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May 9, 2021

DS Series : Short Time Parole (18+)
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DS Series : Short Time Parole (18+)

At times, some paroles are way easier than others. I find it easier to interact with people more on Facebook and I can tell a whole lot about ladies before even having a chat with them. The profile really tells a lot, and information like education, about, pictures makes things easy to figure out.

Now, that I look at it, I’m lucky, I will tell you about the luck later on. This particular story is in 2 folds but I will tell you about the second part of it. The chic to me was very interesting. She is young, about 22 years old, dark in complexion and in all honesty, she is very good looking.

Initial research into her shows she is a Unilag student, about 300 level or so. After Facebook chats over chats our later transition to BBM revealed that her boyfriend was abroad. I think Malaysia or so. This boyfriend has been abroad for a while, but she does Friends with Benefit, good news for me abi, anti-committment jerk-off like me.

She admitted to seeing other guys, which made me happy because now, all I have to do is play my game smoothly and then I’ll be in there. One of the biggest attraction to her was the tongue piercing she had.

As the pretentious pervert that I am, when we hooked up, all I could think of was how it’ll feel when she blows me…Ahhh… The thought of the bliss alone was refreshing.

Another attraction was her big curvy ass. She looked very good, to cut the long story short, we started fucking a while after we saw each other. It was always simple and direct, whenever she comes over we just help each other undress then proceed to fuck,easy peesy.

We didn’t see each other for a while, for about 2 months, we both moved on like nothing happened, before I saw her at the movies again. I think I could hear the ass call my name, as we exchanged pleasantries, she was there with a couple of her friends. All I could do was mope at her magnificent ass, her tongue rings and the wonders it had done to my dick.

We didn’t have much time to talk as they were in a hurry to leave, so I promised to call her, which I did. I talked her into coming over like the good old’ times but she dint buy it. She asked me to come down there myself, something that wasn’t too much to ask asides the fact that am too lazy to drive down especially during week days.

The good thing about seeing a very enjoyable fling is that it changes the popularity poll in a big fucking hurry, all the other chics I was lining up fell from the list while she climbed comfortably to the top of the list.

So, after two nights of dreaming of having her ass again, I decided to get off my high horse and go to Ikeja to see her like she humbly asked for. I left work like 6pm and arrived at Ikeja, Allen roundabout at about 8pm. I called her and she came to join me somewhere along Johnson Street, she got into the car and off we went.

As I drove, she went on and on about how I had dumped her like a bad habit, though we both knew it wasn’t just my fault but hers as well. The blame was on both of us. I scanned through her thoroughly, looking around to see if anything has changed which wasn’t so evident at the first look.

I asked her to open her mouth-wide; she shook her head, smiled, then obeyed. I just wanted to be sure that she still had the metal in her tongue. She began gisting me about what has been happening to her since we last saw. I took the liberty to fill her out, the short gown made sure it was easy.

She paused for a bit when I started, running my hands through her silky smooth chocolatey goodness of her thighs then slowly into her inner thighs. The sight of her thigh sent hard-on into my loins. She kept talking and gisting while I was busying answering with okay, yes, I agree, that’s nice…wow, I can’t believe that with my mind totally adrift of what she was saying.

Then it hit me, when she said, there is a hotel nearby that we can go. The light bulb appeared on her head, illuminating the rest of her body, especially her boobs which I just noticed has moved from Cup A to B. She directed me out to a gated joint at the same Allen roundabout, just beside the main road. They opened the gate. Arriving at the reception, she told the receptionist, it was short time that we wanted, 1 hour.

I stayed behind her, with my shirt out, trying as much as possible to hide my growing erection, it didn’t help matters at all as she was directly in front of me and I could feel the protrusion of her luscious behind invade my crotch. I kept my calm, moved forward to settle the bill as we were led to the room.

Firstly, this is my first time doing short time stuff, I usually just do over night, not 1 hour or 2 hours, I always saw short time as razz but all that was in the past now new rules apply. I need to feel that ass as soon as possible. The receptionist came back with a tissue paper and some condoms. Hmmm, effective customer service I thought.

As soon as the receptionist left, I began yanking off my clothes like they were on fire. She stood laughing,  I pushed her into the bed, went for a kiss, then full long wet kisses, trying to make up for the lost times that we both had, with my hands multi-tasking at the same time.

I pushed her thighs apart so I can position myself in between her legs, with my hands digging into the bed beneath her, grabbing her ass cheeks from underneath, fire of lust burning like an inferno.

Kissing her lips like my life depends on it, after groping her ass for a while, I removed my hands and pulled the flimsy little black gown up. She stopped me and told me to relax, I stopped and thought to myself, I might have been going too fast, I nodded in agreement.

She stood up from the bed and backed me, asking me to zip down her gown, I did and she took her hips out of the outfit, standing alone in her red bra and panties, the sight was awesome. I was also nude asides from my boxer short. Hurriedly I took it off, sitting on the bed, watching her slowly as she removed her bra, taking off her flowery pant material after.

I held my own erection in my hand, stroking it back and forth, getting myself ready for the action about to begin, she knelt in front of me, with her head directly in front of my dick, I sat there patiently awaiting the feel of her mouth around my dick, with the lick of her pierced tongue on my cock.

She grabbed my shaft and stroked it back and forth, knelt to a face level with my waist. I looked at the time, and we had spent about 15 minutes out of the 1 hour we paid for, kissing, smooching and blowing. It wasn’t really time for teasing and been romantic and all, we need to get down to business but one of my business here is to feel that tongue steel/iron against my dick.

She started lightly, while stroking my dick, she began to lick my balls, one hand stroking while her mouth sucked my balls and ran the tip of her tongue against my balls. The erection was rising exponentially; she took her mouth to the tip of my cock, sucking the tip of my dick, slowly. Extending the reach of her mouth deeper and deeper into my dick.

The feeling of the piercing was incredible, the slightly warm steel rubbed against my dick as she licked my dick from the bottom to the top, realizing the kind of power she had over me, she stopped for a bit, I opened up my eyes to find her giggling at the fact that she had this much power, I smiled at her.

She continued and was faster this time around, sucking it faster and harder, I could feel her teeth lightly as the speed of her mouth gorging my dick increased.

The tension was getting high with me, I pulled her up, grabbed my condom, strapped it on and we went on traditional missionary style, placing myself in between her thighs, my hand dug into the bed and grabbed her ass bulbs as my dick found her wet pussy, warm and accommodating as usual. Chest over chest, I began to fuck her slowly , holding her ass in my hands underneath her gave me the kind of feel I wanted, controlling it.

With my head buried on the left side of her head, I continued to drive my waist in and out of her, the pace of my thrust began to increase as her moans began to flood my ears. She began to drag my butt closer into her waist, I could feel my dick hit something down there. She began to scratch my back, something I wasn’t sure about.

For what its worth, I don’t like the whole scratching a bit, moreover, she didn’t do that before, it’s a new thing. So, not to spoil things for ourselves, I moved out of her, stood back up, and positioned her for doggy style, I was standing at the edge of the bed, while she arched her back up a bit, with ample view of the pussy. I held her waist as I continued to pummel her from the back, Looking up at the wall clock of the small short time hotel, we had 15 minutes left, I increased my speed, I needed to cum before our time is up, also I needed to clean up and her as well.

I began to pummel her faster and faster, her soundtrack was getting louder with her calling on God as her pussy got flooded with her cum, I closed my eyes and concentrated on fucking her, I held onto her waist tight as I could and blew my load into her. Usually, this is the point where I rest but this is a short time hotel, so I got up immediately, still panting a bit, I got into the bathroom to wash up quickly allowing her clean herself up.

I dressed up as fast I could so, I don’t have to pay for anymore additional time, she cleaned herself up a bit and we came out together, on our way to the reception, we saw the receptionist and it looked like he was heading to our room to tell us, time is up.

Luckily, I dint have to pay for overtime, this was my first time doing short time hotel sex, it was fun and my dick was relaxed. Now, she can continue to talk for the next 2 hours until I get another erection, I will be all ears.

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