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Vixen Banks: The Unraveling of Franca (18+)

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Vixen Banks: The Unraveling of Franca (18+)

Written by Vixen Banks

Franca was a lesbian and had been one for over seventeen (17) years. She became a lesbian when she was in JSS two in one of the unity schools in the southwest. Her becoming a lesbian was inevitable since her school was an all-girl school, a boarding and with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the joys of pussy.
She had noticed a girl in form three being very attentive to her even when she was doing her ablutions either in the mornings or at night.

The senior was very kind, accommodating and had a listening ear. She always protected Franca from the usual hashing experienced in boarding schools. Franca also noticed that the senior had many followers; some of the more beautiful girls followed her around and there was this air of leadership surrounding her. Other girls jumped to obey her every word whether spoken gently or harshly.

In fact, there was more urgency to obey when her words were spoken softly. The senior’s name was Nike, a tall, gangly girl with masculine like behavior, small breast, and narrow hips. But there was this aura of power surrounding her which was unmistakable to see.
Franca was a figure of womanhood and even at twelve years had started showing signs of womanly curves. Her budding boobs were big for her age and frame, her waist tiny and her hips also a little too wide for her age. It would definitely get bigger.

She was a virgin but not ignorant of what went on between men and women. In fact, she had touched and brought herself to an orgasm a number of times. She loved watching porn movies, especially where girls are eaten by other girls or by men. It was a fantasy of hers to be eaten, eaten really thoroughly. She had even touched herself a number of times but was too timid to break her hymen.

One fateful day in the second term of JSS two, Franca decided to have a shower after prep before the bell would go for dinner. While in one of the cubicles of the communal row of bathrooms, she heard voices and peeped out to see. She saw Nike come into the bathroom with about four girls in tow, all naked but with a towel slung across their shoulders. It wasn’t a strange sight as that was how they all went about in their hostel, after all, it was a mainly female school. Franca withdrew her head into the bathroom and continued with her shower.

She, however, let out a shriek as she felt hands cupping her buttocks from behind. She began struggling to get loose from the hands but was overpowered as others joined and dragged her to the bathroom corridor. She made to scream but a hand was clasped to her mouth and her head yanked backward. The yanking brought tears of pain to her eyes and she was the force to look up only to stare into the steely gave of Nike.
”Hello beauty” Nike smiled at her motioning to the other girls holding her hands to let her go.
Franca was released and made to get up from the hard stone floor.

”Don’t” commanded Nike and Franca found herself involuntarily obeying the barked out command. Her heart was beating loudly but she couldn’t say a word as it felt as if there was a force holding her captive.

”Don’t be scared. I have been watching and observing you since you came to this school and I find that I like what I see. I want you to be one of my girls and I know you will also like it. You do not have a choice as I have already chosen you and nobody can change my will or do anything about it, least of all you. You have a body to die for and I know you will grow up to become one beautiful woman. It would be my pleasure to watch you transform from a girl into a woman.” Nike said
Franca just sat there on the floor, knees bent, hairless pussy wide open for all to see and body glistening with the water still on her body, helplessly.

She couldn’t speak or move as hands started groping her body, touching her petite just emerging boobs, rubbing all over her back, neck, hair, face, all her body. She started heating up, just staring at Nike, unable to look away from those hypnotizing eyes or even to think.

Nike took her face in her hands and claimed her lips in a very searing hot kiss, probing her mouth with her tongue and really french kissing her. Nike was a connoisseur of kissing, she knew how to make a nun kiss back. In no time Franca found herself thrusting back at the tongue in her mouth, sucking up the saliva flowing freely from mouth their mouths. Her body was flushed with heat and pleasure she never knew existed permeated her body. Soon she felt a mouth on her erect nipples sucking and kneading the little fat filled sac, another mouth took the other nipples and soon her entire body was filled with mouths and hands working and wrecking havoc on her senses.

She began struggling for breath, trying to free her lips from Nike’s lips but to no avail. Then Franca felt a hand on her crotch moving round and round until a finger touched that protruding knob at the top of her pussy and started rubbing on it. She gasped and convulsed as she experienced pleasure she never had in all the times she had been touching herself. It was a pleasure beyond imagining as she saw stars and by the time she came down from her high, she realized the other girls had released her and Nike was leaning against a cubicle door looking at her with hooded eyes and a half smile playing her lips.

”Welcome back” she said ”that’s just a little, a fragment of the pleasure I can and will give you. come to my class when you are ready to feel more” so saying, Nike and her entourage walked out of the bathroom, leaving Franca still panting, pussy open and dripping love juice and a sudden feeling of emptiness.

She stayed in that position for minutes and only got up when she began shivering. She was confused and didn’t know what to do but one thing she was sure of was that she wanted more of the pleasure she had just experienced. She wanted more.

Five days later, unable to bear the itch between her legs and the heat flooding her body each time she thought of the bathroom incident, Franca tapped lightly on the door to Nike’s room and waited shyly but it was only a second before  Nike slid it open and let her inside.

She was a little taken aback because Nike was stark naked and had a rubber-like object in her hand “Just take off your dress and put your stuff over there in the corner,” the big girl ordered,  “Uh, sure,” Franca stammered,  Franca quickly turned her attention to removing her day wear which was just a gown, her panties, and shoes, but out of the corner of her eye she watched in stunned silence as Nike stood stark naked in the middle of the room rubbing the penis like object on her mound! She quickly averted her eyes away from the big girl, but a tap on the shoulder nearly made her faint dead away!

Nike stood behind her grinding her boobs to Franca’s now naked back and sliding her hands from behind to cup her boobs, fondling with the now erect and very sensitive nipples, rolling them between her thumb and forefingers and sending Franca to a twilight world of pleasure she didn’t know existed. She gasped, unsure of what to do but aware that her butt was unconsciously pressing back on Nike’s groin.

Franca’s mind was spinning like a top and even though she knew it was wrong she offered no resistance and wanted more when Nike turned her round to face her and took her hands and placed on her chest and the other on her bulging mound! Franca was frozen in confusion, feeling the heat emanating from Nike’s overheated mound and the musky aroma of pussy filling the room but the low moan escaping Nike’s throat left little doubt about the course the events were now taking.

With both of their breathing growing more shallow, Nike deftly pulled Fracas mouth towards Franca gaping mouth!

“You know what to do,” Nike said huskily,

“Please hurry!” Franca stared up into the eyes of her new friend, and after seeing them burning with desire she lowered her mouth to a hard nipple and hungrily sucked it into her eager mouth!

“Oh, god,” Nike gasped, “s-suck it harder, suck mama’s big fat nipple!!!” For the next five minutes, Nike’s mouth was like a vacuum cleaner as she sucked and licked the big nipple and tit like there was no tomorrow!
Nike was quickly being driven over the proverbial edge, but just as the fury in her pussy threatened to bubble over she pulled away from a startled Franca and pushed her onto the big bed in the room which did not look like a hostel room at all!!!

“Okay, baby, spread those nice shapely legs, mama wants to suck some pussy!!!” Franca obediently lay on the bed and spread her legs, revealing her bald and steaming mound, the lips of which was quivering in excitement. Nike pressed her mouth against Franca’s bulging mons while letting her tongue probe into the now drooling slit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck that’s nice,” Franca gasped while shoving her pussy hard into Nike’s hungry mouth, the not to be forgotten feeling of pleasure flowing through her body once more, she loved the feeling.

“Almost as smooth as a baby’s bottom!” Nike cooed. And it was too, hairless and bulging with her clit poking out obscenely between the folds of labial skin.

“I’ve never seen anything quite so beautiful,” she sighed while leaning forward to plant several soft kisses on the young girl’s now dripping crack. Franca’s body stiffened for a second, but only for a moment as seconds later Nike’s warm tongue slithered into her crack and contacted her now very distended clitoris. “Oh, my,” She gasped,

“Oh, oh, right there, yesssssss, right there on my clit!”  Nike could suck pussy like nobody’s business and that is exactly what she proceeded to do! Like a bitch in heat, she literally devoured Franca’s clit as she voraciously licked, sucked, and slurped her hard little organ! Wantonly Franca thrust her hips forward, offering her pussy to the hungry cunt lapper!

Wrapping her young legs around Nike’s neck, Franca locked her in place and began bucking her hips as her climax roared through her cunt, leaving her shaking and mewling like a newborn baby!!!

“Do you want me to stop?” Nike asked between licks.

“No, noo noooo, ohhhhhhhhhhhh God don’t ever stop,” She panted while an orgasm of brutal dimensions bore down on her pussy like a tidal wave! When it finally hit her it was so stunning that she thought she was having a heart attack! Over and over waves of passion coursed from her clit throughout her shaking body until she was nearly unconscious and shell-shocked with her legs splayed wide apart and Nike’s face resting against her very satisfied pussy!

“M-my god,” She finally managed to groan that was unbelievable! Nike chuckled softly under her breath and slid up alongside her new lover and whispered into her ear,

“Welcome to a new world of pleasure, the day is still very young and there is a whole lot more pleasure you are going to experience before you leave this room today. When we are done here today you will never want a guy. They won’t satisfy you.”

Franca curled up with one of Nike’s nipples in her mouth and cooed, “Mmmmmm yes,!!!”

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