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The Dickmatized Temi II (18+)

Temi is a curvy figure, 5’ 7 inches with voluptuous boobs, waist and hips. She has long, black hair that flows down to her butt and a sexy, sensual smile and face that gives guys instant erection.

Temi looked like she was in trance, just rolling her hair in her hands and staring at this 12 inch, uncircumcised dick that was rock hard and straining for the sky. “Like what you see?” Obi asked in a very hoarse voice and positioned his left leg on the bed and tilted his body at an angle so that she got the best possible view of the full extent of his massive cock.

While doing this, he leaned himself forward a bit so that the tip of his cock grazed Temi’s cheek, ever so slightly.

The contact of Obi’s cock against her cheek brought Temi out of the trance. She shifted on the bed and I thought the game was up. She would now come to her senses and tell him that nothing was going to happen and it was all a bit of fun but that it had to stop that instant. However, she shifted off the bed and on to her knees. I now knew full well what was about to transpire. The stroking of the braid had been a clear fire sign that her heart had been racing and lust was seizing her body. Obi seemed to sense this too and a self-satisfied look mixed in with anticipation crossed his face. Some precum oozed out of his cock expectantly.

“Wow, you weren’t lying about the size of this thing,” Temi said as she reached up with one hand and grabbed Obi’s cock. She slid her hand down and Obi’s foreskin rolled back slickly, indicating that this was a guy who fucked regularly. Obi’s dick was so large that Temi could join her other hand to the first one and that’s what she did.

She took her hands off for a moment, spit into both of them, and then reapplied them to Obi’s monster dick. She began sliding both hands back and forth in long, languid strokes, jerking Obi off and looking up at him with these timid, fuck me eyes. “You like that?” she asked. “Oh, yeah baby, tug on that big, black dick,” Obi groaned, his eyes closing and looking upwards, his body shuddering with supreme enjoyment.

Temi continued to pump Obi for a few minutes but she stopped abruptly. “Time to try something new,” she said and, with those words, she lifted Obi’s cock up with her right hand, and ducked down to give his balls a little flick with her tongue.

This drove Obi to ecstasy and he grunted out, “yeahhhhh, baby.” Temi went up from Obi’s balls, tracing the full length of his 12-inch dick shaft with her tongue until her moist, wet mouth closed around his glistening, black cock tip. I could tell that she was now well and truly hooked. A hand job was one thing but she was now preparing to give a blow job to an awesome specimen of a dick.

Temi made a small slurping noise as her beautiful soft lips encased the top of Obi’s dick and then came off it with a popping sound. She licked her lips and said “Tastes nice,” while going back for a second helping.

This time she put a bit more of his huge cock in her mouth. I saw Obi’s butt clench as he enjoyed the sweet, wet sensation of the hot bitch’s sexy lips and mouth.
“Yeah, sweetheart, I knew you were built to dribble on my dick the moment I saw you,” he said as he lifted his left hand and positioned it behind the left side of Temi’s head. He reached down with his right hand and found the thick, three strand braid of Temi’s hair. He lifted the braid, brought it up and wrapped a section of her braid around the base of his cock.

I found this action so immensely sexy that I came with incredible force into my boxer. Obi exerted pressure with is left hand and started to gently face fuck Temi. Temi started to stroke his balls with her free left hand while her right one crept upwards to feel the thick, muscular six pack of Obi’s stomach. “Yeah, blow that dick good girl,” Obi exclaimed as his face fucking of Temi started to quicken pace.

Obi’s muscular butt swayed back and forth as his monster tool glided in and out of Temi’s salivating mouth with slippery ease and in mesmerizing rhythm. As my cock grew hard again in my trousers and my mobile phone recorded the events for posterity, I realized that this was one of the most dick raising sights I would ever witness, far surpassing anything I had seen in porn movies.

Slivers of spit pooled and trickled down the side of Temi’s face down to her chin as she received the mouth fucking of a lifetime. Obi placed both his hands behind Temi’s head now and I saw his fingers tighten as he pushed her head into his groin while simultaneously jamming his cock further into her mouth.

Obi was really thrusting quickly, hard and very rhythmically, and I saw the thick outline of his member as it made a bulge in Temi’s cheek. Suddenly, Temi gagged and Obi’s cock come out of her mouth as she coughed violently. “Bit too much for you to handle baby?” Obi quizzed.

Temi steadied herself after the small coughing fit and glanced up with absolute, hot, steaming lust straight into Obi’s eyes.

Her black mascara that she had expertly applied and that really accentuated her slutty eyes to give her this constant “take my ass from behind” look had begun to run, as her eyes watered from the vicious dick bashing that she had been subjected to.

But that made her look even hotter and the embodiment of sluttiness. The end of her braided hair still remained loosely tied to the base of Obi’s cock. “Not at all big boy, give me more of that beautiful, big cock,” she said as she smacked her lips one more time and moved back on to her knees and towards Obi’s pulsating dick.

“You like my long hair, don’t cha?” she enquired, in a purring voice, as she gathered up the rest of her braid and painstakingly tied it in circular motions, loop after loop, around Obi’s 12 incher, until only the top of his cock head, engorged with blood, remained visible.

She then began to slowly massage and rub the mass of her bunched up hair up and down his cock, while she took his cock head into her mouth again and stimulated it expertly. “Ah shit, yes, fuck that’s good,” Obi moaned. “I was always a fan of the Disney movie, Pocahontas, but I never thought I would get to fuck her,” he laughed, while he glanced down, face contorted with pleasure, down at Temi’s piercing eyes and luscious mouth staring up at him with his dick buried deep underneath the folds of her hair, with its tip being expertly maneuvered by her tongue and cheeks.

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