June 26, 2022

Zoe’s Scribbles : Concentration (18+)

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Zoe’s Scribbles : Concentration (18+)

A classmate of mine from the university was getting married over the weekend and she invited me. At first I wasn’t interested but during the week, I noticed the invitation card said I could come in with a plus one. I figured I could go with Alex since like me, she didn’t like weddings and I couldn’t suffer alone. I sent a text to Alex informing her about it and telling her what to wear. I wasn’t going to have her dressed anyhow and fall my hand with Lagos babes.

On the day of the wedding, I wore a black guipure lace fabric made into a dress and a teal gele, purse and pair of shoes. I drove over to Alex’s place and unsurprisingly, baby girl wasn’t dressed. We finally picked a black dress with gold accessories and hurried out of the house, I really didn’t want to get caught up in Lagos traffic.

We got to the venue of the wedding and it was no simple affair plus the place was packed. Thankfully, we saw a lot of folks we knew back at the university and it didn’t feel weird even though they weren’t anyone we were particularly close to. Knowing that I needed a drink first, we got to the table with our names on it and I signalled one the white shirt wearing servers. “You must be with the bride going by the colours of your outfit only that you’re wearing it the wrong way”. I turned to look at the direction the voice came from, my tongue ready to lash out when my eyes happened upon the most beautiful male ever created.

So beautiful that my lips below watered at the sight of him. Don’t blame me; I just hadn’t gotten laid in weeks. But as a girl, I had to be coy. “If that’s your line and it always works, then there are a lot of pretty girls with low self-esteem in the world than I thought”. Dude laughed and oh dear, did he have the most beautiful laugh or what. We got talking and to be honest, that was the most fun I was having. I mean, the wedding was boring.

Out of the blues, dude goes,

“I have a room at this hotel in case I get drunk and cannot drive home. Why don’t we go up and talk? Here’s noisy and I know you’re bored with the whole thing.” I looked to my other side and I saw Alex almost locking lips with some chic.

Babe definitely wasn’t going to miss me so I texted her and went with him to his room. Oh by the way, his name is Tobi.

Dude must’ve made the order before we got upstairs because when we got into the room, there were two bottles of wine, a bottle of Jack Daniels ™ and mixers. “Sorry, but you don’t strike me as a champagne drinking girl”, he said. “Well that’s because I’m not. You got the right drinks”. We started off with the bottles of wine, drinking, talking, and flirting. Halfway through the bottle of Jack, we decide to play Concentration with the rule that a loser removes an item of clothing. Soon we were naked. Regardless, we continued playing. I lost a game and while he was thinking of a punishment for me, I sat atop him and sank my dripping pussy down his shaft, riding him as we tongue wrestled. His lips moved from my mouth to rest on my now hardened left nipple and I almost went over the edge. Next, his hands cupped my ass and he began to thrust into me harder and faster.

When I couldn’t hang on anymore, I let go all over his thighs, squirting as I came. But he wasn’t done. He dropped me back down on the bed, raised my legs on his shoulder and went back to work. This time, we came together. He pulled out so fast; the act itself caused me to orgasm again.

A few minutes later, I got a text from Alex saying she had already left with the chic, probably to bang her. I turned to my side and Tobi was already asleep. I tiptoed to the bathroom, cleaned up and got dressed and left the room.

… not before leaving my number on the bedside table.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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