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BoBBy! : Hostel Neighbours I

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BoBBy! : Hostel Neighbours I

Written by Eric Arthur

I woke up to the loud shouts of people from outside my window.

I cleaned my eyes for close to a minute before I could see clearly. Talk about the side effects of sleeping late. ( -_-) After finally getting my eye sight to full potential, I tiredly looked outside the window. It was morning already; maybe about 7 a.m.

Well, morning officially starts by 5a.m. right? People gathered around an unlucky fellow, who was already drenched, and they were still stoning sachets of water at him. He tried his best to dodge and duck, but his fate was at the mercy of the remaining bags of water, lying like bombs on the floor. Laughter and screams filled the air while non-participants just stood at corners, recording the event with their mobile phones.

I had totally forgotten that it was Dayo’s birthday. I chuckled and decided to take my eyes off the scene and possibly go back to sleep. One sight that I couldn’t take my eyes off, however, was Rita. She stood, backing me, in her nightie.

I guess she just ran out to look at the unfolding drama, that she hadn’t bothered to put on any wrapper or atleast change into less distracting clothes. My morning erection was compounded by the way her ample bottom protruded and shapely gummed on the light material she was wearing.

It was transparent and I could see her red panties. She must have thought that nobody could see her, given the angle she was standing, forgetting that she was almost directly in front of my window. I watched her from behind as she giggled, but when she decided to go back to her room, I fell sharply on my bed and thoughts of Rita kept me awake.

Rita is the conservative type, she mostly wore decent outfits, but still looked stunning in them. She preferred free knee length gowns to tight thigh gripping ones. She rocked in jeans but always made sure to wear tops that did enough to cover her bum. When a girl is covered up, in a nice way though, she looks more attractive.

She creates an uncontrollable desire in men to see even more. Rita had well shaped hips with slim waist that gave her hips more prominence. I mentally squeezed the roundness of her backside before my hand rested on my hard dick, gently stroking it, until I fell into the warm embrace of sleep.

Two weeks later, I returned home from school to find the compound empty. It was a hot tuesday afternoon and traditionally, the population in the house was relatively scanty on weekday afternoons. My hostel had a large compound. I was home early, only because I had ditched my afternoon lectures.

The hostel had two wings, the first had a building of self-contained rooms while the other boasted of, well, just rooms. I stayed in the latter; where we shared a common bathroom and kitchen. Getting to the front of my room, I plugged my key in the key hole and pushed the door open.

I’d barely dropped my bag when I suddenly heard sounds coming from one of the other rooms. I came to the realisation that I wasn’t home alone, I went on with my business, undressing and changing into simpler clothes. The first thing on my mind was food, I picked up a clean pot and dashed into the kitchen to cook some noodles.

While it boiled, I prepared to have my bath. In no time, I was scooping water over my naked body. As I grabbed the towel to dry myself, I heard an agressive push at the door from outside. The door hit my bucket, almost pouring away the water, save for the little water that remained in it.

”Oh… Sorry.. I Oh… sorry” came a feminine voice, trailing off as she scampered away. Her voice contained a cent of laughter with apologetic undertone. I tied the towel around my waist and stepped out. Staring at me, was Rita’s famous blue bucket; her sponge and bailer, floating on the water.

I sat on my bed, eating what was left of my noodles. It got burnt, badly.

Thoughts ran through my mind… this was an opening for me.

What was the next step?

What was my move?

What was I suppo… The gentle knock on my door interrupted my train of thought. My senses redirected to panic mode.

Was it..?

Could it be..?

Who was..?

How is it..?

”Yes??? Who’s that?” I finally managed to say.

”Errmm…it’s me.. Bunmi.”

”Bunmi?” I thought. ”Who the fuck is Bunmi?”

Have Jehovah witnesses started coming on weekdays?

Quickly, I sprang to my feet, dropped the pot and headed for the door. There she was, in all innocence, staring at her feet motionlessly even as the door cracked open. She smelled nice; I guess she already took her bath.

Her hair was short and fit perfectly on her forehead; it’s blackness, neatly contrasting her fair complexion. She looked like Halley Berry from the angle my eyes captured. Only when I coughed did she look up.

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