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May 9, 2021

Sadiat & I (III) (18+)
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Sadiat & I (III) (18+)

Written by Vixen Banks

I needed to carry my friends along on my plans for Sadiat, but I couldn’t do that just yet as the pain of the humiliation she had dished me was still a fresh wound in my mind. Despite the relieve of over four hours of fuck with Tina, I still smarted from the humiliation of Sadiat sexual abuse. I needed to calm down and be in the right frame of mind so that I could present the issue in the most logical way to my friends. I knew they’ve always got my back and would gladly fall in with whatever plans I could come up for punishing Sadiat not just because of what she did to me but also because they were all panting to get between Sadiat’s ample thighs. I needed my full composure though.

The devil always has a way of making sure bad plans come to fruition and the devil was really on my side in Sadiat’s case. An unexpected opportunity presented itself for me to bring my friends in on my plans for Sadiat. We were sitting in our usual place, the balcony of my house, about two weeks after Sadiat humiliated me. It was a Thursday mid-morning, Samad was regaling us with his and his father’s escapade with their housemaid when Sadiat in her usual fashion swung her ass past us. Despite the hatred I felt for her, my loins still quivered at the sight of those ass encased in a mini dress. Her boobs looked like they would fall off her chest any moment with the way they swung and shook with each step she took. I couldn’t help but stare lustfully at her backside and the memory of her thick pussy lips involuntarily flashed past my eyes.

I became fully conscious of my surrounding when I heard an explosive hiss and a violent scrapping back of a chair leg. Looking up I saw Akin standing with a mean look on his face and the others trying to hold him down. He was swearing and cursing at the same time.

‘’Bitch’’ he kept snarling over and over and over again ‘’Allow me get at the bitch’’.

‘’Cool it Akin, what do you think you can do to her? She’s older and a female. People are bound to believe whatever stories she tells them than yours’’. Samad said.

The others nodded but Akin was still snarling, still very very angry. This brought a speculative glint to my eyes. Obviously there is something going on here that I am unaware of, I thought to myself. And it seemed like every other of my friends were in the know except for me. This initially pissed me off to know that my friends were keeping secrets from me but on second thoughts I remembered that I had stayed incommunicado for a couple of weeks after my altercation with Sadiat so as to privately lick my wounds. I need to get to the bottom of this and it was obvious that I had all the aces I needed now, but first to know what is causing Akin to lose his cool.

‘’What’s the matter Akin? What happened between you and Sadiat” I asked, taking charge of the situation.

Glories of Glories! From what I heard from my goons, Sadiat had played the same trick she used on me on him too just a few days earlier. She had also tried to do the same thing to Samad but because Akin had spilled the beans almost immediately the deed happened to my other friends, she did not succeed with him. Seeing that I wasn’t the only one Sadiat had played on, I opened up to the guys and told them all Sadiat did to me and that that was the reason I had kept away all this while. They were taken aback and a little angry saying that her wiles would not have succeeded on Akin if only I had opened up to them too.

No need to say that by the time I laid my cards on the table and told them all I had planned for Sadiat, they all easily and quickly fell in with the idea. We fine-tuned and refined the idea I laid before them and about three hours later, we had everything well planned and everyone well acquainted with the role they needed to play in the film (laughs evilly). I was not only going to make sure that I dealt with Sadiat, I was also going to show her why my dad wanted me away from home!

I was so obsessed with Sadiat before what she did to me that I had been tailing her and so knew every of her movement and what time she went where. The fact that my parents are family friends with her ogas, the Jones also meant that I also got to hear some privileged information even before her. After my plans with the guys, I had initially scheduled the assault on Sadiat taking place in the Jones’ house but about two days to the day we were to carry out the deed, we had to change plans as the house would no longer be accessible because one of the Jones sons would be arriving a day earlier with his family. Meaning that the house was now a no go area. So we had to change venue. This caused delay and a bit of anxiety for the boys as we were no longer sure how and when to pin her down.

Luck however smiled on us about three days later. Sule, one of the boys in on the know about the plan for Sadiat pinged me around 6.30pm of that day that he had just sighted Sadiat going to the street behind us and that this should be an opportunity to carry out our plans. I told him to alert the others and let us all meet at the end of our street in at least five minutes while he, Sule should stay glued where he was to alert us of her return in case she does before we could all be gathered.

I gave one excuse I can’t even remember to my mum and in a jiffy was outside my house and jogging down our street. Ours is a long street kind of and it took me almost three minutes to get to where Sule was waiting. Akin and Samad were already waiting and Uche and Ahmed joined us shortly afterwards. We were all eager to put our plans into action. The others stood in strategic positions as we had originally planned while I stood in the open. We waited for almost two hours and it was way almost nine pm when I sighted Sadiat walking towards me. I could see her clearly since I was standing in the dark while she had house security lamps illuminating her person.

Now a brief description of my street and where we were hiding is necessary for you to understand the unfolding tale and how we could successfully carry out our plans. There are two uncompleted twin duplexes at the end of my street. These duplexes are owned by the same person and have reached the same level of completion, they were both enclosed in a single fence. They were already roofed and all the doors fixed minus the windows. Most times my friends and I used to go smoke in there whenever any of our houses was inaccessible to us, so we know the layout of both buildings like we know the back of our hands. Directly opposite these buildings is an empty plot of land which though fenced had no gates and so was very convenient.

So you see why I said fate as smiling down on us and all the stars conspired against Sadiat that night by hiding behind the clouds. Although there was electricity, the two empty houses meant that that part of our street was pitch black and virtually sound proof, you could see who was coming but remained hidden to them.

So there I was standing, by the pillar of the gate to the duplexes and Sadiat walking towards me, no one in front of her and no one behind her, perfecto! I shifted my weight from one foot to the other causing the leaves to rustle. My action was deliberate.

‘’Who’s there? Sadiat asked in a panicky voice. Although our neighbourhood is relatively safe and has not witnessed any case of men of the underworld or rapists, passing by that dark uninhabited part of my street would elicit scare in anybody not to talk of women who fear even their shadows. Anyways I didn’t answer, causing Sadiat to look furtively back and sideways, but the dark hid me well.

I moved again and this time Sadiat’s voice was trembly as she asked ‘’who are you? Show your face’’ in a quivering voice. I laughed and stepped forward, standing directly in front of her. She was so startled by my movement that she gave a start causing her handbag to clatter to the ground.

“Oh, it’s you! Segun,  I might’ve known!” she said, glaring at me. Then she bent to pick up her bag and that was when I grabbed her buttocks and squeezed hard. We were now standing directly in front of the open gate to the duplex where my friends were strategically hidden and waiting to pounce.

“Stop that, you little shit” she yelled, jumping up and making to slap me. I grabbed her hand before it landed on my face and then grinned evilly at her, not saying a word but communicating in non-verbal terms that all was not well and her shouting won’t change it. I held her hand in a vice grip as she struggled to free herself. But I was too strong for her. Then she opened her mouth to scream and that was the cue the others had been waiting for.

Like ants on sugar, four of my friends were out of the building and before she knew what was happening, we had a sack clamped tight over her head, and us carrying her bodily to the inside of the uncompleted duplex.

All her struggles proved to be ineffectual as we manhandled her to one of the rooms already prepared for her by the boys while we were waiting for her to return. Laying her on the rough floor, I took off the sack while Akin deftly covered her nose with an handkerchief covered in chloroform. She was out cold in less than a minute.

I looked down on Sadiat’s sleeping form and smiled. I had her exactly where and how I wanted her; helpless and at my mercy, our mercy. Quickly, as the chloroform we had used was just enough to knock her out for a few minutes, we wanted her very conscious of the whole action, we set about stripping her of the seductive short gown she was wearing, her almost non-existent panties, just three pieces of ropes if you ask me, and a bra that was all lace and undersized, barely covering half of those hug tits.

Soon Sadiat was laid out before the six of us in all her glory! I looked at those hug tits and her pussy mound and felt adrenaline run round my system like a fix, my cock was hard and throbbing and looking at my five other friends saw the same reaction in them.

Their crotches had undeniable bulges signifying their state of arousal. We then waited for her to come around and we knew it would be any moment now.

‘’don’t you think we should tie her up? Sule asked

‘’Na’’ I replied ‘’tying her up will tell anyone we show the videos and pictures we are going to take that she did not do it all of her own accord’’

‘’But are you sure she will accede to our demands? Samad asked

‘’She will, she has no choice’’ I answered again

‘’Segun, what if………..’’ began Akin but I shushed him in mid-sentence as I could see through the lamp we had set up that Sadiat would come awake shortly. So saying, I brought out my iphone and proceeded to snap several pictures of Sadiat in her nudity. I gestured on Akin to carry out our pre-arranged plans and he quickly stripped off his shorts and t-shirt and positioned his cock above Sadiat’s lips, I systematically took pictures in different posture showing only Sadiat’s face as if she was in rapture sucking Akins cock.

Akin then knelt between her widespread legs and probed her pussy open and while I was taking pictures of this, Sadiat came awake. The drug had worn off but it was Akin’s manipulation of her pussy that quickened the action.

‘’Whaaaat aare are youuuu doing? Segun are you mad? What do you think you are doing? Akin? whats the meaning of all these nonsense? She shouted furiously when she came fully awake and saw herself nude, Akin also nude between her legs and five other virile teenagers with their shorts off and stroking already hard cocks.

‘’What does it look like we are doing? I asked with a soft smile on my face, stoking my cock, seeing her on her knees with my cock buried deep in her throat, her pussy and yes, her ass! I was going to sodomise Sadiat today and no amount of pleading would stop me.

‘’Segun, please this is wrong. You can’t do this to me. what will your godmother say when she finds out? she asked, trying to put authority in her voice. Trying to play on my emotions, love and respect for Mrs Jones. But she had toyed with us too mercilessly to be shown any pity, fear or respect.

‘’oh, Shut the fuck up! Yes Sadiat, I wonder what Aunti will say when I show her this’’ so saying, I walked behind her and showed her frame after frame of electronic pictures that had already been sent to my email and posted to all our bbms. I had taken the pictures so cunningly that every one of them looked as if she was in the throes of pleasure!

Sadiat gasped when she saw the pictures and the fight visibly went out of her. ‘’What do you want Segun?’’ she asked in a small voice.

‘’Good, now you know your place. You will suck all of our cocks one after the other until we all cum, then we see what happens from there’’ I answered.

‘’Alright’’ she said as she crawled forward and took my hard cock in her hands and started ministering to it. I handed over my phone to Akin and instructed him to continue filming while I threw back my head to enjoy the passion of Sadiat’s full lips on my throbbing cock.

‘’No need for that please Segun, no need to film what is happening. I will do whatever you want’’ Sadiat pleaded favoring me with a puppy look that didn’t sway me one bit.

‘’We just need it for our pleasure. Note also that I will tell Missy Erotica to write it on her blog and share with the whole world so sluts like you will know not to tease guys. Now get on with it’’ so saying I pulled her by the hair and pushed my cock way past her tonsils into the back of her throat. It was so sudden that she was coughing and almost choking but soon got her act together. Sadiat is one mean cock sucker! She ran her slippery tongue all over black hot meat, and I didn’t know when I began to moan Then she moved down on my cock, taking the length of it into her mouth and throat and sucking it like a huge feeding bottles. I felt cum in my balls churn and swirl round as it rose, red hot through the layers of my body. Sadiat was now rubbing my balls and the base of my cock with her two hands and sucking the head of it in her mouth, saliva sluicing copiously around the sides.

I knew I would burst my nuts in Sadiat’s moment any moment now as the tension gripping my balls became unendurable. Then Sadiat removed her mouth totally from my cock and before I could scold her to continue, had taken both balls in her mouth, sucking on them like tom tom. I grunted as I felt the heat wave strike me behind the eyes and my cum bursting through my cock shaft on its way to the tip. Quickly I forced Sadiat’s mouth back to my cock and she expertly worked her magic tongue on my cock veins.

Like a flood my balls released their load and grunting in the throes of my cum I saw hazily as Samad grabbed Sadiat’s humongous boobs from behind, kneading them and causing her to gasp as my seed filled her mouth and travel straight to her belly.

I was barely out of juice with my cock flopping out of Sadiat’s mouth when Uche pushed me aside and took over from me, sticking cock in her throat. I watched a while as Sadiat also deep throated Uche, before Akin Called me over to continue recording.  Samad already had almost all of his left hand buried in Sadiat’s pussy and was busy finger-fucking her, with her cunt dripping juice all over the floor in large quantity.

I truly can’t explain how they did it but next thing I knew, Samad was lying on the bare floor of the room with Sadiat riding is cock in the reversed cowgirl position, and Uche standing stooped in front of her with his cock in her mouth! Uche didn’t even last as long as I did before he was spilling his cum down Sadiat’s throat, which she swallowed up. I noticed by now that Sadiat had really gotten into the action and was bouncing fiendishly on Samad cock, grinding on him while she made little animal noises and had the black of her eyes all rolled back. soon Samad was grunting that he was cumming and before the blink of an eye was shooting his cum inside Sadiat’s sloppy pussy.

Akin didn’t even wait for an invitation as he quickly positioned himself in front of Sadiat who once again greedily swallowed another young cock. She worked him thoroughly and had him grunting and fast fucking her at the greatest pace any of us had. Abdul had this patient look on his face as he fingered Sadiat’s pussy and scooped out large quantities of cum which he rubbed all over her butt cheeks but with special emphasis on her butthole. My hands shook as I recorded what was happening, my cock was already rock hard again and what Abdul was doing was turning me on like mad! I wanted to shove my cock into that sloppy used hole but I had to be patient to make sure everybody had discharged their first load. Our plan was that Sadiat would suck us round as we wouldn’t last long in the first round. The real action would come subsequently but I guess its not easy for six guys to wait their turn in a real life fuck scenario.

Then Abdul was in the same position Samad was earlier; lying on his bare back while Sadiat rode him maniacally with Akins cock deep inside her mouth! It all looked like a pornographic film cos immediately Akin came, Ahmed had taken his place and Sadiat gave us all full satisfaction, she rode Abdul to a full orgasm and took all of Ahmed’s cum down her throat too! It was all too much for me to bear! My cock had gotten rock hard just looking at Sadiat suck my friends and be fucked by Abdul and Samad, I wanted in on the action, I wanted to bury my cock deep in Sadiat’s pussy and feel its velvety silkiness caress me.

I pushed her roughly downwards on her hands and knees and with my legs pushed her thighs wide apart. Her male cum filled pussy glistened wetly at me through the dim light of the rechargeable lamp and it felt like it was beckoning to me. I didn’t mind taking sloppy seconds or was it thirds as I grabbed Sadiat’s very ample ass cheeks backwards towards me and shoved my cock into her depth to the hilt in one fell swoop. Sadiat let out a loud howl as my manpole dove into her and without wasting time I was slamming into her in rapid fire thrusts. I used one hand to push the small of her back further downwards causing her back to arch and her pussy to open more for me to slide another inch into her wetness.

My thrusts were ferocious, hard and fast. Sadiat was gasping and in no time began pushing back at me, her bubble ass bouncing on my cock. My eyes saw stars at the erotic sight and not knowing what befell me, my palm rose up and landed ‘’whack, whack, whack’’ on her bare ass, causing her pussy muscles to tighten around my cock and moans of pleasure to escape her lips. Sadiat had finally let go totally and was showing her true slutty self to us all. It was pure bliss.

Then I noticed Samad kneeling in front Sadiat with his cock nudging her mouth open. She gladly did and began giving him a blowjob, managing to work his cock while moaning at the pummeling I was giving her from behind. Nothing could stop me from pounding that pussy hard as this was my second round and was sure to last much longer than the first. I slammed into her over and over again, rotating my hips and then shortening my strokes before increasing it again to pound very fast and hard into her.

Sadiat couldn’t cope with the pleasure in her pussy and working Samad’s cock at the same time, she kept letting go of his cock to moan and gasp but Samad wasn’t having any of it as he pushed his cock back in her mouth each time she brought it out. soon he had her head held tight to his cock and she could only moan around his cock as I slammed into her depth. The sound of our ass slapping into each other could be heard in the room and the smell of sex pervaded the air.

Uche had manoeuvred his way until his hands were managing to squeeze and fondle Sadiat’s humongous boobs, it wasn’t easy though. Soon with a loud grunt and increased thrusts, I added my load of cum into Sadiat’s insides too causing her to shake and gasp and then scream as Samad on seeing me pull out of her pussy quickly took my place not minding the load deposited there. I fell against the wall of the room we were in to rest from the work I had just done. It was exhilarating to see that I had finally had a taste of Sadiat’s pussy and I wasn’t done yet.

Recovering from my recent exertions, I saw Sadiat was now lying on her back on the floor and Ahmed kneeling between her thighs with her legs on his shoulder slamming into her like a jack hammer. Sadiat had this wild expression of pleasure on her face as Akin sucked on her boobs like a baby, biting the nipples and rolling them on his thumb and fore finger. Uche was standing above her pumping his cock as if he was going to pull it out from the root. Sadiat was a mess! Her hair, face and body was covered in cum as Samad had pulled out and cum all over her face.

I became clinical and detached, my lust for Sadiat sated for now. So I took my discarded phone and began recording again. This time there was no doubting it that Sadiat was in fuck heaven as she was ravaged by my friends one after the other. She was writhing and moaning like a sow as she pushed back at the cock fucking her. Her eyes were alternately shut tight in pleasure and sometimes opened wide as she was hit by orgasm. I’m sure she had several uncountable orgasms as was evidenced by her reaction. Ahmed was a good fucker with a very long but not so fat dick and he sure knew how to use it. he slammed into her over and over and over again until she was gasping for her as she could no longer bear the climaxes ravaging her body anymore.

He lasted longer than any of us but he eventually came as was obvious from his grunt and the scrunching of his eyes. I moved closer to capture all the details in the dim light as he pulled out of her and that was when I noticed he was using a cd. Told me later that he could not stick his cock in another man’s cum.

Uche immediately took Ahmed place as he stood up and then the fucking continued again despite Sadiat’s plea for respite, that she was tired. Funny! When she had six horny teenagers to please. By the time Uche had slammed his very thick seven inch cock into her a few times however, Sadiat was singing a different tune as she wrapped her legs round his waist causing her ass to be totally off the floor. Her screams of pleasure had increased in decibel and Akin quickly clamped his palm over her mouth to stop her attracting attention.

Her screams became muffled but more insistent as Uche’s pace did not change at all, it was one continuous pace of hard grinding fast fuck.

He stopped pounding after some time and extricating himself from Sadiat’s clutching legs and arms, turned her over on her belly and had her positioned in the doggy style once more. He didn’t even waste any minutes as he held her by the hair and shoved his cock deep inside her once again, causing her to howl and then bury her mouth between her hands when I snarled at her to keep it quiet and take it like the good slut she was. I could see Uche’s neck muscles bunched together as he slammed into Sadiat’s very used pussy in fast furious strokes. It was quite a chore to keep Sadiat from rousing the entire street with the moans and groans coming out of her throat.

Not too long afterwards he was shooting his load deep inside her too. The girth of his cock and the numerous cock that had just fucked Sadiat caused Sadiat’s pussy lip to stay open for longer than normal and not quickly close back. we were all gifted and even those with thin cocks made up for it in length while the others had girth if not length.

Akin hadn’t had his second go and when Sadiat made to flop back down, he held her by the waist and held her still. She tried to protest but I told her to shut the fuck up. Lining his cock with her pussy mouth, Akin penetrated her all too easily. He thrusts in and out for a while but then looked at me and shook his head. He then looked at me and pointed at sadiat’s asshole. A glint came into my eyes as I looked at that perfect rosebud asshole which I could bet had not entertained more than a finger. I looked at Akin and nodded. Akin then spate on Sadiats asshole and rubbed it in while still thrusting into her sloppy cunt. Then he shoved a finger in and sadiat moaned. We smiled. Akin then pulled out causing sadiat to protest and causing us to laugh.

He scooped up cum from her flooded pussy and smeared it on her asshole again then shoved a finger in, now the finger went in easier. He kept this up for minutes and sadiat was rotating and pushing her hips backward to meet his finger each time he did. Soon he could easily move his finger in and out of her asshole. Akin looked at me again, and once more I nodded. That’s it. Akin just positioned his cockhead at the entrance of Sadiat’s asshole and pushed.

‘’Nooooooo, pleaseeeeee not there! Sadiat screamed, but we just laughed as Akin pushed harder. She screamed again but he didn’t stop as he kept pushing back and forth, back and forth, gradually getting the head of his cock inside her butt. Then it met a resistance and wouldn’t go further. Akin then pulled out and shoved his cock back inside her pussy and thrust once, twice and then removed it and almost in the same fluid movement, shoved it inside Sadiat’s asshole once more but this time much more forcefully and before the full scream building from Sadiat’s throat could escape, Akins’s cock was buried deep inside her asshole as it slide past the sphincter muscle.

‘’Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh’’ Sadiat screamed as tears flowed down her cheeks, wiggling and trying to get away from the baton stuck in her ass. But akin held her waist tight as he stayed still in her ass without moving. Moments later when her noises had subsided and she was left with just sniffling, Akin began to move slowly, pushing in and out at a slow pace while Sadiat was still crying but the tears were gradually subsiding as the pace of the ass fuck intensified. Even her cries were becoming alternated with small moans!

We all looked at one another in wonder seeing as this was a totally uncharted region for us. Yes we know about it, experimented with sticking our fingers in a girl’s asshole but never really penetrated! And here now was sadiat finally getting into the rhythm of it and even beginning to thrust back at Akin! Soon our ears were inundated with her moans and incoherent words;

‘’yes, fuck my ass….ohhhhhhhh, fuck my assssss! Don’t stop, please don’t stop’’ she screamed, pushing back at Akin, grinding her ass unto his groins. Our cocks had become hard again at the erotic sight Akin had just unleashed! Me for one had one hand stroking my dick and the other filming and my mind seeing my cock in Sadiat’s ass. Akin couldn’t last longer than he did after all. Not with the way sadiats body movement was sending him to Mars and back, or the record he just broke of being the first among us to fuck a girl’’s ass.

Soon he was grunting and his moans and shouts mixed with that of sadiat as he pumped his load up her rectum. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen! His cock flopped out after a while and I could see his by now watery sperm mixed with brown substance that I didn’t need to be told was shit. This only served to make me hornier and hungrier for that ass, but I wasn’t going to go in there unprotected.

So I quickly pulled a cd over my erection and before Sadiat knew what was happening I had gripped her waist and shoved my cock deep inside her asshole too. Akin’s cum made my entrance all the more easier for both me and Sadiat and soon she was again wantonly begging me not to stop fucking her, to fill her ass with my big cock, to sodomise her.

This only served to make me hornier and not just me as Abdul couldn’t bear the wait and blew his load all over Sadiat’s back, head and shoulders. Soon I myself was filling the condom with cum. one after the other my remaining three friends fucked Sadiat’s ass while she urged us on with loud moans and mewling noises, begging for more.

We were all spent after that while Sadiat just lay sprawled on the bare earth with cum all over her body and her ass gaping wide open from the assault it had just received. One by one we got dressed and made our way out of the uncompleted building leaving Sadiat still sprawled on the floor in fatigue, naked but with the rechargeable lantern for company. It was way past 2am in the morning and I had to sleep in Samad’s house as there was no way to explain to my parents what kept me out till that late. Samad and I couldn’t sleep as we kept relieving the event that just happened.

Then we watched the videos we had made with my phone and then transferred them to Samad’s laptop. We burned it unto a cd for Sadiat, and sent the videos and pictures to missyerotica, I want the story published. You never can tell, she might still want to shout rape and the unspoken fact that we were all aware of was that Sadiat was now our fuck slave to do with as we wished. We had nothing to fear but she….

Afternoon of the next day i personally took the cd to her. Now me, my friends either individually or alone fuck Sadiat whenever and wherever we want. All we need do is let her see us, she comes running. I believe she enjoys it too……Lol


Written by Vixen Banks ( She blogs at

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