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May 8, 2021

DS Series: Le Petite Parole
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DS Series: Le Petite Parole

It’s funny how people think since you’re single, you’re miserable. It’s quite the opposite actually (for me tho, as I’m fine). Few weeks ago, my friend’s girlfriend decided to hook me up with her friend because she thought I’m too shy to meet a girl on my own. The truth is that I have more sex than they think. She hooked me up with said friend a few days to valentine. Of course, I knew the implication of that but I couldn’t turn down the offer. If you know me, you’d know I absolutely enjoy chatting. However, the challenge with this girl was she uses an Android device. To make it even more annoying, she doesn’t dig chatting so there was no question of WhatsApp; it had to be calls. It’s easier for me to chat cos I can easily say stuff I wouldn’t normally say out. We started calling each other and decided to meet. It isn’t that she isn’t beautiful but she never mentioned she was petite throughout the whole conversation that spanned for days.

We met the second day after valentine. I bluntly told her I don’t celebrate valentine, I gave gifts to a couple of ladies and that was it. I like to be alone on Valentine’s  day except it happens during the weekend.

I rushed home from work that Friday to clean up my house a bit and freshen up. As I was trying to settle, she called to say that she was around. I went outside to receive her. Seeing her very small stature took my mind back to a petite girl I met a year ago. I  wanted to fuck her but I was worried about how my big member (yes, it’s big) would fit into her because I had heard tiny babes are usually very tight. We made out & when we were set for the real action. I know some of you will want to ask if the dick is as big as the head of a baby, Its not okay? Can we move on now? Yes?

Back to the chic I met a year ago, I was quite confident that she was ready for the dick after the elaborate smooching session. However, despite her wetness, my dick couldn’t go in, it felt too tight and I was afraid of injuring her. So, I stopped.  She was pissed beyond words, asking why I pulled out. I tried to calm her down and make her reason that it might cause a tear in her privates which I wouldn’t want to happen. She listened to my point of view and replied by saying I should have continued that it would have opened up with time. I never tried it since then and we fell apart.

Fast forward to the present, She was excited to see me, so was I. We moved into the bedroom, ate and relaxed, some sort of teasing to get us both in the mood. I pulled her on-top of me, sitting on my crotch. Her pussy was directly on my shaft, my erection was creeping in, It actually doesn’t take me long to get an erection. She continued to grind her pussy against me. I was lying on the bed with my roundneck and work pants.

Her boobs were just okay, so while I continued smooching her right on top of me, she talked about her ex-boyfriend who she dated for about 4 years, they had a fight for a month and before they could settle the fight, he impregnated someone else which I find very disturbing. A topic for another, long term relationship with no marriage in view.

As I was smooching, my erection grew harder and I held her waist as I continued to push it back and forth over my erection. She dint complain, my hand went back to her boobs, cupped them while in her bra, her bra was seriously padded, almost doubled. She removed my hands and turned back to me to unzip her gown, stylishly turned back and threw the gown to the floor, we continued at it, she bent forward, we kissed.

There was so much passion in her kiss, all the kiss was trying to tell me is please fuck me, so I unbuckled my belt, pulled my trousers down, leaving my throbbing erection inside my boxers, one material separating the both of our love parts.

She grinded harder and harder against my inner thigh as I grabbed her nipples from her padded bra, twisting gently like a radio nob, I left her lips and took a nipple into my mouth, her nipples were thick and long, the good thing about smallish girls is their flexibility, she pushed round-neck up, I paused and yanked the shirt off, leaving me with just my boxers now, she pushed me back into bed and took her mouth to my nipples.

Sucking on my nipples sent me spiraling almost out of control,  I used one hand to hold her head against my chest like a baby while the other hand went to free my dick. I put my dick out of boxers. She continued sucking my nipple, as I gently shifted her panties aside and put my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

My idea was to go slow till the shaft goes in but as she left the tip of my dick touch her pussy lips, she sort of let herself loose and sat up. She took all of my dick in, I tried to hide my excitement about how wide her pussy would have been. She’s so small and to think she can swallow all of this in one thrust. Ideally, I like to go in slowly so it isn’t painful for the chic but since she can boast of a wide pussy.

I had to go all in but before that.I pulled her off my dick and stretched across the bed to grab a condom which I handed to her, she collected it from me and strapped it on. She resumed her position back on-top and she began riding. I am not a fan of a screamer, she was quite a handful, demonstrating master skills as she rode me with fury and technique, she rode me like it was an exam, grabbing her own nipples while I tried to grab her ample booty as we fucked. She used her hand to brush her hair to the back while she continued bouncing off my dick.  She was a big fan deep penetration as she would always push her pussy down my dick as far as it would go, she gave off different sound when she did this, the sounds were a joy to me.

I was down enjoying her mastery of the art, the freak in her came out more when I began to spank her ass she rode me, she put her hands over  my chest and she began to rotate her hips over my waist while my dick was buried deep into her pussy.

She rotated for a while and then got off, we changed style as she stood up from the bed and went to the window, holding the burglary, she arched her ass backward, I got behind her and started pumping her from the back. Her pussy was tight no doubt but it taking of all my dick was what baffled me. She was full of drama.

I continued pummeling her from the back as she arched her ass back, spanking herself, so I helped her 😀

I spanked her as I continued pummeling her pussy, it felt so good, her body was so soft, I held her waist as my waist continued banging into her behind. I could feel my load on its way, I pulled out and I could see my cum shooting out only that they were contained in the condom. My legs felt weak as I rested back. I fell back into the bed as she crawled back into bed and continued riding, she was riding with purpose, it was going on, faster and faster, her eyes were shut, she must have been on another planet, as her ass continued to bounce off my waist , so did her moans increase, she moaned and moaned and it all went out, she just came, she sat on me and rested her head on my chest. All I could do was pat her head, her body felt warm, her nipples poking at my chest. I planned to hit it more times during the night but I had one question to ask her, how come her pussy was able to take the dick despite her body, she said her ex boyfriend’s dick was also on the big side, she hinted how it was difficult when they first started dating but along the line, her pussy evolved to accommodating big dicks.

As she laid on me, she moved down to my waist where her pussy was right infront of my dick again, she smiled sheepishly as slowly lowered her pussy into my dick.

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