriment though, because he didn’t even want to stay close to me at all.

The plus side of this for me is that the hotel was designed in a way that two rooms’ shares one balcony and the balconies are facing the poolside where the party is to hold. Daniel whom has been sulking in his room since he got to the party venue rushed to the balcony when he perceived weed after trying effortlessly to get to his chat buddy.

He swallowed his pride and asked me to pass him weed, she did without looking at him, and they smoked in silent for like 15 minutes before Daniel spoke up

‘I didn’t know you smoke.’

‘There are so many things you don’t know about me and there are more habits where this one came from, very different from the one you know.’ I said, he got the shade and replied me after few minutes

‘Just so you know, I don’t see you as….’

‘A whore?’ I chuckled and continued

‘Don’t worry I’m a whore and unapologetic about it.’ With that I walked to my room and slammed the door behind me, when I got into my room, I smiled and counted to three and boom he knocked just as I expected; yes it’s now or never, so I quickly slipped into my lingerie, letting my undies lay carelessly on the floor I asked him to come in.

He got in and glued his eyes to my touting nipples, I flirtatiously asked him to shut my door and state his mission, he shut the door but still glued his eyes to my nipples, I took the cue and walked to him and grabbed his crotch and when he didn’t resist, I massaged it till he got rock hard, I took his hands to my boobs and rubbed gently, a groan escaped his lips but I haven’t even started, so I took it up a notch and went on my knees.

Soon he was groaning to the head he was receiving from me, when his balls started swelling I pushed him down and straddled him, I humped till he spilled his seed in me but I didn’t stop.

I continued humping till he got hard again and flipped me over and with the strength of a stallion thrusted in and out of me, we were both intertwined inside each other with his hands all over me till my muscles tightened and I came hard on his dick, that pushed him over and he came the second time.

After sharing blunt again, I dressed up for the party when a chat entered my phone; it was Daniel reporting himself to me about shagging the class whore whose sex he claimed changed his mindset towards her.

I looked up and told him

‘You don’t have to worry I’m your chat buddy.’ He heaved a sigh of relive and said he concurred with what I said earlier about not knowing every part of me and that he was willing to learn more, if I let him.

‘Are you asking me out?’ I asked


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