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May 9, 2021

Vixen Banks : Teenaged Studs II (18+) [Conclusion]
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Vixen Banks : Teenaged Studs II (18+) [Conclusion]

A story written by Vixen Banks

Finally got me my own personal teenage stud! Didn’t plan it, it just happened and me likey!

I have been constantly thinking about that Saturday I spent at Toyin’s and the way that 18year old boy fucked both of us to oblivion without missing a beat. Older guys couldn’t handle me alone for a whole day not to talk of having Toyin and I together for the day. It sounds brash but it’s a truism that we were both cock crazy.

I drool when I see a cock and so does Toyin, so it’s usually a chore to be pleased by one man alone let alone one trying to please us two. We thrive on the one off groupie whenever we can, the two of us, several guys because that’s the only way we could be sated. Now, here is one boy fucking both of us senseless and by nightfall I was fairly okay. It sure was an experience constantly having.

Toyin has got three such teenaged studs and is only ready to share and not relinquish to me. She says they all fuck like porn stars and isn’t ready to part with anyone of them for keeps. She wouldn’t mind us having the occasional three-somes but that was all she was willing to do.

Well what’s a girl to do but to accept?

But I wanted one of mine that I could always have at my beck and call to service my ever hungry pussy and started making plans on how to get one. After some hard work and diligence, my quest finally paid off and I got me my very own fucktoy.

It actually happened by accident. Don’t know if you guys remembered a heavy storm that happened some months back. Lots of houses in my area were affected, some had their roofs flown off, some broken walls while I was unfortunate to have a broken roof. I called the bricklayer to come and fix it up and he promised to come do it the weekend after when we finished negotiating cost, as he was pretty tied up with more serious cases.

The promised weekend finally came by and he told me he came with two casual workers so as to finish quickly. What’s my own as all I was concerned about was getting the damn fence fixed, I feel naked having my building exposed to all and sundry. I told him to get on with it and went back to my chores.

As it was a Saturday, I had on bum shorts and a spaghetti strapped tank as I do chores and this was my usual weekend/chore outfit. The shorts barely covered my butt cheeks while my ample boobs were left unencumbered, I had no bra on and my nipples were taut and straining the top, it being a polyester material. It wasn’t a problem for me but was in fact intentional as my nipples rubbing against the taut material kept me in a constant state of arousal.

I’m what you would term a complete BBW..big butts, big boobs and average waist. I wish my waist was tinier so as to pronounce my boobs. Been trying to get the Kim Kardashian waist for years but whom am I kidding, i have too much of a sweet tooth!..

Anyways, I love my body just fine and most guys find me attractive and sexy.

Back to the matter, I had finished washing and was spreading the wash out on the line a few feet from where they were working when I felt a prickling between my shoulder blades, someone was staring at me intently, I always get that feeling in such instances.

I looked up and locked gazes with a young man of between twenty and twenty-two; he couldn’t be more than twenty-two at the oldest. But he was well built. Had muscular arms, thick chest and smooth muscles and if not for his baby smooth chin and that look of innocence obvious in all youths, one would have mistaken him for a much older man. He was so engrossed in staring at my heaving chest that he did not even notice that I was also staring at him. He was bare-chested and wearing only cut-off frayed jeans at the knees with holes in several places and there was an unmistakeable bulge in his crotch. I looked off but something brought my gaze back to that crotch! It looked male, all hard and turgid, so I stared back, suddenly interested in delving further.

Suddenly, he realized I was also watching him and with a startled look, he dropped his gaze but he couldn’t keep his gaze off me, he kept staring so I decided to give him enough to stare at. I pushed forward my chest, stretching the material, making my hardened nipples push forward the more. I bent down, way more than I needed to and my butts spread out, pushing my legs further apart.

I made sure to draw out all the process needed in spreading just one cloth and ended up spending much more time than I normally would. He was so carried away with my antics and stared blatantly at me that the bricklayer had to hit him on the head to bring him back to his senses. I Laughed seductively and looked at his crotch suggestively, it was close to bursting. I went back inside and had to rub my thighs together to achieve a mini orgasm. I was just too horny.

Pictures of me beneath that young body kept assaulting my senses and I began wracking my brains for how to get him between my legs. I repeated the cloth spreading session thrice until the boy was flushed and there was an obvious stain on the front of his cut-off jeans. I myself had a wet patch between my legs that was growing bigger by the second. All too soon, there were no more cloths to spread and I was done with my chores, so I had to come out of my flat unnecessarily just to view this young stud. Several times I stretched and pushed out my boobs and gave him suggestive looks.

I wanted him to know that I wanted him to fuck me.

I started devising ways to make them stay longer and maybe in the process slip the boy a note of my intentions. I announced to the bricklayer that I was preparing breakfast for them and would like them to come in and eat something when they were done. He protested saying I was too kind, I shouldn’t bother but I insisted, if only he knew it wasn’t out of the goodness of my heart. I then went into the kitchen and boiled rice for them making sure to come out intermittently to show-cased my wares.

I had an eager audience, he would always look up each time I opened my door and I and i made sure to give him an eyeful, stretching, touching myself suggestively. At some point, I when I knew he was the only one looking at me, I popped out my left boob and his eyes bulged at the creamy goodness. It was such fun to tease him, I looked at the other bricklayer apprentice and wasn’t surprised that he hadn’t noticed my antics as he was old and too concentrated on his work, I wish they were two young men I could tantalize.

I was as sticky as hell and was emitting female smell all over the place. I smelt like a bitch in heat, well, I’m a bitch and I’m in heat so I guess that’s an accurate analogy. Any virile man could smell me for miles off, I was exuding the tangy smell of pussy in gallons. The crotch of my shorts was soaked through and through that the juice would start seeping out soon. I felt really alive, like a live wire just waiting to electrocute someone, anyone but preferably the opposite sex.

The young man’s reaction showed that he was very aware of the smell I was exuding as every so often he would stand up, adjust his crotch and his nostrils would flare wide open. He always managed to know just where I was standing, I guess it’s the aroma of pussy. The male nose has an unwavering affinity for it, its like a compass.

Soon they were through with the work, washed by the outside tap, changed into more decent cloths and came in to the meal I had prepared for them. Serving the meal was a journey in seduction for me as I made sure to nudge my victim each time I passed him by on the dining table. His flaring nostrils were an indication that he was very much aware and alive to my antics.

Of course I wanted him to know every of my trick. How do I get him to respond if he is unaware? Serving them the rice and stew, cutlery and drinking water afterwards was me enacting a play for my lone audience. I bumped into him every so often, leaned on him to pass water to the next guy that my boobs was squashed to his back. He was squirming. All too soon the meal was over and in my play acting; I had forgotten to pass him the intended note!

There was no way and no time to do so after the meal that I just gave up, paid the boss and after clearing out their equipment, they left.

Well I thought to myself, I couldn’t really think of how to make that boy stay without arousing suspicion from the others. So, I guess I had lost a stud.

My stickiness and smell were assaulting my senses after they had left to the extent that I had to do something about it.

So I connected my phone to my tv set to watch a porn movie of my favourite porn star, Jada Fire, the one where she is fucked by two guys, one in the ass and another in the pussy,  brought out my favourite dildo and proceeded to give myself the much needed orgasm. I was still horny but less so. Thereafter, I took a cold shower, lay on the couch in only a towel and slept off.

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