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BoBBy! : Episode 2

Written By Eric Authur & Tosin Silver

As I stood to leave, I looked at the room and admired its beauty. Funke had a near-perfect sense of fashion and design, she put everything in the right place. Her self-contained room was large. I guess that’s what they paid that exorbitant house rent for.

She had enough space to locate everything where she wanted and how she wanted. There was a bed at the far end of the room, on the right hand side. Just below the foot of the bed was where she kept her make up and other personal girly belongings.

A mirror hung from the same wall she hanged her bags, about five standard sized bags. She had some smaller ones in her wardrobe, which was located in the same wall that harboured her bathroom, toilet and kitchen, the room had two windows.

In the centre of the room, the only couch was located there, it faced the television set and backed the bed. The room was rugged and had cream paint, which made the entire room very colourful.

The rug was green, the couch was mustard, her bed-sheet was green, and her curtains were wine, with flower designs. The colours gave her room a divine appearance, and it took just one look at the room to have you suspecting that she did not buy anything in the room with her own money.

She actually didn’t.

Well, maybe except for some of her clothes, her numerous pirated copy movies, her bed and her old fashioned lamp that she had brought from home. Every other thing was purchased for her by her you-know-who’s. She also had a small fridge on the left side of the couch and for a student; she did not have a reading table.
The life of girls. You still wonder why Beyoncè thinks girls run the world? Well, maybe not every girl.

I stepped outside and closed the door behind me. It was three o’clock on a Saturday, and I tried to make a mental note of football matches that were going on. FC Barcelona was playing later in the evening, and I planned to watch that. From the loud shouts I could hear in the air, I suspected Chelsea had scored. They were playing at the moment. I walked outside towards the corridor, listening to the sounds of an argument that was taking place outside. Obviously, it was foot-ball related.

”I say Barca is already a complete team! They don’t even need a coach to play.” A voice said.
”Abi? When Xavi and Iniesta dey there. Wetin coach wan talk again?” Another said in support.
”That’s why I keep saying that Mourinho is always a better coach. You see…”
”Guy shut-up, what do you know? You don’t know football, Look, when…”
”No dey tell me to shut up, I don dey tell you. If you want to argue ball, argue ball!”

As I passed the entrance, I could finally see the people that were making all the noise. There were about six boys in total, all arguing their different views. I noticed one in particular, who rested his back on the wall. He wasn’t happy. When he finally did talk, I understood why he was in that mood.

”No, na wetin I dey talk since be…”
”Guy, e don do ooo. I don tell you. No dey talk when we dey argue ball for here. You no dey watch ball. When last you watch your Manchester United match?” Someone interrupted him.

He once again rested his back on the wall, looking beaten. I observed for a while, not wanting to get into the argument. I am an argumentative person, and once I get into one, I was going to win, no matter how long it takes for me to argue, I was going to win.

At worst, we’d change the topic of the argument. I walked towards the depressed dude.

I glanced at my phone then dipped it in my pocket. I stayed near him for a while, listening to the different angles of the arguments and marvelling at the level aggression which one short dark dude was applying.

Soon enough, the population reduced and we were about three boys remaining me, mr depressed, and one other dude who never took his eyes off his phone.

Phone freak and Depressed dude soon started talking again, their conversation was about an agricultural loan that Phone freak had seen online. Depressed dude mentioned something about his father being interested in starting up a poultry farm.

From his words, I found out that his father had a free plot of land and some other relevant information. My dad was also interested in starting up a poultry business. That’s when I got into the conversation.

Meanwhile, Funke was still doing her after-bath routine.

His name is Jude, the depressed, one but his friends call him Jay-D.

I got home by 7 o’clock in the evening, I left after the whole argument scene, will catch up with Funke some other time.

As I entered the large compound, I noticed empty bottles lying on the ground. I also saw rented chairs and about two small speakers. Shit! I had totally forgotten about Dammy’s birthday. They were making plans before I left earlier in the morning.

I went to Dammy’s room to apologize as I got in. In his room, I drank cups of a mixture of Mc Dowell’s, Don Simon and something else, that was what it tasted like, I really didn’t ask.

There were two other guys in his room and three girls. The two other guys were playing a video game on his PS2 while Dammy himself just kept the girls’ company. He was a good talker, so he had no problems with that. I said my goodbyes and walked to my room. My roommate was not home. I quickly got some noodles on fire, did some work, ate and finally fell asleep. I felt the fan pick up pace; the air became cooler, power had been restored., Thank Jesus.
At about 9:30, I heard the door unlock, it must be Alfred, I thought. Alfred was my roommate and he usually went to see his chic on Saturday afternoons. I didn’t move since he was the only other person who had the room key.

Another voice filled the air, and I could easily guess that it was Karen, his girlfriend. I wasn’t expecting him to bring her home that day though.

I like Alfred. He’s a very normal guy from an average family. His father was once employed but the company collapsed and he was left jobless. His wife pressed for him to find another job, but Alfred’s father refused. He was comfortable with what he had and said he wanted to go into business.

His wife had warned that the money he had in his savings might not be enough to successfully start and run his own business, but Mr. Anaba was convinced that he had everything under control. Somehow, things didn’t go how he had planned and the business crumbled.

He still insists that it wasn’t his fault, and till tomorrow, he keeps talking about how one single stroke of luck would have made him a millionaire from his own business. After all that, he set out to find a new job.

He got one after making a lot of calls and staying home for a while. The job wasn’t paying as much as he’d like, but he didn’t have a choice. Alfred is close to his father in character especially with plans.

I heard laughter and silent whispers. I couldn’t quite figure out what they were talking about but I know someone had come over to where I slept to wave his/her fingers across my face. They wanted to confirm that I was sleeping.

”I told you, he is sleeping.” Alfred’s voice boomed, clearly excited.
”How are you sure he’s sleeping deep?” Karen said in near whisper.
”Didn’t you see the settings outside? They had a party here today. He obviously had too much to drink and had to crash early.”
”Ehn ehn”
”Yes baby, he’d be out for alt least four hours. I know this guy. Besides, he must be really tired for him to miss Barcelona’s match.”

Know me? How? Alfred ooo. I’m sure he was just trying to get Karen comfortable, that’s why he said that. I drink, but not much. He knows I don’t drink till I pass out. Well, maybe sometimes.

I just maintained my ‘sleeping’ state and only moved instinctively to make the sleep act more believable. Honestly, when they entered, I was very much asleep, although I was still aware of my surroundings. But after that conversation they had? I was 100% awake.

Their footsteps couldn’t be heard as they treaded to Alfred’s bed but their silhouette was faint as little light from the moon sipped from the room towards his bed. As they made their way towards his bed and sat. His bed is on the opposite wall.

We arranged the beds in such a way that there was space in the middle of the room and only a plastic trolley was between the two mattresses.
I was tempted to open my eyes when I heard kissing sounds, but I figured it was still too early. So I waited a bit.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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