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May 8, 2021

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Teenaged Stud III

A story written by Vixen Banks

I was woken up by a timid knock on my door. I thought I was dreaming initially but the knock came again so I had to go open up. I opened the door only slightly because of my state of undress but gladly opened it wider, subconsciously thank my stars for being too lethargic to change into something more decent when I saw who was at the door. It was my intended victim, my bricklayer’s apprentice. I invited him to come and half-heartedly apologised for my state of undress. He came in timidly, and was looking quite dapper as he had changed into clean jeans and t-shirts and a pair of loafers. He smelt good too, I guessed he must have sprayed quite an amount of cologne on his body. I laughed mentally as it was sure that my hard work of the morning had yielded fruit.

‘’Please sit down. How may I help you? I asked, trying to make conversation.

‘’Please ma, I forgot my phone here’’ he answered

‘’where? I asked since I hadn’t seen any such thing.

‘’The dining ma’’ he answered, making for the dining area and true enough, there was his phone on the chair he had sat on to eat. Hmmmm, okay, now I’m impressed. He actually wants to fuck my pussy and worked towards it. Now to keep him here, get him out of his shell and bring out the stud in him.

‘’you don’t have to go yet, do you? I asked innocently as he made for the door. ‘’come and keep me company for a while’’

‘’okay ma’’ he answered almost too quickly and sat back down on the couch. Yippee, I mentally screamed, just the right place for him to be. I sat beside him and put on the tv and cable, arranging my towel but really doing it so that it could come off any moment as if by mistake.

‘’so what’s your name?’ I asked as I wiggled my hips to get a vantage position that would take me closer any moment. He couldn’t take his eyes off me and my heaving boobs as I breathed in and out. I could feel the tenseness of him. I had the impression of a beast, a lion that was ready to pounce on his helpless prey. I wasn’t helpless and I desperately wanted that pounce.

‘’ochuko, ma’’ he replied switching his eyes between the action movie on tv and my towel wrapped body.

‘’ohhh, that’s good. I used to have a friend called ochuko, an urhobo guy. Are you urhobo? I asked, trying to make him loosen up.

‘’yes ma’’

‘’comon, stop this ma of a thing, call me missy. You make me look like a grandma with your ‘ma’ ‘’ma’ I admonished him. I didn’t want him to have any inhibitions about getting down with me. Calling me ‘ma’ may make him hold back and I didn’t want him to hold anything back.

‘’yes ma’’ he replied but quickly changed it to ‘’yes missy’’ when he saw my stern expression. Good, we are gradually getting there. I had all day and it obviously seemed like he does too.

‘’let me get you something to drink’’ I said standing up and going to the fridge to get him a bottle of Origin. I didn’t bother to ask if he drank or not, that was not my intention.

Bringing the drink and glass balanced on a tray with my loosely tied towel was awkward but that was the intention. I placed the tray on the side stool and in my bid to straighten up, I let go my towel which fell all the way to the floor revealing my lush body, full boobs, full hips and chocolaty creamy skin. I was looking at him intently and his eyes almost fell off his head as he took in the full sight of my ripe body. He gasped, stood up and it was obvious that he would have grabbed me there and then but he quickly gained composure and averting his eyes, he bent, picked up the towel and handed it over to me.

‘’thanks’’ I said sheepishly, feigning embarrassment. I sat back down next to him awkwardly wrapping the towel round me but loosely so my upper boobs were showing their roundness. The heat emanating from his body was enough to fry an egg. He was hot and there was a very noticeable bulge in the front of his trousers which he was trying to cover with his hands but it proved difficult as it seemed that his cock had a mind of its own. You know how it is when a cock smells a hungry pussy, it wants to fill it up tight and stuff its creamy goodness inside it. I kept wiggling left and right, as if trying to find the most comfortable position. His eyes were glued to the tv set, his bulge was noticeable and I guess the pain of the erection must have been acute.

I was also on heat and the palpable musk of a bitch in heat was very obvious and the heady smell of my dripping pussy overshadowed that of the air freshner. I wanted it bad, it was like an itch moving all over my body. I couldn’t stand the small talk anymore and decided to take the bull by the horn. I wiggled closer to him until my naked thigh was touching his. He jumped but I pulled him back down on the couch without a word. He timidly sat, wanting to disappear into the cushions. I snuggled as close as I could get and then rested by head on his shoulder, removed my hand from the towel and allowed it to slid down my boobs to my waist, spilling open to reveal the triangle between my legs.

His breathing became ragged and forced as if he was having an attack of asthma. He was trying to avert his eyes from my heaving boobs but he lost the struggle and just stared at them, his stare made my already hard nipples tauter than ever and my pussy was spasming as if in readiness for an invasion. I traced my fingers on his hands that were trying to cover his bulging torso. He held on tightly; I’m sure in fright. I can imagine the thoughts that must have ran through his mind. He wanted me but was also too scared to make any move and maybe thought it was too good to be true.

‘’relax’’ I cooed, ‘’it’s just me, no one is coming to meet us here, I know you want to fuck me, that’s why you came back. You deliberately left your phone behind. Don’t bother protesting as I know you know that I want to fuck you too, you read me right’’ I concluded when he started making protesting sounds. His hands had let go of his bulge by now and were lying idly by his side. I don’t like idle hands, so I took his right hand and placed it on one of my boobs, squeezing them through it to let him know what he was supposed to do. I took his other hand and placed it on the entrance of my hot pussy. My legs were by now spread wide open with the towel discarded underneath me.

As if all he had been waiting for was the encouragement I just gave him, he began squeezing and fondling my boobs one after the other, making sure to pinch the nipples and then roll them between his thumb and forefinger. I sighed in contentment as I was finally getting what I had been craving all along. I reached forward and opened the zip of his trousers, exposing a boxer that was almost tearing at the seams from the pressure of his cock. I gasped as I released his cock through the gap in the boxer front. It was a very fat and thick cock, couldn’t be more than 6 or at the most 7 inches long but it was thick, almost as thick as a plastic bottle of cook. My pussy gave an extra pulse at the sight of that cock. I can’t help it but I like the stretchy teary feelings I get from being over stuffed with cock. A fat cock makes me feel full, like a leak in me has been plugged.

His fingers were doing havoc to my pussy as it played piano with the labia, rubbing the slit and sliding his fingers deeply inside. I moaned in pleasure as I fondled and squeezed his hard cock, rubbing the pre-cum that was dripping at the tip all over it but dying to have it in my mouth. I wiggled upwards so that my head was lying directly on his laps and his cock was nodding right in front of my eyes, the exact position I wanted! I flicked my tongue on the tip of his cock and the way it jumped showed that a current of electricity must have passed through it, contented, I flicked again, I like when I get involuntary response from a cock that I was doing the right thing, it sorts of gives me encouragement. I continued flicking my tongue all over the erect shaft, licking it up and down to the balls and giving the balls a few licks too. The balls became tighter and the cock harder (if possible) I sensed that he was about to cum so I stopped, didn’t want that load of protein wasted.

So I told him to stop, got off him and knelt right between his spread thighs. His cock was nodding angrily, as if searching for something. No need to search for too long as we both know what it was searching for but it would have to make do with my lips for now. I gave the tips a few licks again and then opened my mouth as wide as it could go to take his cock down my throat. Sad to say that I couldn’t as I could not even get the cock head in, it was damn to fat!  So I settled for licking the head, sucking it in and out, licking from the tip to the bottom and up to the tip again, then taking the balls in my mouth first one and then cramping both into my mouth as I sucked harder. His moans had increased in decibels and he was pressing my head further and further down his cock unconsciously, I tried to resist the pressure but he was too far gone in his pleasure to notice and continued forcing my head down his cock. With a sudden snap, my jaws gave way and I had his cock head nudging the back of my throat! Damn, it was painful but I was helpless, so I calmed myself down and relaxed my throat muscles and the pain subsided. He didn’t notice the pain he had caused me as he was knocking on the door of a climax. I relaxed the muscles of my throat further and started making mewling sounds; he began moaning harder and louder as this only served to massage his already too sensitive nerve endings. My head was pressed tight to his crotch as his cock became even harder and began pulsing, he screamed and jet after jet of warm salty cum was released down my throat. I swallowed as best I could but was not able to take it all down and the rest flowed back out my mouth and dribbled down my chin to his crotch. He still held tight to my head pressing his cock further down as he screamed and groaned in an explosive climax.

His cock deflated some minutes later and he quickly released my head, I guess he must have realised that he was almost suffocating me. I gratefully raised my head as I swallowed the last drop of cum deposited in my mouth and licked the trickle that had slipped by the side of my mouth. He sat there depleted of cum and watched as I licked my chops clean. His cock was still nodding but some of the aggression was gone out of it. I stood up, pulled him up and assisted him to remove the shirt that had by now been stuck to his body with sweat. He needed no further invitation as he wiggled out of his trousers and boxers. A piece of paper fell off his trouser pocket and I picked it up to drop on the coffee table but something caught my eyes. It was JAMB logo! I wonder what he could be doing with a jamb print out.

I looked at him enquiringly and he sheepishly told me that it was his JAMB printout.

‘’You just wrote UTME? I asked curiously, wondering why he would still be at that stage.

‘’Yes’’ he responded. Something in the way he responded prompted me to ask how old he was and he replied ‘’sixteen going on seventeen’’! Quite a shocker! I was perplexed, I thought he was maybe in his early twenties since he had the physique for it and I couldn’t comprehend a sixteen year old boy having that big a cock. I sat back down on my heels and asked myself if I was ready to proceed with him. He just stood there with a wary expression looking at me and I’m sure thinking that he shouldn’t have mentioned his true age. Lust got the better of me afterwards as I thought ‘’what the fuck, I need my pussy filled, I’ll think of the consequences of my act later’’ to hell with child abuse, moreover, I had already committed the act so why don’t I see it through.

I sat back on the couch, spread my knees and thighs and invited him to eat me. I wanted my pussy eaten badly as it was gushing pussy juice all over the place but he just stood there hesitant, unwilling;

‘’Haven’t you ever eaten pussy? I asked

‘’No’’ he answered with a disdainful expression on his face. I laughed out loud and thought to myself ‘a new student to break in and teach the joys of good ole pussy eating’. I was however in too much heat to indulge in that training at the moment, I wanted something deep inside me and with a willing candidate, there should be no dilly dallying. So I beckoned on him to sit beside me then brought his hands to my pussy. He was amenable to that and in a few minutes I was in fuck heaven as he used his fingers to explore the various hidden and exposed recesses of my pussy. Juice flowed everywhere and the smell of pussy pervaded the air. He was using a finger to stir up the juices in me and I was moaning and arching my waist ever upwards to give him better access.

That finger wasn’t enough so I encouraged him to have more of his fingers inside me and gradually, he had four fingers doing the job of a cock. I gradually positioned his thumb to rub over my clit while his other fingers were going in and out of me. Soon he was very adept at it and was effortlessly giving me the pleasure I so desire. I was moaning and arching ever upwards, ever closer to that sweet release I longed to have. He made to stop but I held on to his wrist and shouted ‘’don’t stop, please don’t stop’’. He couldn’t after that and continued his job. I assisted by rubbing my boobs and pinching my nipples, heightening my pleasure and gradually taking me close to that release. Soon I came with a loud grunt as I spilled pussy juice all over his hand. He removed his fingers and didn’t know what to do with the wetness coating them; I laughed as I brought them to my lips and licked everything clean then drew his head closer to mine and kissed him deeply making sure to deposit the juice I had retained in my mouth into his. He made to draw away but I had clasped his mouth closely and after a time he had no choice but to swallow. I made sure that the juice was far down in his throat before letting go of his mouth.

Looking at his face, I saw this curious expression on him and a look of wonder. I guess the taste of pussy was what had brought that expression to his face. I sat there watching him as he watched me, still panting from the climax that I had experienced just moments earlier. Looking down his stomach, I saw that he had gone hard again and had a very turgid erection. Good’ I said to myself as I wanted to get the first act of penetration out of the way and make him feel more comfortable about fucking me whenever I wanted. It was obvious from his still timid look that he could not believe his good luck. I wanted that look replaced with undenied lust and eagerness each time he saw him.

I didn’t mind doing the entire work until I would mould him to what I wanted, so I pulled him up by the hands and made him lie on the thick carpets. His cock stood up like a pole that was waiting to be attached to a flag. The only thing he was going to be attached to was my pussy. There was this look of unalloyed lust on my face as I looked at that turgid cock and he also had a look of pure wonder and admiration as his eyes roamed all over my lush ripeness. I could easily guess what was going on in his mind as I know he never ever could have imagined himself in that position with someone like me, older and definitely not in the same class. I knelt between his legs and commenced to lick his cock again, from the tip to the base and making sure to give his balls a few wet licks too.

But sucking him was not my intention, I just wanted that cock slick and ready to easily slide into my depths. After I had slobbered all over it for a few moments, I sat astride him placing a foot each outside his thigh and gradually started sliding down on that turgid hardness. He groaned as the tip of his cock touched my pussy lips. my pussy opened up as if it has a mind of his own and was very very eager for the invasion of cockmeat it knew was coming. I slide down a little further and there was some resistance to that fat cockhead entering me. I bore down further again and pushed and the cockhead was in me! I moaned and stretched, pinching my nipples as that head inside me felt like knife sliding through butter. He stared at me so very intently and I sensed the tremor in him. It must have been had for him to resist thrusting deeply into me.

I sat there with the cockhead just on the inside of my pussy and rested a bit. I know the next thrust was going to be all the way and not gradual as the head was the obstacle and it was now in. boring down further would have me totally and completely impaled. Waiting a while was a way for me to prepare for that impalement and to savour the moment. The he surprised me by holding my waist with both hands nd looking into my eyes, he pushed up and had all that fat meat buried deep inside me. I howled as pleasure, indescribable pleasure shot from my pussy to my head. My pussy felt extra ordinarily full as it was plugged by that cock. It grabbed and convulsed round his meaty goodness and I had a small climax just from having him fed all that meat into my core.

Then he started thrusting and I was moving with him, grinding my pussy on his crotch as he moved up to join me in each thrust. Our movements became synchronised with him thrusting up and me bearing down to meet him. It was heaven and then I noticed a sound as if from outside my person. It looked as if someone was crooning, and it took me time before the realisation hit me that the crooning was coming from my throat. His hands were roving all over my sensitive body by this time and I had my hands on my head bouncing on him like a demented woman. Sweat was pouring from my body to his. It felt like I was burning up as that cock meat stretched me full and pounded into me hard. He was meeting me thrust for thrust. Sometimes he would relax and allow me to do the work and then suddenly shoot into me in rapid fire thrusts. My boobs were making smacking sounds as they hit each other and my chest and then he grabbed and started fondling and pinching the nipples and it felt like someone had opened a flood gate of desire in my body. I saw a huge wave coming right before my eyes wanting to over-take me. I thought I was hallucinating and made to scamper away but the tide got heavier and stronger and I couldn’t resist the force as I was overtaken by a giant climax. I screamed, grinding unto that cock inflicting pleasure on me. My mouth was open like a fish and my breathing ragged as I came and kept cumming while he kept thrusting.

Still glued together, he flipped me over and had me on my back. He pushed my legs wide apart and then was slamming into me with hard and rapid fire thrusts. I just lay there screaming out as my eyes were tearing from the pleasure running through me. He had on this grim look like someone setting out to murder another. I guess he was out to murder me with his cock. I was a willing victim as I gladly welcomed every stroke of his and even helped by pushing my hips forward to receive them. My body was one huge ball of sensations as that cock filled me to bursting, stroked the hidden recesses of my body and stoked the fire burning deep within me. He was fucking me in quick, hard strokes, playing with my ass as he fucked me and I was loving it.

“Gawd,” I moaned. “Oh fuck. It feels sooo good, too good, I love it. Oh I’m cumming. I’m cumming, oh Oh fuck, don’t stop” I screamed as my body was wracked by climax after climax. He was oblivious to my screams and just continued pounding into me. Time flew and I was reduced to the basest whore as I shouted and encouraged that young boy to keep fucking me. I lost track of how many times I came but it was a pleasure beyond count.

Then he began grunting and I felt his cock expand as his balls felt heavier against my buttocks than before. His thrusts became faster and faster and I knew he was close to spilling his load. I pushed up against him further and then squeezed his engorged cock with my pussy muscles. I was rewarded as with a loud animal grunt, I felt him spill his hot cum inside me. I locked my legs tighter against his buttocks as I kept grinding myself against him, trying to draw every inch of his cock into my juicy pussy. My thighs felt warm and wet with his cum as he finally pulled out of me and lay on the floor panting with sweat covering both our bodies, my legs still wide open and my pussy gaping wide open with his cum dripping out of it.

Written by Miss Erotic ( She blogs at http://missyerotica.blogspot.com.ng/)

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