June 26, 2022

Zoe’s Scribbles: Sugar Baby II

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Zoe’s Scribbles: Sugar Baby II

Sitting right at the table was my boss’ best friend and business partner- Mr Goal Scorer. I think he recognized me too because he raised an eyebrow at me before greeting my boss. I figured they were really close because they talked like brothers.

Looking at him now, I could see he was probably my boss’ age mate and I wondered why I didn’t see it before and how he managed to look so good. When they were done with their pleasantries, my boss decided to introduce us. ‘Zoe, meet my best friend who’s more brother than friend, Tunde Hart. Tjan, meet the best assistant I have ever come across, Zoe’. We shook hands and then went back to their banter.

Tunde Hart. I had heard that name before. I just couldn’t place it almost immediately, then it hit me. I was sitting with the shipping magnate. This man’s name was No 2 on the Forbes’ list for the Richest African men, the same Tunde Hart. His family was into oil and gas but at a young age, he branched out into the shipping business.

With a few maritime policies in his favour, he hit gold. His name is the main name in the admiralty division.

They soon got serious and my boss left me to show his friend the stuff I’m made of which I daresay I did a damn good job of. After impressing him, they both agreed that I’d make the presentation to the Minister whom they were supposed to show it to.

Tunde signalled the waiter who brought the menu for us to make our order. By this time, I was starving and could’ve probably passed out. Luckily, the food didn’t take too long to come after we made our order.

While we were eating, Tunde kept asking me professional and some nicely concealed personal questions. I figured he was trying to know more about me. While I answered his professional questions easily, I nicely evaded his personal ones. For some reason, I couldn’t help my attraction to him. He just seemed the type that would know how to make sweet love to a woman as opposed to these older guys who get tired after three thrusts or think it’s about taking Viagra and pounding a woman for hours.

My boss’ phone rang and he stepped out to pick it. As soon as he left, Tunde leaned over to my side and said,

‘You disappeared on Saturday, I tried to find you but I figured you had left so I left too. I noticed you avoided some of my questions. You’re smart just not as smart as I am. I want us to have dinner tomorrow. I’ll send my driver to pick up.’

My boss came in at that time and we had to leave for the office. We got to the office and the whole place was a mad house. Apparently we had won one of our bids and the whole office was in a celebratory mood.

One of the directors had ordered small chops for the office and lots of it. I knew it meant more work for me and I just wasn’t in the mood for all the merriment. As I was about to leave the office, my boss called me in and from the look on his face, I knew something was up.

‘Zoe, you know you’re leading the team on this one right? You’ve got the free hand to pick whomever you want on your team’. I chuckled.

My job title might read ‘Executive Assistant’ but I sure as hell do the jobs of most of the knuckleheads downstairs. Could be because I’m a lawyer by training but most of those idiots don’t know shit. I knew that wasn’t why he called me though but I when he didn’t say anything, I nodded and made for the door.

As I was about to leave, he said ‘Also, Tjan, I mean Tunde Hart asked for your number so he could talk to you about what we discussed. I gave it to him’. I raised an eyebrow at him, shook my head and walked out but inwardly I was exhilarated. A man like Tunde Hart after me? Sigh.

I got home in time because I left the office way before the rush hour traffic, the traffic in Lagos these days tie wrapper with gele. I took a shower and had some dinner, I was so restless but I wasn’t in the mood to drive or even go out.

Trying to take a nap and I realised I hadn’t gotten laid in so long. It had been months, I tried to think of someone to call up but for some reason, I just couldn’t get Tunde Hart out of my mind.

The more I thought about him, the more I felt my body shiver. I ran my fingers across my nipples , imagining his lips upon them. Teasing them, I felt them go rock hard. I pulled on them a little and it sent little shock of lightening down my spine. By now I was greatly aroused. I ran my hands over my tummy, playing with my belly button with one hand while the other moved further down to my core.

I imagined Tunde’s hands spreading my pussy lips and inhaling my essence. At this, my pussy starts to water. I tease my clit a little, imagining his tongue circling it and making tiny bites. I move my finger further down, inserting my fore and middle fingers into my pussy. With small strokes, I finger myself, going in deeper with every stroke.

I stretched one hand into my bedside drawer and pulled out Nims. Nims is my trusty rabbit. She was a gift from Alex. Luckily there were batteries inserted. Raising my legs p a little, I pushed Nims into my pussy, imagining Tunde filling me up. I turned on the clit stimulator and kept doing in. with each thrust, I push down my pelvis so it hits the spot. My orgasm starts to build and when I crash, I crashed hard, squirting all over my sheets. It was a full 10 minutes before I realised someone was at the door.

I wrapped a night robe around my body and went to open the door. You will never guess who it was…

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