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Vixen Banks: The Unraveling of Franca [Part 6](18+)

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Vixen Banks: The Unraveling of Franca [Part 6](18+)

Written By Vixen Banks

Franca was awakened by the sound of the door to the room being locked. She opened her tear stained eyes and saw four men accompanying Eddie and Sammy into the room. The guys looked at her lasciviously, showing visible signs of lust for her rich, ripe body and the round fullness of her solid backside gave them a tantalizing vision, two chocolate round cheeks of silky texture billowing out with proud support.

“wow, what a sight for sore eyes! one of the guys exclaimed, coming forward to tilt her face forward so he could have a better view of her ample boobs. Her nipples were as usual taut and hard as she stared at the guys wearily, wondering what more they had in stock for her. Another slapped her buttocks with hard slaps making her jerk forward and cry out in pain.

”hahahahhahaha.” they all laughed boisterously as they made themselves comfortable on the bed and chairs in the room, removing various forms of clothing.

Franca just knelt there helpless. She knew there was nothing she could do but accept whatever the guys had in store for her. Earlier happenings had shown that pleading would get her nowhere as the guys were ready to have their way with her. She was pressed to use the loo, however, and her ankle and wrists hurt from long being tied.

”Please untie me and allow me to use the loo as I am very pressed. I promise not to cause any trouble, please” Franca pleaded with her captors.

“Untie her, Eddie, she can’t cause any harm and has nowhere to go. I don’t fuck unwilling women and I am sure that by the time I am done with her, she will be begging to have all her holes filled with cockmeat, not rubber” commanded a guy that has the unmistakable looks of a leader.

Franca was surprised when Eddie complied without a single word of objection. He untied her and Franca spent close to five minutes rubbing her wrists and ankles to get blood to circulate and ease the pain. She finally got to her feet and shakily made her way to the door shown her by Eddie, she flushed deeply as she met the eyes of some of the guys as she saw the hungry look in their eyes and the way they smacked their lips and roved over her lush body. She went into the bathroom which was a standard one with a bath, a loo, and bidet, all very clean and with a medicine cabinet.

”Leave the door open” the obvious leader commanded ” and take a bath, spend as long as you want, we have time on our hands”.

Franca obliged and spent almost an hour taking care of her violated and tired body. She saw the bruises on her ample boobs from the whip lashes inflicted on them by Eddie and she wondered if she would leave there unscathed or with invisible scars. She cried a little then wiped her eyes and made decided to make the best out of a bad situation.

She later stepped back into the room when she could no longer stay away without inviting harsh punishment.

”hmmmmmm, beautiful ripe body” one of the guys smirked, standing up to pinch her nipples and causing an involuntary gasp to escape from her mouth. Her body shook with a spasm as her dark nipples became more erect and her boobs swollen. She turned her face away.

“Turn around!” a loud voice commanded.

Franca knew that if she refused they would easily overpower and punish her and the wisest course was to cooperate, the odds were obviously in their favor. She moved slowly until facing the six men. They were all nude and her eyes strayed to their crotches revealing six hard cocks of various sizes but none smaller than eight inches, she groaned in dismay.

Naked and trembling she waited for them to make their moves but no moves were made. They sat there staring at the ripe, inviting nipples, the glistening bald mound of her crotch, the hint of vaginal lips showing between the fullness of her thighs.

 “Kneel and crawl over here” a voice commanded, she did not know who like the sight of the cocks frightened her

“Ohhhhh…” she sobbed as her legs grew weak and she dropped onto her knees crawling to the direction of the voice. His long, brown cock was fully stiff, anxious and hot. She could feel the bodily warmth emanating from the shaft, see the blue veins and delicate flesh. It was a gorgeous cock with a flared, pointed glans. His pubic hair was brown, the cock lifted from it as a candle does from its base.

”suck and suck it like a pro, and if you bit me, I will cut your face in several places and turn your beauty around” he said

”Please don’t make me suck your dick, please” Franca pleaded. She was ignored as her face was pushed onto the cock, then she leaned closer and brought the pulpy cock tip to her wet lips and touched. With her tongue, she licked across the little slit on the end, then around the whole glans and underneath. Before sucking the shaft in she coated it with slow, firm laps of her tongue from top to balls.

By the time her lips came up to the cock-head to engulf it she was nipping and sucking at the meaty cock her whole mouth was screaming to feel it buried inside. She plunged her face readily onto it and felt the thick head plow deep into the soft warmth of her cheeks and thrashing tongue.

She cupped the testicles in her hand and gently rolled them while giving the rod several long drawing pulls with her eager mouth. The pecker tip was burning inside her like a hot stone, she knew the cock was close to the bursting point, very near creaming her cheeks and teeth with thick cum.

He pulled his soaked cock from her mouth with one abrupt jerk and Franca was left gasping in cool air. She looked up with confusion on her face and reached for the cock as he stepped aside but suddenly realized the next man was taking his place, he displayed a shorter cock, but much thicker, just as hard, also red with desire.

Without hesitating, she laid her tongue onto the wide head of this man’s stump. It was a cock as powerful as his strong body, a battering ram, a stretcher. She ran her tongue down the base over the few hairs growing from the solidity. A low, lazy scrotum sagged with the burden of two enormous testicles under the column.

She dashed her tongue across the hairy sac and came back up the cock with swirling, grabbing sucks of her lips until the fat head was encased in the drawing, twisting pull of her slippery,  lips. She pressed down and felt him swell her cheeks out, press her tongue flat, rub against the tingling roof of her mouth. She was surprised to discover that she was enjoying the taste of the cocks invading her mouth.

They each had the distinct masculine taste that had an intoxicating aroma, it was tantalizing in a sort of erotic way.  The cocks didn’t have the taste of latex as all the dildos she had sucked tasted. The warm flush feeling invading her body felt strange but exciting. Her pussy was juicing, an unexpected thing since she never thought she would juice from sucking a real cock.

She was rocking her head from side to side in a circular motion to draw the venom from the thick snake when he pulled it out of her lips with a wet smack. She tried to follow it with imploring kisses but he moved aside and she saw the next man replace him.

His skin was shining and black, taut as if it was stretched over a drum. His stiff cock looked like a pillar of black marble. It glowed with anticipation and hovered before her staring eyes like a cobra ready to strike.

Franca wrapped her hands around the stunning post of black and stroked down to the tight scrotum. The cock felt like wood, polished, smooth wood. The cock-head was round and didn’t have the flared edges like the other two, but it was a sizeable glans, a glowing knob of swollen heat. She kissed it as she would a small child.

Before sucking this third cock she moved deep to the balls and licked out at them. Then she pushed her face in close and sucked at the skin until feeling it slide into her mouth, she was able to suck one oval nut inside and let it slip softly out before licking a spiral path up the man’s pulsating shaft of dark pleasure. At the top she pressed tight lips against it and had it force between, she was letting the cock fuck her mouth, separate the lips and dig deep inside.

Each time she tasted the cocks, felt them move inside the welcome of her sucking mouth she remembered with dread the promise of Eddie that she would be fucked by all the guys. The last thing she wanted to repeat the fuck by Eddie, the dreadful feeling of complete helplessness as he clamped her choking face down time after time on the full length of his long cock.

It was no pleasure for her to feel the pumping sperm being lost far down her throat, none at all. Franca wanted to cooperate in every way, let the men have their pleasures,  pump their hot semen inside her cunt and mouth if that would stop them from hurting her.

The very dark man withdrew his cock as abruptly as the others had and Franca was left kneeling alone. Then she felt hands on her arms and was lifted up into the air and carried to the center of the floor. They were gentle enough as they laid her on her back, and she realized they were now going to put the cocks in her pussy, she felt disgusted at having a cock invade her pussy but she knew there was nothing she could do about it.

But the hands, six of them, started to feel her body, touch her beautiful breasts and nipples, probe the hugging tenderness of her backside, tickle the wet skin of her cunt lips. They caressed, rubbed, soothed constantly, everywhere, quickly making her breath catch, her legs open with unexpectedly, her hips rock out of control.

“Ohhhhh…” she sighed as their mouths came down to suck at her nipples and she felt the head of the third man nestle between her legs.

The dark man ran the flat of his tongue across the juice-trickling slit between her legs. Then he clamped thick lips against her and stabbed the tongue up deep inside the burning hug of her box. She jerked her hips up with pleasure and felt his hands scoop under her ass to hold her in the air like a chalice from which he drank. His tongue was stabbing with rigid strokes all over her pussy to make it soaked with his saliva, to draw its juices down and out to his sucking lips.

The two men at her breasts both bit down on a nipple at the same time and she grimaced with the pleasing pain. The tits were heaving up at the men’s faces, plastering into them with meaty fullness each time she gasped for air. The sound of her breathing was like the grating of a saw, a very fast saw.

“Yes…” she hissed through clenched teeth. “It’s soooo good. Soooo good. Please, please, please…”

But the guys were just beginning. The one between her legs moved up to a breast by trailing his juice-soaked tongue across her belly. The man who relinquished the brown taut nipple moved down to drink at her cunt with renewed force. His tongue swept down to tantalize her anus and wash across the folds of her dripping ass-cheeks.

Then he stabbed deep and jammed his tongue up hard against the blood-clotted firmness of the clitoris. Franca’s body wrenched and twisted hungrily in the air as he worked at the tight cord of fire time after time. She was unaware of anything but the mouths sucking at her body, swirling, floating, gyrating on a bed of licking pleasures. It felt too good to be true, too good to end, but also too great to have stopped.

They moved again but Franca didn’t care, as long as they continued. The third man covered her slit with his lips and sucked hard, a flow of cooking cream eased into his mouth and he swallowed it away. Franca felt herself growing closer and closer to a climax, building steadily toward the point where the mouths would receive their greatest reward.

“Go! Yes! Please don’t stop… Please! don’t stop! Pleassssssseeee!” she cried in the throes of her ecstatic, hot passion.

It was so close, so near the point that she believed it had started. But somehow it missed, the peak she was building to quickly became a landslide of disappointment as the man lifted his head from her saliva-matted crotch. The other two pulled away from her breasts and all she felt was a cold emptiness, a chill where the smears of saliva were now growing cold and dry.

“No! God, no! Come back, please! Please don’t leave me now!” she stammered while wildly grabbing out at them.

They only backed a short distance away and she sat sobbing in the center of them. “No! You haven’t had the best part yet,” she offered with wild eyes. Her hands were pressed into her crotch, kneading, digging, trying to help keep the intense fires burning.

“Come to me, take me, put yourself inside me and I’ll show you the greatest time you ever had!” she implored to the dark man.

He didn’t move. She spun around to face the others and reached out. They too didn’t move. “Please …..,” she moaned. “Please …”

She dropped onto her back and started sobbing hysterically as her hands dug deep into her own pussy. The wetness of her cunt was spread across her inner thighs, across the cheeks of her ass, up onto her stomach. She hoisted her hips into the air, spread her legs extremely wide and stabbed two fingers deep between the stretched, blood-red lips of her own twat.

“God, please help me,” she implored. “pleaseee! , please!”

Her cries died off in a groan of disappointment as she felt the intensity of her pleasure leaving, as the wonderful warmth started to cool quickly. She made one last straining dig with her inadequate fingers, then pulled them free. Her vacant body dropped to the floor like a discarded shoe.

“Do anything to me… anything you want,” she groaned.

Now the men started moving again. One at a time. Two went to her arms and pinned them down firmly to the carpeted floor while the third, the one with the long, thick cock moved between the spread of her imploring legs.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered. “Yes, fuck me! Fill my wet pussy up with all your cream! Yes!”

He drove his shaft into her with one straining thrust and she felt the ripping dig of the suddenness. But she bit her lip and refused to cry out, she didn’t want to stop him, he could have her any way he wanted. His cock moved with speed, deep, ramming, stabbing into her time after time without stop. She pitched her body up to meet his thrusts, to twist against the wonderful fill of hard muscle.

“Yes! Yes!” she mumbled.

Once again the heat was returning, once again her cunt was running with slickness and fire around the vibrating cock. He moved freely, deftly and quickly brought her screaming nerves back to the point of boiling. Each deep plunge drove her one step closer, closer, closer.

“That’s it! Now go! It’s… I’m…”

He jerked his cock free of her as suddenly as he thrust it in and she felt the hollowness of her cunt grow freezingly cold.

“Nooooooooooo!” she howled.

It was no use. He was out and staying out. She cried and brutally banged her head up and down against the floor while the two men continued to pin her shoulders down. Twice she had been brought to the point of satisfaction and twice they had pulled away. She now understood.

The dark guy, the obvious leader, waited until her fitful twists and banging stopped before allowing the young man who had just left her to take his place at her shoulder. It was now his turn to torture Franca’s confused, begging body. She didn’t move, she just felt his hands pushing her legs apart, felt his knees next to her thighs, felt him lying down on top of her gasping, crying body.

The thick, round head of his cock separated her drying cunt lips without pause. He didn’t use a fast, stabbing entry like the other one but a steady, constant drive to a depth that made her grimace. He worked his cock with smooth, filling strokes that inflamed the walls of her cunt, grated constantly against the still-stiff sensitivity of her clitoris.

They timed it just right. The hope, the distant prayer that they intended to ultimately satisfy had yet to die along with the aroused passions. she kept telling herself over and over as the splendid cocks worked at her body that it was no good, no use, no hope. But she couldn’t convince herself that pleasure wasn’t at the end of the road they were laying, it had to be, it must be.

She kept silent and tried to subdue her undulating hips as best she could. With closed eyes she decided not to let them know how close she was, she was going to have her orgasm without warning. The cock had her cunt packed with heat and was drawing her thick fluids once again. She knew she was close, very close but maintained silence.

His pumping increased, he was building her, lifting her guts up once again to the point of explosion. He was close, very close, his shining balls were driving down between her legs with more and more arousing speed. Franca’s pulse was ripping through her, she was hot, covered with perspiration and hardly able to hold the air she sucked so deeply in. Within seconds she knew the man would go too far and destroy their well-planned torture of her body.

God! Yes! So close! she was screeching to herself when the long cock slid from the lips of her grabbing cunt. He knew exactly when to pull away, exactly when to cause her the most severe disappointment.

“No! Nooooooo! You bastard! You dirty bastard!” she screamed. She tried to wrench up and rip at his eyes, tear the damned grinning mask from his face, rips him apart, but the other two calmly held her in place as if they had done this a hundred times before.

“Leave me alone! Go away! Please!” she moaned as they held her down.

It felt like hours to her before the last man let the leader take his place. He was now going to take his turn arousing her, going to shove his thick, barrel-like cock into her to bring about nothing but frustration. she no longer cared, he could fuck himself silly but she was sure her body could no longer respond.

The massive head of his cock stretched the lips of her cunt into a tight ring as it disappeared into her poorly lubricated hole. She could feel his cock scraping, tearing, rubbing tight against the delicately tissued walls as it plowed a wide path inside. But even the biting pain didn’t affect her, she stared blankly at the ceiling.

His strokes were short, clip-like movements which took a great deal of time to draw her wetness down. She couldn’t believe her organs had any moisture left, that her disillusioned body would dare show hope by aiding this man. But the moisture gave him the slickness to move faster, to work heat into her, to stroke against the clitoris with his thick cock constantly.

It was her clitoris that bothered Franca. It throbbed, pounded, blasted like a beacon light to a lost pilot. She knew she had no control over it and this man was giving it the most attention yet. The hard muscle of his shaft was tight against it, pummeling, torturing, exciting it.

“Why do this to me?” she weakly stammered while staring into the man’s eyes.

He blinked and kept stroking. She could feel the intense fire in his log, the almost frantic shove of each delicious, stuffing stroke. Then she felt a wonderful thing, something which surprised her and renewed all the hopes. The head of his cock, the glans, just around the rim, seemed to flare out, to grow more excited. To signal the unexpected suddenness of his own internal heat.

she washed her hips into the air and clamped her legs tight around the man’s hips. She vibrated her cunt and crotch firmly against him while swaying, jerking, fucking furiously. She could see the surprise in his eyes as he realized what was happening, as he felt his cock start to fill and swell with a volume of forceful jism.

“Go! Do it!” Franca screamed loudly while straining to hold him in place.

The man pulled back but her legs were strong, strong enough to make him struggle. she felt the first pump of his erupting sperm discharge just inside the lips of her quivering, clamping cunt. The next ejaculation came from his cock after he got it free but it smeared all its wonderful warmth across the lips of her twat. The third shot hit her upraised ass and dripped from the softness of her buns.

“Yes!” Franca triumphantly cried as she dropped onto the floor. “Yes!” as he pulled out and smeared the still warm cum all over her taut stomach. She gloried in the feel of the warm cum and the hands on her taut stomach and was still groaning when she felt flipped over and commanded to get on her hands and knees. She quickly obeyed, knowing what was to come and eagerly welcoming it as she raised her ass into the air.

‘hahahahaha, she wants it real bad’ one of the guys enthused as she felt one of them kneel behind her, pull her by the waist and slammed his cock into her slurpy pussy. ‘ahhhhhh, nghhhhh,’ she groaned in ecstasy as she pushed back on the invading, engorged cock, wanting to have it buried as deep inside her as possible. He then started pumping into her at a very fast rate, removing the cock to the cock and then shoving it back in with brutal force.

Franca heard loud screams and moaned filling the room and didn’t know they were hers until she heard one of the guys instruct another to shut her up with a cock. A stiff cock was shoved in front of her with the command ‘suck’ which she gladly did. She gobbled up the cock and used all her dildo sucking skills to bring the cock to a quick climax. She was enjoying the fire building up in her cunt and the cum flooding her mouth. It tasted warm and salty and quite exotic. She loved it and wanted more.

Another guy quickly replaced the spent cock in her mouth and she gladly gobbled it up again, working it until it too released its hot load into her greedy mouth. It became a blur of the event as the cock in her pussy and mouth was replaced after they had spilled their loads until her pussy became one very flooded hole and she could not see properly for the sperm coating her face. There was a slight bulge in her stomach from the sperm she had swallowed and a feeling of fullness.

The guys left here there on the lush carpet having cum at least thrice in either her mouth or pussy

and went out the door with the audible click of the lock telling her she was once again locked in. she dipped three fingers in her cum flooded pussy and scooped out the flowing sperm, bring the fingers to her mouth and sensuously licking her fingers clean of the new found thick creamy goodness.

She lay curled there with a smile on her lips as she thought of the guys coming back to fill her already empty feeling, cock hungry pussy with more cock meat and drifted off to sleep with her fingers stuck deep in her pussy.

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