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May 16, 2021

BoBBy! : Hostel Neighbours II
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BoBBy! : Hostel Neighbours II

Written by Eric Arthur

”Hey?” I said, quizzical.
She was a little quizzy, but quick to shake off the uneasiness. She even managed a shy smile. Oh… She was beautiful, with full eye balls and small natural soft lips. I cocked my head as she parted her lips to speak.

”Rita said… Sorry, I’m Rita’s friend,” she pointed at the door adjacent to mine with one finger, while the alternate finger pointed at her abdomen. ‘

‘She said you would show me where I can refill the gas. I was not expecting you to come back so soon, as Rita told me that you’d be back in the evening, and the house was deserted, and so, I decided to tell you, now that you’re around, maybe you’ll be free in the evening, so probably you could help me out… err.. Show me where to fill it.”

Honestly, I just stood there, watching her lips move, as her eyes caught everything but mine. She was doing pretty well at avoiding my gaze. I nodded when she stopped talking, using the time to think of the most appropriate answer to both calm her nerves and still make her feel a bit guilty. Finding none, I hurriedly spoke, to prevent further awkwardness.

”Oh… Okay. Sure. Later then, we’ll stroll to the back, where the dude’s shop is.” I smiled.

”Thank you very much, BoBBy. I’ll come knock when I am ready.” She said as she made to leave in a hurry.

”Any time, dear. Besides, if I don’t help out with filling the gas, how are we going to cook something nice for us this evening?” I threw the banter.

She threw her face over her shoulders and my eyes caught a glint of her smile before the door closed behind her.



5:00PM, same day.
I had been expecting Bunmi’s knock, but it hadn’t come. I suspected she was asleep and decided to wait a while, and maybe go to check on her. The house was getting filled up already, as people had started returning from their various engagements in school or otherwise.

After five minutes had passed, I decided it was best to check on her. I really couldn’t understand my sudden interest in her. I pondered on this as I went over to Rita’s door step and knocked twice. No answer. Although my knocks were soft, I thought they were sufficient, atleast, I didn’t want to sound like I desperately wanted to see her – which somehow I did. I knocked again, almost tempted to try pushing the door open.

After standing there for about a minute, I figured it was time to let the sleeping dog lie. Ha! Who was I kidding? I decided to make sure she was ‘safe’, so I went to the back of Rita’s window, to check that she was fine.

I met Daniel on the way, he was just returning from school, looking quite exhausted..

”Light dey?” He asked, obviously tired.
”No bro! Since I’ve got back, no light oo. Everywhere is just so hot. I couldn’t even keep my shirt on inside.” I replied, shaking my head, and waiting for him to go in before I continued walking.

On getting to the back of Rita’s window, I took a deep breath and peeked. The curtains were parted and hanged. I first saw the door, then Rita’s fancy wardrobe, then her television and then the bed. Bunmi was lying on it, sleeping and sweating, and her sweet luscious full breasts were exposed, with their nipples pointing to the ceiling as sweat trailed down her neck and in the valley between her magnificent boobs.

They were light chocolate in colour, her nipples were shiny black.. Oh.. She looked.. Words couldn’t describe the sight. My eyes travelled round her body, trying to fill my mind with enough detail, when her phone rang.

Shit! I thought… Then quickly rolled away from the window, keeping my body gummed on the wall. I heard her breath deeply, then the ringing stopped. She hissed a bit. I figured it was not a call, but an alarm she had set, on when to come hit me up.

I keeped my back on the wall, and after regaining my composure, decided to get back to my room before Bunmi dressed up and came looking for me. As I turned to move, I saw Rita, staring at me, arms folded.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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