June 26, 2022

Zoe’s Scribbles (18+) : The Lunch Club

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Zoe’s Scribbles (18+) : The Lunch Club

“Mehn. With all the work I have on my desk, there’s no way I’m going to leave the office for lunch. And I’m craving some lamb chops with some pasta and a nice smoothie to go with. Sigh”. I tweeted.

It was true, I was having a hellish day dealing with a truckload of reports. I couldn’t afford to step out of my office except I wanted to pee and I was starving. To think I had wasted the early part of the morning tweeting because I thought it was going to be a free day. If my boss wasn’t an amazing one, I probably would have hated him at that moment.

Imagine my surprise when a delivery guy knocked on my door with some package in his hands.

‘Good afternoon. I’ve got a delivery for one Miss Zoe’. Wowee.

“I’m Zoe. Who’s it from?”

‘I can’t say maam. I was just asked to drop this off’

Dude handed it over to me and left. Boy, it felt so warm and smelled so good. I opened the box and what did I see? A take away pack of lamb chops and pasta. Not just that, a box of cupcakes and a cup of smoothie with a note that said

“Someone as beautiful as you shouldn’t be hungry”, I screamed in delight because the sounds my tummy was making weren’t pleasant. I quickly dug into my meal and the best part, it tasted as good as it looked and smelled. The lamb chops so tender without falling off the bone.

The pasta with the right amount of cheese and sauce. I picked up my iPhone and my fingers started flying. “I just received the most amazing meal I’ve ever had in a long time and I don’t know who it’s from. If you’re the one who sent me lunch, thank you. You saved my life”.

I fully expected the person to mention or at least DM me but it didn’t happen. Now you can’t have a food as good as that and not deliver on your deadlines. I even finished ahead of time and so I was able to go home before the traffic started.

The next day during lunch time, I got a delivery. This time it was chicken escalope with stir fry veggies. This person seemed to know what I wanted. However, it was an extremely busy day with me making presentations and closing two deals. I had absolutely no time for social media, I got home pretty late and just made a pack of noodles to eat.

After dinner, I settled with my iPhone to see what was going on Twitter. My tweet hadn’t even finished sending when I saw a DM notification from an @King.

‘Did you enjoy your chicken escalope?’

I checked the handle and it wasn’t someone I was following. I didn’t even know Twitter now allowed followers you aren’t following to send DMs. I hit the follow button and replied

“OMG! It was you. Yesterday and today. Oh my goodness. The meals were delicious. Thank you so much”. 

From then on, we started talking. Found out he’s an architect and he runs his own company. He’s doing pretty well for himself and apparently he has had a huge crush on me based on my Twitter persona.

Things were sort of smooth between us. He’d send me early good morning DMs complete with a YouTube link to a beautiful song. I’d have lunch delivered to me in the office. If I tweeted that I was having a rough day, he’d call to make me laugh. Of course, before long, I was fantasizing about fucking him. I just wanted to fuck the living daylights out of him and I told him so. That was how we started flirting. We’d exchange nudes and bruh, dude was packing well. I knew I had to get me some of that.

‘What are you doing after work?’ His DM.

“I’m actually closing early. Have a meeting with a client and I know it will end early because I had already taken care of the hard part of dealing with the client. So I’ll just get him to sign the agreement and I’ll head home from there. What’s going on?” I replied.

‘Nothing. I just want to fuck you silly tonight. It’s a Friday and there’s no work tomorrow. How about I pick you up for dinner after work and we can head over to my place?’

“That sounds great, I stay at Calton apartments. See you soon”.

After my meeting which took longer than I expected but still ended early, I rushed home to pack an overnight bag and do my normal Friday laundry since I wasn’t spending the night at home. At half past six, he called to say he was in my building. I told him my apartment number and let him in. this mighty fine, dark skinned Adonis with a fresh cut and he’s a member of the beard gang too was standing at my door.

I almost wanted to jump his bones there and then.  Luckily, I was ready and didn’t want to ruin my dress and makeup. I picked up my bags and we left the apartment. We had dinner at Izanagi which was surprisingly amazing and we headed to Posh Café for some drinks and shisha because it was still early and my day is never complete without alcohol in my system.

Because he was driving, we left when it was almost midnight and headed to his place. I was unbelievably horny and expressed same with my hands on his crotch. Wanting to shock him even further,  I unzipped his trousers and freed his dick. I slowly gave him a hand job while he drove. I knew it was a struggle for him especially as he kept trying to cum but couldn’t as I was controlling it. We got to his house at Banana Island in one piece thankfully and he showed me up to the bathroom for a shower and for me to slip into something more comfortable.

I came out to the living room and he too had showered and had a bottle of wine opened for us. I straddle him on the couch and engulf his lips with mine. I know I say this all the time but my goodness! @King can kiss. He had the softest lips I had ever felt on a guy and he knew how to use them. He lifts me, wrapping my legs around carries me into his bedroom.

Throwing me on the bed, he straddled me and proceeded to kiss me all over. He made a trail down to my breast, nibbling my nipple while playing with the other one. Then he stopped, stood up and left the room. My initial reaction was fear but then I calmed down. I’ve got a black belt in Karate and if dude was going to try anything funny, he sure as hell was going to have a fight on his hands.

I heard him before my eyes got accustomed to his silhouette as the room lights were off. I tensed when I felt his hands on me.

‘Relax Zoe. I’ll never hurt you’ and I did just that. I felt his mouth on my nipple and this time I cried out. It was cold. Dude had an ice cube in his mouth and proceeded to torture me.

He moved from one nipple to the other, drawing circles with the ice in his mouth. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he stopped and trailed the ice along my body, stopping at my belly button.  Then he moved down to my inner thighs. He teased me by trailing the ice along my leg, expertly avoiding my pussy and then moves to the other leg. I growl in frustration and he chuckles. Right, dude was doing it on purpose.

When it eventually happened I almost came. He rubbed the ice against my clit while raising one leg up and plunging his finger into my pussy. I put my hand lightly on his head and start to hump his face. When the ice melted, he started to nibble on my clit and press his tongue against it was still cold. Before long, I feel myself reaching that peak and I expressed it by coming all over his face but he didn’t stop. He lapped at every drop of my juices that flowed. He dropped me on the bed and I took the opportunity to straddle him.

I wasn’t going to let him get away with it.

I kissed him, tasting myself and boy do I taste good. All that cranberry juice and pineapple weren’t a waste. Slowly I sank myself down his dick and his moaned sent shivers down my spine. He reached up to grab a boob and I proceeded to rock my hips. Alternating my pace, I’d go hard and fast and when I saw he was about to cum, I’d slow down. I flipped and turned around without moving from his hot dick, my back facing him, leaned down a little and began to twerk on his dick. I was climbing up the mountain and I could tell he was too.

When he did cum, he smacked me hard on the ass and that triggered my own orgasm and I squirted all over his dick. I collapsed on his body as he cuddled me and we slept off.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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