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May 9, 2021

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Sadiat & I (II) (18+)

Written by Vixen Banks

I couldn’t get the thought of what Sadiat did to me out of my head. I could still see her splayed pussy and her mountainous boobs in my mind’s eye days after the ugly episode. Her screams of pleasure as I ate her pussy out and her voice urging me on, begging me not to stop played over and over in my head. I was so bitter it hurt! For three whole days my under belly hurt from the erection that I kept getting when I unconsciously replay the episode between Sadiat and I.

By the third day I could no longer bear the pain and had to get succor from anywhere. So I invited this regular fuck of mine who though was just fifteen years of age, fucked like a real pro. I was the only one at home except for the gate-man since my parents had gone to work and my siblings to school. I was the owner of the manor ( for the day!

So I called Tina who though was supposed to be at school, always snuck out to see me whenever I asked her to. Tiny is small for her age as she is a late bloomer with tiny boobs and almost non-existence ass but she makes up for what she lacks physically in the way she sucks cock and fuck. I know two others of my friends who fuck Tina regularly and she makes no bones about the fact that she is a slut. I had met Tina during the Valedictory party my set had organised. Someone, I can’t remember who, had invited Tina and before the night ended, almost all the guys at the party had fucked Tina. Anyways that is a story for another day.

By ten am of the third day after my humiliation in the hands of Sadiat, Tina was in our house and on my bed being fucked silly by me! I wasn’t in the mood for any fore-play as I needed to burst my nut in a very willing pussy. all the wanking I had done in the last two days were pure agony and futile as they didn’t help at all. What I needed was the warmth of a pussy clutching my cock. The sight of Sadiat’s red hole assailed my senses and drove me wild.

So immediately Tina came in, I had marched her straight to my bedroom and within minutes had her divested of her school uniform and underwear. She stood naked before me and all I could see in my lust induced eye was Sadiat in all her glory.

Tina made to kneel and take my engorged cock in her mouth for a blow job but I was having none of that, at least not just yet. What I wanted now was being sheathed in a pussy. so I pushed her over until though still on her knees, her head was resting on her hands as she, quickly understanding what I wanted pushed arched her back and pushed up her ass until her already wet pussy (told you she was a slut) was winking at me invitingly.

Wasting no time, I quickly sheathed my cock and placed the head on her pussy lips, then gripping her waist tight, I drove every of my nine inch of cock deep inside her greedy hole which at first stretched to receive the whole of me and then gripped me tight.

I love the tightness of Tina’s pussy and the tininess of her waist makes her a very good fuck. Soon she was pushing into me as I continued thrusting into her brutally as if I was punishing her for the sins of Sadiat. Yes I was. As sweat covered my face, all I saw as I fucked Tina was Sadiat’s big ass jiggling and thrusting back at me.

I slapped Tina’s small buttocks repeatedly and like the good fuck she is, she only moaned increasingly and pushed back at me as if she wanted the whole of me inside her pussy! soon she was begging me to fuck her harder and faster and still with my vision of Sadiat and my hallucination that it was Sadiat begging me for more, I obliged her by increasing my thrust until I couldn’t hold back anymore and burst my nut deep inside her. It felt like heaven as I felt jet after jet of my cum spill from my balls through by rod to pool in the rubber. I wished I could dump my load inside her without protection but knew that was a risk I was unwilling to take.

I grunted and held tightly unto Tina’s waist in a conscious effort not to call Sadiat’s name as I spilled my load in Tina’s pussy. I was not so callous as to let Tina know that she was a replacement fuck! Tina is a good slut and I didn’t want to lose a willing pussy because of Sadiat, so I grunted ‘’baby’’ instead of ‘’Sadiat’’ that was on the tip of my tongue.

Relieving my load in Tina felt like a huge load had been removed from my head and I felt light headed as I rolled off Tina’s back to lie on the bare floor of my room. Minutes after I regained my composure, i looked at Tina and it was obvious from her look that she had not reached climax. I patted her on the back and with a wink promised I was going to make it up to her in a while, I just needed to rest a bit. The tension that just went away from me was just too much and I dosed off in a bit.

I opened my eyes to see Tina lying where I had left her and also sleeping. Her legs were thrown far apart and from the position of her right hand and the glitter on her mound, I could see that she had brought herself to a climax after I slept off, missy wrote this. Tina’s boobs were too tiny to hold any attraction for me but I had to pleasure her too if I didn’t want to lose a constant fuck.

So I rolled over to where she was lying and took her tiny nipples in my mouth, sucking on it and kneading on the small boob flesh. I wished it was a little bigger even if not as big as Sadiat’s, but beggars can’t be choosers. My attention on her boobs caused her to open her eyes and soon she was moaning as she pressed my head deeper unto her chest. I had to leave there though as I was not getting as much pleasure of that as I wished. So I trailed my lips down her stomach until I had it on her mound which was shaved and swollen. She gasped and her thighs involuntarily opened wider as my tongue touched her pussy mound.

But I wasn’t going to do what she wanted! I licked her pussy mound fully, paying undue attention to it until tina began trying to force my head downwards to her clit area. She was moaning and writhing all over the floor of my room as her pussy spilled juice copiously but I resisted all her effort to get me to eat her. Instead, I shoved first one finger in her moist hole and began making thrusting motions. She began grinding her hips to the rhythm of my fingers as I increased it to two. Then I increased my pace as I finger fucked her faster and faster as if it was my cock inside her. Her moans and movement increased and I knew she was near.

Then I used the thumb of the same hand I was using to ringer fuck her to rub her clit and it was like lighting a fuse as Tina first stiffened, letting out a loud scream and then relaxed as pussy juice flowed copiously on my fingers signifying that she had climaxed.

I wasn’t done with her though as my cock had by this time grown stiff as an iron rod again and I was rearing to stick it inside a willing hole. Quickly wearing a rub, I knelt between Tina’s legs, I raised her legs upwards and pushed her thighs backwards till her legs were almost resting at the same angle with her shoulder. Then I lined my engorged cock to her wide open and very very flooded pussy and with a mighty lunge, thrust deep inside her. She wailed and pushed forward to meet my waist. I then held her by her bent knees and proceeded to feed all of my cock to her in very rapid fire thrusts. Her buttocks was off the floor in the position I had her making my thrusts go very deep inside her. Soon she was moaning and shouting that she was cumming but I was just starting.

I kept thrusting as fast and as deep as I could into Tina’s young pussy even while she was cumming until I could no longer bear the friction of the bare floor on my knees anymore. So I pulled out of her and picked her off the floor, dropping her in my bed on her back and without wasting time, having my cock buried deep inside her once more in the missionary position but with her legs gripping my waist.

Tina gave it back to me measure for measure! she met each of my downward thrusts with one of hers until our bodies were moving in one synchronized movement of slapping groins on contact and withdrawing together.

The pleasure was too much for me to bear as Tina worked her young pussy muscles on my cock, squeezing and massaging the whole length of it. soon it was me who lost control as with one very powerful lounge I slammed into Tina’s pussy, burying my cock to the hilt as I filled the rubber with burst after burst of warm cum.

I couldn’t hold back even if I wanted to as Tina’s young pussy came to life to squeeze all the juice out of me. My own grunt of pleasure was even louder than hers in the throes of orgasm. Soon my cock was deflated and I fell on her panting as I pulled out.

I was fagged out! but it seemed Tina wasn’t done with me yet as she got up and knelt between my legs. I thought she wanted to just lay on me as she liked doing but nah! Kneeling between my legs, Tina removed the soaked rubber from my deflated cock and flung it aside to lie on the floor.

Then she bent forward and before I knew it had my cum soaked cock in her warm mouth! I groaned, thinking ‘’I’m too tired’’ but didn’t do anything further. I guess Tina hadn’t been labelled a slut just for the fun of it! she actually was one and a very good one too! Lawd! Tina’s tongue on my deflated cock sent electricity coursing from it straight to my brain. I thought I was done for, at least for a while, but it seemed like my cock thought differently from its reaction to Tina’s ministration.

Then she moved down on my cock, taking the length of it into her mouth and throat and sucking it like a big lollipop. I felt my cock bounce once twice and thrice as it stiffened up and began getting harder and harder, as blood flowed into the shaft.

Tina was now rubbing my balls and the base of my cock with her two hands and sucking the head of it in her mouth, saliva sluicing copiously around the sides, an excited groan escaped from my tight lips. she was working my cock real hard, showing it who was boss.

She brought her head up, then down again and took it into her warm mouth. She let her tongue slowly wrap around my cock, bathing it with saliva. All the time, she was sucking in a way that sent shivers up my back. Damn! So young and sucking cock with such considerable skill! She flicked her tongue like a butterfly against the slight ridge on the underside of my cock.

Tina pulled her mouth off my already engorged cock and I felt a bit of relieve from the tension in me until I felt her hot lips on both of my balls, rolling them together and sucking on them deeply. I groaned and grabbed her head, caressing the short hair as sensations moved all over my body.

I felt like my balls would break from the pressure. I could feel my cum rolling round and round my balls and trying to move up my shaft as she played with them, sucking like a child starved of candy. Her hands were not idle as she sucked on my balls. One hand was moving up and down my shaft as she sucked on my balls. He nails raked the sensitive nerve endings of the veins in my by now iron hard cock. I needed to bury my cock in her pussy before I blew my load all over my belly.

I tried getting her to get off my balls so that I can bury my cock in her body once more but she was insistent as her mouth stayed glued to my cock and her hand refused to let go of my cock.

I gave up the struggle after a few minutes and allowed her have her way. Like this is what she had been waiting for, she let go of my balls and once again had my cock in her mouth trying to swallow it all up but alas it was too big for her tiny mouth! She didn’t give up though as she slobbered all over my cock with her tongue, teeth and lips and used her small hands to fondle my heavy balls. Soon I felt the pressure of my fluid churning round in my balls as it began to work its way up my shaft, seeking release.

I pushed deeply, shoving my cock way past her throat as I spewed drop after drop of my cum down her throat causing her to choke and cough. She tried to pull off my cock but I was in the throes of passion and didn’t let go of her head until I had deposited the whole of my goo down her throat.

Her cough brought me back to reality and I quickly withdrew my cock from her mouth to see my cum frothing out of the corners of the mouth while her eyes were bulging in panic. She had swallowed the much she could and was almost choking on it. I was done, sated. I knew I couldn’t get it up again even if I tried. Tina had worn me out and looking at her I could also see that she was done. I was dosing off on the bed when my eyes sighted the time. It was way past 4pm! We had been at it for over five hours. Wow! She had to leave as my mom would be getting home anytime soon.

I felt much better after the fuck with Tina. I could now make my plans for Sadiat with a rational mind. I set about putting my plans in motion.

Written by Vixen Banks ( She blogs at

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