August 8, 2022

Kunle JJC: The ASUU Strike Intern I (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The ASUU Strike Intern I (18+)

“No be your fault, na ASUU cause am”, Femi grumbled under his breath as he sat back behind his deck. 

He feels his life is partially ruined and it’s ASUU’s fault. If they hadn’t gone on strike, what would a handsome 6ft 1in, six-pack endowed 23 year old with dreamy lips like him be doing in this God-forsaken office as an intern? 

He would have been in a class or in between the thighs of one of his female coursemates or school girls making them scream their heads off in ecstasy. With a body and face like his, he received a lion’s share of attention from the feminine gender with very little effort. 

Now he is stuck behind a laptop that was missing too many keys on its keyboard working as an intern in an office where everybody took joy in sending him unnecessary errands. He was the youngest there but he expected them to treat him with a little respect not giving him a small polybag and telling him to go and buy Amala and meat and then yell at him for not bringing back their change even when he explained that he had been asked to come back for it. 

He missed his life in school but the options were to stay home, do all the house chores and get sent unnecessary errands or this. He picked an internship because the experience adds to his C.V and earns him respect at home. 

Femi’s frowned face diluted into a smile the moment his nostrils picked up this familiar fragrance. She’s finally here. 

“Good morning ma,” he said audibly, smiling from ear to ear. Amarachi rolled in like a ball of fire. A very hot woman in her mid-30s. She was not one with a big body frame, Femi always saw the middle of her head by just standing close to her. 

Amarachi’s face is enough to keep a whole crowd debating over her age. Her cute small lips would always curve like a bow and give a very enchanting smile. Her killer ass sways from side to side even though she mostly is on long gowns. 

It is impossible to not notice her presence anytime she steps into a room. 

Her perfume has a sweet, strong, scent that draws attention. Her cute baby face takes a firm grip on your attention then if you look down just a little bit, you are sure to get lost in her deep cleavage. 

Most of her clothes bared her fair chest and people around were served a sumptuous appetizer of her boobs. It is obvious from one look that Amarachi most of the time gives her brassieres a leave of absence. 

“Good Morning Femi”, she replied to him and the rest of her workers and scampered to her office. Typical of her coming to work late and rushing, Femi could not get his smile off his face. 

It was a daily routine for him to stylishly stare at her ass as she catwalks to her office and today was no different. Damn, that’s his boss’s ass for God’s sake. His boss has a boss ass. 

“Hey, Oniranu, go use my change but buy airtime come for me” one of his seniors yelled from across with a disgusted look on his face. 

He had caught Femi staring at Amarachi’s bum. Femi threw an “I don’t care” look back at him before cursing under his breath and slowly dragging himself off his feet to get the airtime. 

Being an intern in that office is unbearable but seeing Amarachi, catching a glimpse of her ass with his eyes is all worth it. She is very friendly and accommodating, an Igbo woman with many Yoruba workers. 

Femi had just put in another big shift at work. The day was a very busy one with all hands on deck. He had to constantly navigate between his normal office duties and the errands he got from his higher-ups. 

He did all and got home exhausted, he just wanted something to eat, take a shower and then sleep. That was the plan until he picked his phone up. Tons of messages awaited him on his WhatsApp. 

Some came in from the group dedicated to their office and the others from his friends from school (mostly his booty calls) he could not ignore and started to send out replies to all messages. 

He was struggling with whether to fully participate in the office group discussion or give all of his attention to Amaka who was sending him nudes. 

He kept jumping from one chat to the other keeping a firm hold on his engorged dick. A personal message came in from Amarachi, he looked up his notification bar and the figures there showed that it was code for airtime. 

Airtime from his hot boss, nudes from his hot girl, can the night get better than this? He quickly clicked on her chat and typed 

“Thank you, Ma” in capital letters before returning to Amarachi’s chat to text, 

“I swear, I can’t wait to bury this dick of mine in your pussy”. 

The moment he sent the message out, his eyes widened. Wrong message to the wrong person. He has sent it to Amara instead of Amaka. Why did he even save their contact like that in the first place? He quickly deleted the message hoping his boss had not read it. 

His sigh of relief quickly evaporated into the air when he got a text from Amarachi telling him to see her in her office by 9 am the next Monday. Femi felt deflated, a perfect night had just gone south. How does he explain to his boss that he meant no harm with his text? 

How does he explain that he got fired as an intern? He saw himself getting dismissed by his boss on Monday. 

Amarachi for the first time since Femi started his internship at her company came early today. He had been hoping she would be late as usual and he would have to properly think of something to say to defend himself. Femi gave her five minutes before knocking on her office dear. 

“Can you give a full explanation of yourself as regards the text you sent me last Friday?” She said before she softly landed her teacup on her lips to take a sip of tea.

Written by Reezy Sama

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