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May 16, 2021

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BoBBy! : Episode 5

Written by Eric Arthur

As he paid the motorcyclist, Jude looked around to access the environment. It was serene, really quiet and very neat. He noticed so many high grade cars parked in very orderly manner. The tall trees gave a boulevard-ish appeal to the over-all beauty of the neighborhood.

He watched his steps as he made his way towards the small gate on which C-U-P-I-D was boldly written. He passed security and went straight for the reception. Before he entered, he gave Mrs. Owolabi a call. She told him what to say, and he relayed the information to the keen receptionist.

As he climbed the stairs, he planned his moves. He decided on what to and what not to tell. He knew she’d ask him some questions; he was not new to the drill. On getting to the door, he knocked just once and the door flew open.

”Welcome, dear” She said with a smile.

She let him in and went straight for the fridge while he sat on the nicely decorated bed. She put two cups on the small table in the room and filled them. For a woman who was about to have sex with a younger man, she was not shy at all. She wore just a tank top, which revealed the straps of her bra. Her skirt was a very formal knee-length cotton material. Her ass formed very well in the skirt and made him have a twitch in his loins. He knew it was going to be a more interesting experience than Mrs Abu.

He took his first sip of the drink before he realized that he should have let her drink hers first. Since he had already taken from it, he paid no mind and continued with another gulp. She soon followed and drank till her cup was a quarter empty.

She immediately erased her smile and replaced it with a threatening frown. Then she spoke;
”I am a married woman.” She paused and watched his expression. He was emotionless.
”You already know why you are here. I have a husband, but you don’t need to know him. This is where we’ll meet most times, unless I say otherwise. There’s a bar downstairs, which you must have seen when you entered. It’s really comfy here.”

He just stared at her as she took another sip of her drink. Then she continued. ”You shouldn’t ever try anything funny one day. If you just co-operate with me, everything will be fine and both of us will always smile.” She smirked.

Realizing that she might be putting fear in him, she burst into a full laughter and said, ”Look, smile a bit dear. I was joking. But you should know that we have to be careful, abi?”

”Yes ma. I understand everything. I just let you talk since because I love watching your lips move. They’re so sexy ma.”

Laughing at the compliment, she put her cup back on the table. ”Hmm hmm… So you want to fuck another man’s wife?”

”I told you to call me Yetty, dear”
”Eeeehh… Yettymama. I don forget oo. Your lips and yansh have made me lose my senses already”
”Ehn? Wait till my husband hears and comes to beat you up” She said, laughing hysterically.

He was getting tired of the husband talk already. He stood and walked to the door to ensure that it was properly locked, then he went back to where Mrs. Owolabi was already standing.

Placing his hands on her waist, he dragged her closer. His lips were now directly in front of her nose, so he kissed it while running his hands down till they rested fully on her bum. He circled his palms round it before he squeezed once, inhaling deeply as he felt the softness.

”You think you can handle that one?” She whispered teasingly.
With a smile, he gently gave it a slap, causing her to smile too.
”You’re slapping the ass of another man’s wife…. spoilt brat” She scolded.
He ignored her joke and brought his hands up to lift her tank top. She lifted her arms to help him, and finally removed it by herself. He planted a kiss on her ‚Äėbra’d‚Äô breasts and unhooked the lacy material. Slowly, she took the bra off, and he noticed that her breasts sagged just a little. Wasting no time, she zipped down her skirt and was left in just bikini panties.

”Wow. So you wear bikinis. Do you wear them to the beach? And to swim?” He asked while he took off his own polo shirt.
”I’m a married woman J.D. I can’t wear this out”
”So, you wear them for your husband?”
”No,… I wore it for you” She said as she helped pull down his boxer brief.

She quickly took his dick in around her palm and stood up while she stroked it. It became harder by the second and he bent to take her breast in his mouth. With the other hand, he played with her ass lobes.

Slowly, he helped her lay on the bed and dragged down her panties. There was only little hair on her pubic, and from the look of it, she shaved it regularly. Although her pussy lips were flappy, they still looked nice and it was obvious she had sprayed something into it from the nice fragrance it was emitting.

”Next time, I’ll work on this pussy. For now, I just want to fuck you” He said as he slid a condom on his dick and directed it into her twat. She moaned on the first thrust. Slowly, he worked up a rhythm.

* * *

”Hope it’s not too revealing?” She asked as she turned and turned at the mirror.
”It’s transparent to an extent”
”What can you see?”
”Well, I know you’re wearing black panties, even if the leggings are supposed to be black too”
”The leggings are transparent, and your skin colour contrasts the out-spread black. So your pantie out line can easily be seen.”
”Where?” She asked?
Walking up behind her, I brought my hands down to her ass and used my fingers to draw a curve on her bum, squeezing the hot flesh between my thumb and fingers. ”Right here; around here.”

”Are you sure? Or you just dey use style tap current?”
”Wetin special for your yansh?
Turning back, she slapped my shoulder.

”So, you’re travelling today abi?”
”Yes, Later in the evening.”
”Hope the hold up won’t be much then, though? I know this evening movement was Jude’s idea. That guy always travels at night.”
”This one wey you know about all hin movements. You sure say no be you and am dey use style travel to block una selves?”
”Ahn ahn…when two of us get room for here?”
”So, you and Jude dey actually…”
”Bobbbbyyyyy!!!!!!!!” Funke interrupted me, laughing.

After finishing up at Funke’s place, I headed home. Jude and I had planned to travel back to Lagos that evening. I personally planned to spend about five days in Lagos and return on Wednesday or¬†Thursday. After I packed some clothes in my small bag, I called Jude to confirm that he was ready. I met him somewhere and from there we boarded a cab. After almost two hours through the journey, Jude received a call and had a change of plans.

”Guy, you know wetin go happen now?” He started.
”I just got a call from Pascal, my friend. And there is something that I have to collect from him. It’s really important.”
”So, what are we doing now?”
”errrm.. Since we’re still around here, let’s board a bike to his side and early tomorrow morning, we’ll leave there and continue our movement.”
”So, we’re sleeping over there?”
Jude paid for all the vehicles we boarded. From what I could tell, he had alot of money that week. He even bought us food and snacks while we conveyed ourselves to our destination.

Pascal’s place was a two bedroom flat. He lived alone, from what I could see, but a girl was with him when we got there. On arrival, Pascal welcomed us and we dropped our bags in the house. Immediately, the four of us (including Pascal’s girl) went to a local bar to have some drinks. Jude sponsored this.

When we got back, the girl prepared well-garnished noodles and we all ate. After that, I was led to the room where Jude and I would stay. It was quite large with one bed at the far end and there was also a camp bed lying carelessly on the ground. A wooden chair was the only noticeable furniture that the room boasted of, and a blue rug hugged the floor. When we got in, Jude excused himself and said that he had to make some arrangements. I dropped my bag and cleaned up the room a bit before jumping on the bed. It felt nice enough.

Twenty minutes later, my phone rang; it was Jude.

”Guy, how far? Do you mind some babes this night?”
Not knowing what to expect, all I could say was, ”Not at all. You get any package?”
”Okay nah…no worry. I dey come.” He hung up.
I wondered what he was up to as I stood up to use the bathroom. On stepping out of the room, I imagined where the toilet might be. I tried to figure it out and walked into the narrow passageway, looking left and right for any sign of a door.

I saw three doors in front; one on the left and two on the right. I knew that the two on the right would be the bathroom and toilet, since it was an old structured building. As I passed the one room on the left, I noticed that the door was ajar. Through the small opening, I saw Pascal on his bed, without shorts. His girl was giving him a blowjob with her breasts out.

I stopped and watched for a while, as neither of them bothered to look my way. Soon, I left and used the toilet. After flushing, I suddenly heard a door close with a thud. Walking back through the passage, I noticed that Pascal’s door was now perfectly locked. I shrugged.

They must have heard the sound of the toilet. I made my way to the living room and put on the television. There was no external satellite connection, so only local TV stations showed.
Slowly, I fell asleep after watching a full episode of ‘clinic matters’.

I was jolted back to reality when I heard sounds from the front door. The door was swung open and three figures appeared. One was Jude. The other two were girls I’d never seen before.

”That’s the other bad guy,” Jude said, pointing to me as he held the two girls by their waist.
My mouth formed into a small ‘oh’. Before I could say ”Nicki has a large butt”, one of the girls was already on me, tugging at my shirt. I relaxed and let her take control because she reeked of alcohol. She removed my buttons one by one and finally exposed my black singlet.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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