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May 16, 2021

BoBBy! : Episode 6 (18+)
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BoBBy! : Episode 6 (18+)

Written by Eric Arthur

Looking over my shoulder, I saw Jude and the other girl hugging tight and kissing. His hands were working on her petite ass while she put her arms around his shoulders. They were gradually making their way towards our temporary room.

The girl in front of me had already succeeded in unbuckling my belt and unzipping my jeans. I adjusted my waist for her to pull it down. She pulled it together with my boxer shorts, smiling as my dick popped out.

Looking directly into my eyes, she licked the cap expertly, going clockwise, clockwise, clockwise, then anti clockwise, anti clockwise, clockwise. I groaned when she rested her tongue on the tip. It felt so good and sent electric currents up my tommy.

Jerking the shaft with her left hand, she gave a sexy laugh, and that’s when I perceived the alcohol. She obviously drank something before they came over. My lips parted when she took my dick in her warm mouth and started sucking the life out of it. I had not even had time to access her. All I knew was that she was on a low-cut hair, and she wore clothes. What clothes? I honestly don’t know. There was no time to look at her; i could only concentrate on what she was doing.

Remembering that we were not alone in the house. I bent and whispered in her ear, ”let’s go inside”. She didn’t let go just yet. She increased the tempo of her sucking like she wanted me to cum right there, then she slowed down.

Looking up at my face again, she smiled and whispered ”Let’s go”.

I quickly dragged my jeans up and zipped it to keep it in place then I pointed the way to her so that she could move forward. Immediately she turned her backside to me, I grabbed the bum as it jiggled the first time. She stopped and started grinding into my groins.  My dick was hurting because it was very hard and the jean was disturbing its free movement.

My hands under her arms located her breasts and squeezed gently then I carried her towards the room and drooped her as soon as we reached the door. Opening the door, I saw Jude already digging his girl doggy style. They were both on their knees, but the girl rested her elbows on the wooden chair. He slipped out of her and asked her to sit on the chair. His dick was far bigger than I had even expected. As she sat, he quickly adjusted her and spread her legs wider before piercing through her pussy with his rod.

”What’s your name?” I whispered behind her ears.
”Grace…” She replied, as we approached the bed.

Grace was wearing a short gown, actually. It was free from her waist-down and rested well on her shapely butt. I lifted her gown and handled the booty. There was a black tight under there.

I knew Grace wasn’t a Yoruba girl so I was quite surprised. She was one of the few non-Yoruba girls that I’d seen wearing tights. Most Igbo girls I know don’t wear tights. They just wear their panties and they are good to go. Remember that white long under-wear stuff that Yoruba women ‘used’ to like? They wore it under every skirt and wrapper they wore, back to the story.

She knocked me out of my stream of thought when she gripped my dick through my jeans. I let out a sharp groan and quickly unzipped the jeans. She was all too happy to take me in her mouth again. The moan coming from Jude’s girl, coupled with the hot mouth that engulfed my dick made me super hard. She was sucking so hard that I was afraid I could release anytime soon. But she was an expert. When she sensed that I was reaching climax, she withdrew.

Standing on her feet, she removed my shirt completely and helped me with my singlet.

When she pulled off her gown, I openly gawked at her body. She had a killer slightly muscular shape. If not that she was a Nigerian ‘working girl’, I would have asked her if she worked out. But of course, I knew she didn’t. She was not wearing a bra and her breasts still stood very firm, although they were not that big.

Her near flat tummy complimented everything and the protrusion of her ass was magnificent. Lo and Behold, when she pulled off her tights, she was completely shaven. Her pubic glistened in it’s black beauty and invited me for dinner.

Table was set. What was I waiting for? I jumped at her breasts and sucked like a hungry three-year old. For the first time, she moaned. I seemed to be doing a good job because her sounds were encouraging.

When I was done, I lifted her and dropped her on the bed. I was about to go all head on her, but I remembered that a friend of mine told me to never give head to a ‘working girl’.

Hey hey hey… I know y’all expecting me to use the words ‘ashi’ or ‘olosho’…but I aint using them in this piece. lol.. Or wait, I just did.


I reached for my jeans and got my condoms. She helped me wear one and straight, I went in, bursting every bubble that hid in her punany. It was great while it lasted, but even greater when I felt her cum and I released that creamy goodness in the latex. I looked over at Jude. He was already done. He glanced at my girl, and I glanced at his. Well?

The next morning, we were off. I thanked Jude for all he did, and all he said was ‘bad guy!!’.

We put our plan into motion and finally got our parents to meet. On Sunday, my dad decided to go over to Jude father’s house to discuss more on the project. I followed and in no time, we located their house.

Jude was the one who opened the gate for us and led us in. When we sat, Jude’s father called a name, ”Vanessa!! Vanessa… Come here biko.”

While Jude’s father asked me numerous questions about school and my life, Vanessa came in.
My God!!! She was a D-A-M-S-E-L… no… She was DAMN!!!!!!!! SELL! as in… If she was sold in the market, I would go into slavery to borrow money to buy her off. She was BeeeyouTeeful!!!

She was beautiful in every sense of the word. What more? She had assets to die for and you wonder why some fathers have sex with their own daughters?… This girl might give any father a second thought about incest. Well, let’s not go there. Just kidding.. ^_^.
But anyway, she was fine.

She served us juice and said she was going to the kitchen to fry us something. I watched her as she left, studying each jiggle her ass made in her kung-fu shorts. I was lost for a while, but when I finally looked away, I caught Jude’s eyes on me.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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