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May 8, 2021

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BoBBy! : Episode 3

Written by Eric Aurthur 

Unable to bear the useless talks of his nagging girlfriend, Jude decided to leave the room and go join the guys outside. He was frustrated. She needed money for some personal items and he did not have any to spare. He would have got some money yesterday if not for her. She was the cause of his present problems, he thought.

His primary source of income was from his sugar mummy who lived around town. He had been able to convince the woman all along that he did not have a girlfriend, he wanted to tell her about Ama, but he decided against it. There was no way to be sure if she would like the idea of sharing him with someone else or not.

Only very few of his friends knew about his sugar-mummy deal and none of them had ever leaked anything to Ama. He was safe, he had thought. Yes, he was safe until Friday afternoon when Mrs. Abu saw him and Ama near a supermarket.

Worst of all, the stupid girl had publicly kissed him, with tongue and everything.  When he saw her white Mercedes car speed past, he’d known that she saw them. That evening, he called Mrs. Abu but she refused to pick up. She certainly knew.

Getting outside, he met the boys discussing football. Chelsea’s match was close to kick-off and as it seemed, ‘boys were broke’. They weren’t going to watch the match.
He decided to get into the conversation, hopeful that it would help him get his own problems off his head. He liked football, although he did not watch too many matches. He couldn’t imagine sitting down for close to two hours, watching people play. It was like a chore to him, and he frequently fell asleep while watching most matches.

All his efforts to throw himself into the discussion were futile. He either had no idea of what they were on about or he said something that was extremely wrong. His main adversary there was Raji. Raji was short and dark. He was too forceful with things, Jude thought.

He shouted everything he said that afternoon and tackled everyone present. He was a strong Chelsea FC fan and to him, his club was the best in the world. The rumour going around in the hostel was that Raji had used his girlfriend as stake in a bet on Chelsea once, and lost.

Nobody could tell an accurate story of why he ‘broke up’ with his girlfriend, but everyone knew that two days after the said Chelsea match, their relationship was off. He hated Raji and never liked to get in an argument with him.

As he leaned on the concrete wall, he noticed someone stand next to him. The person obviously had come out because of the argument too. He looked up and saw a guy he knew too well, but had never spoken to. He knew the guy was one of Funke’s boyfriends and he frequented her room every week.

Jude ignored the figure beside him and focused more on the argument. He tried once again to participate but Raji again knocked him off. Soon the arguments died down and the guy beside him announced the scores of the match. Everybody seemed happy with the result. Minutes later, Funke’s boyfriend was seriously engaged in a discussion with him and another of the hostel boys, Alex.

Later that day at 4pm, Jude was neatly dressed. He wore his favourite Peuto Sei perfume and looked in the mirror a thousand and two times. He had decided to pay Mrs Abu a visit at her house. She sha no fit pursue me comot, he thought.

Reaching the black gate of Mrs Abu’s house, he tried to call her one more time. She still didn’t pick up.

Rubbing his palms together for confidence, he knocked the gate and a gate man appeared. The gateman was quite familiar with him already because Mrs. Abu had introduced him as her work colleague the first time he had visited the house. After severe hailing and raining of praises, the lean gate man let him in, although disappointed that his palms were not warmed with notes.

Getting to the front door of the house, Jude knocked on the iron burglary proof door. A minute passed before the door flung open and the petite looking calabar maid walked up to him.

”Good morning sir,” She said.
Jude looked at his watch but chose to just play along.
”Good morning Rose. Please I want to see madam. Is Oga at home?”
”Errm… No. Oga is not at home but madam is at home. Make I call her ‘to’ you?”

A smile escaped Jude’s lips as he gave a nod. ”Please be fast.” He said.

Of course, Jude knew that Mr. Abu was not in the country. He was in Benin Republic, sorting out some business. Mrs Abu had even messaged him to spend the Saturday night at her house. He smacked himself as he imagined the amount of money he had missed.

Jude started wondering what was taking her so long. Hope her madam has not killed her inside for announcing his presence, he joked in his mind. He heard the sharp sound from the door and looked up to see Rose approaching. She scratched her head as she talked.

”Madam no dey house again,” She finally spoke. ”She don go out before”.

”Ehn? What do you mean she’s not around again?” He asked, trying to contain his anger.
”Na wetin I tell you be that. She don leave comot tey tey”
”Then why did you go inside to call her before?”
”See, Oga, I bin dey sleep when she comot. I think say she is return but…”
”You’re lying to me ehn? Lydia?”
”Oga, she no dey house. Simple!”

He was really furious now but he wasn’t going to let the house maid insult him. He made to leave, taking long strides with each step then he turned back suddenly and pushed poor Lydia out of the way. He already knew everywhere around the house. Although, Lydia wasn’t at home most times he visited. Lydia staggered, trying to prevent falling down, and finally held a pillar for support. She watched as Jude made his way into the plush living room. Sensing the risk of losing her job, Lydia screamed at the top of her voice, ”Come back ooo. I tell you She no dey house! Come back oo.. Ehn ehn..”

Jude pushed the door open and felt the coolness of the air-conditioned room. He briskly walked through the first sitting room and took a right turn towards the second. He knew she’d be there. That was where she always relaxed, if she was not in her room.

He freed his face from the squeeze that gripped it, and forced a slight smile as he saw her seated on one of the sofas. She was not alone, however; another middle-aged woman sat on the sofa adjacent to her’s, and they seemed to be in a very important discussion.

Their eyes settled on him as he walked in. He said his greetings to the other woman and went straight for the same chair Mrs. Abu was seated.

He thought she l’d ask him to go back to the main sitting room and wait for her, but she let him sit, and ignore him completely. She continued her conversation with her obviously surprised friend and paid no mind to his presence.

Jude looked up as Lydia’s lean image appeared before them, her face resonating apologies. Mrs Abu lightly threw her hand toward’s Lydia’s direction, signalling her to leave. She sharply turned and looked back one more time before she left their presence.

While the women talked, Jude reached for his phone and started going through his own pictures. If they were going to ignore him, he was going to ignore their ignoring him as well. After what seemed like an hour, Jude took out his white ear piece and plugged its buds into his ears. He kept nodding his head as he replied to chats and viewed numerous display pictures. He was getting tired already, so he threw a quick glance at Mrs. Abu. She was concentrating on her friend. However, the other woman caught his stare and smiled.

”What’s wrong with this one?” He thought.

Unable to hear any sound coming from the women, he was surprised when he saw their shadows move. He looked up and noticed that the other woman had stood up, probably ready to leave. Mrs Abu soon joined on her feet.

As Jude looked at the figures in front of him, he realized that the other woman wasn’t half bad. She stood at average height, a little taller than Mrs Abu, and had a great ‘i’m married’ shape to compliment it. He noticed that she did not apply much make up and her nails were short. She seemed like she had full breasts, and he prayed silently that they had not sagged. He watched her lips move as she talked with her friend, and when she caught his eyes at the last minute, she gave that smile again.

As they turned to leave, Jude got a chance to assess them back stage. He swallowed his tongue as he saw the machines installed in her back stage and could only dream to grab them.

She was dressed in typical married woman style. Her wrapper was tight around her waist and was firm enough to emphasize her protruding bum.

They walked slowly away from him and started whispering some things. Jude noticed the continuous glances they were giving him as they gossiped. Finally, she left.

”What are you doing here J.D?” She asked Jude.
Unplugging the earpiece from his ears, he smiled. He walked over to her. ”We had an appointment” He said with a huge grin.
”You and who?” She feigned a puzzled look.
”You and me naw…who else?” He tried to touch her face.

She stopped him, then walked towards a mini fridge at the corner and took out an half empty baileys bottle.

”We HAD an appointment,” She said, picking a cup. ”Now, all I’m asking you is why are you here?” She paused. ”And I told you to always inform me before coming over here.”

Daunted, Jude forced another smile. ”Look, I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you earlier”
”Tell me what?” She shot back. ”That you had a girlfriend?”
”Yes,” he replied.
”Well, I don’t date boys that have girlfriends. So I guess you know where this is going.”
”Why are you over-reacting?”
”There is no need to react or over-react. By the way, my friend said she wants you. And since I have no further use of you, I think i’m letting you go.”

”Huh? Me? Use? Chai!” He thought in his mind. But all he could say was, ”How?”

”The woman that just left. She wants to be your sugar mummy. Take her number and go.” She bent down by a small table and scribbled some numbers on a sheet of paper, before tearing it off and handing it over to him.

He took it. Atleast, another door was open, he thought.
He smiled and placed the little piece of paper in his pocket.

”But. I still want to make it up to you,” He said, again attempting to feel her face. She didn’t refuse. He leaned in and kissed her full on the lips. She did not respond, but that did not hold him back. He put his hand on her ass and squeezed them tight. He kissed her forehead, then her lips. This time, she responded.

”Not now.” Was all she could say.

Later that night

The kissing continued and I could hear silent moans. The sounds got louder and louder till everything came to an abrupt stop.

”Alfie, put off the light,” She said under her breath. I suspected she was staring at me.
”Baby, see, baby…” Alfred’s voice trailed off as another kissing session began. Her silent moans returned.

Finally, I decided to lift my eyelids a bit. Gradually, the images formed. Alfred was on his knees, backing me, while Karen sat of the bed with her feet facing me. I watched as they kissed passionately with one of Fred’s hand already under her shirt. He was working his way up to her breasts. The kissing stopped and Karen’s eyes shot open. She looked in my direction, but was unable to tell whether I was awake or not. Or so I thought. Alfred got his fingers out of her top and held the helm of the cotton material. He attempted to lift it up, but she stopped him. She kissed him again quickly, and then whispered something inaudible to him before he stood up headed for the bathroom. She soon followed behind him. When everything went silent, my eyes became heavy again, and I slept.

* * *

I was again awoken by muffled sounds. My eyes were very heavy but I still managed to crank them open. The room was now dark but I could still feel breeze from the fan, which meant there was still electricity.

The only source of light in the room was the Nokia phone charger plugged into our multi-socket extension box. It’s blue light cut through the darkness, barely visible was the sweaty bodies a few feet away from me. She was bouncing up and down with her back to me. I could not see much, just the shiny naked skin of her back. She bounced in rhythm and at intervals, she did some grinding. She pressed her palms on his chest as she took control of the pace. A blanket covered her from waist down, but I could see her breasts swinging.

I got an instant erection just watching her grind on my room-mate. She fought hard to muffle her moans as she rode him with so much passion.

Luck shone on my viewing when she leaned in to kiss him. The blanket fell from her waist as she tried to make their mouths connect. I caught a glimpse of her shapely ass, but could not see her pussy instantly. She didn’t bother resetting the blanket when she was done kissing him. Instead, she arched her back and lifted her ass away from his dick. Just as the shaft was about to escape, she quickly sat on it, fully swallowing it again.

She lifted her ass again and continued this tease, obviously enjoying herself. For the first time, I heard Alfred let out a groan. She continued the system playfully and soon started going really fast. I feared what might happen to poor Alfred’s dick if she missed, she didn’t.

Obviously, she was an expert at this already. I watched her breasts oscillate and stylishly took my hands into my boxer shorts. I slowly adjusted my cover-cloth and made it rest properly on my lower body. This saved me the fear of being seen. I rubbed my own dick slightly as I watched them.

Straining my eyes, I could see the clear outline of Karen’s pussy. It looked very moistened and it’s oils made Alfred’s dick shine in the dark. One time, Alfred’s dick completely escaped her pussy’s grip and I saw the redness within.
I watched them till they were done, with my raging hard on, and soon slept off, with sweet dreams.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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