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May 9, 2021

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Sadiat & I (18+)

Written by Vixen Banks

I live on the same street as Sadiat who happens to be the house maid to Dr and Mrs Jones. Sadiat does not look like an house maid at all as the Jones are London trained and so take proper care of her. Apart from her clean and neat appearance, Sadiat is very well endowed with very big buttocks and big boobs. She knows she has all those qualities and also flaunts them. Sadiat’s walk is very sexy. When Sadiat walks, it looks like everything bows to her, from her Jiggly backside to her bouncing boobs and her cat walking despite her behind. She also has a lovely cheeky smile that seems to promise hidden and forbidden pleasures if only one dares to open that veil of secrecy.

In short, she has confidence and moves with an air of someone who’s got the whole world in her pocket. True that Sadiat may not have got the world in her pocket but she had us, all the men in her pocket.

The first time I REALLY noticed Sadiat as a virile teen who had just discovered all the attractions and pleasures of the opposite sex was about a year ago. I saw her almost all through my younger years but they were meaningless to me then. My dad had sent me to give some documents to Mrs Jones who happens to be our family lawyer. On getting to the Jones’, I had seen this lady bending to pick cloths from a basin on the floor and spread on the cloths line. The ass in that bent position was massive! Like two round halves of gigantic melons; they were perfectly shaped half-moons. She had on shorts that just about passed her buttocks.

Her skin is like Bournvita, brown and obviously smooth just from looking. I felt electricity shoot through me straight to my groin from just staring at her backside. I hadn’t even seen her face and I was having such lusty thoughts, I wondered, what if she’s one ugly bitch? With a backside like that? I don’t think so. Imagine, see me having a conversation with myself, just because of ass! What is it with us men and ass? Or boobs? As the case may be.

Anyways I walked up to that ass with nasty thoughts of what I would do if locked up with it running through my mind. My footfalls must have alerted her to someone’s presence because she turned and faced me and though Sadiat is not spectacularly beautiful, she can hold her own among ladies anytime any day. Her turning to face me presented me another alluring view and I became hooked. Not that I was in love with her, I knew it wasn’t love as something as electric as what I feel for Sadiat could not be termed love. I was simply lustfully in lust with her. Sadiat’s boobs are massive, and when I say massive I mean massive. She was wearing this spaghetti strap top girls usually wear especially at home and the size of those knockers could only be compared to the head of a toddler. They are big, round and their nipples were prominently displayed as they were taut and almost tearing a hole through the blouse.

‘’Hello? She asked and that brought me out of the day dream I had unwittingly falling into. I was standing right in front of her and must have been staring at her for quite a while as she was frowning at me and looking down. This made me look towards the direction of her eyes and to my embarrassment I saw that I had tent my shorts with a massive erection. I was so embarrassed and self-conscious that I was at a loss for words until her words again brought me back to earth.

‘’Yes Segun, what do you want? She said and this time around her voice had a snap to it. I quickly brought my rioting nerves under control and delivered my message all the while praying that Mrs Jones would not come out and see my boner that completely refused to soften despite series of mental exercises that had worked in the past. Mrs Jones is my godmother and her seeing me with a boner would totally kill me. I left hurriedly after that and that marked the beginning of my fixation for Sadiat who was much older than me as I learned she was in her mid twenties while I was just sixteen at the time. I vowed then and there that come what may, no matter what it took, I would have Sadiat screaming in ecstasy under me.

Then I began scheming. But I am very patient and like the Python, can wait for my prey to walk of its own volition to my lair. All I had to do was plan and put some things in motion to see my plans come to fruition. I had just finished secondary school and was waiting for the result of some exams I did to get me admitted to a university in South Africa, so I had a bit of time on my hands.

One day while sitting on the veranda of my house with some other neighbourhood boys chilling and just watching the world go by, Sadiat walked past on her way to run an errand I was sure. The looks of the other five guys I was sitting with and the conversation that ensued afterwards made me realize that I was not the only one who had designs on Sadiat. In fact, two of the guys revealed that even their dads had told them on occasion they would give anything to sample Sadiat’s wares. I encouraged the conversation just to know more and see how they could fit in to my plans.

‘Omo, that your godmother house maid na one hell of a woman o’’ Sule, the boy whose house is just three from mine said with a lustful look in his eyes

‘’You too notice bah? Asked Akin who though was two years older than us and already in the university hangs with us as we had all grown up together and so are friends despite the age difference. There are two of them like that as our age range is between sixteen and eighteen with me being the youngest but undeniably the baddest.

‘’Her ass meeeeeehn! And those boobs. If I catch her in an alley hehn, I would rape her o. and the thing is that she knows and flaunts it. my dad says the way she walks is even enough to send a man to hell’’ this from Samad, whose dad is a Lebanese and mum a Yoruba woman. His dad is a bad womanizer. We all know they both fuck their housemaid, in fact, Samad had started fucking her but when he mistakenly let the cat out of the bag to his father’s hearing, Mr Wakil had also lured and banged the girl and now father and son talk about it freely to each other, regaling each other of the fuck scene whenever one takes place. Samad wants a threesome with his dad and the maid but hasn’t developed enough back bone to say it out loud to his dad yet.

Sometimes I wish I had a dad like Samad’s with whom I could execute sexual plots with and even plan some evil adventure but my dad is too straight! Straighter than a ruler sef. I know that if my dad was like Samad’s dad, then I would have fucked Sadiat a hundred times over as she comes to our house at least twice weekly on one errand or another.

‘’Why do you  have that faraway look, Segun? Asked Akin, bringing me back to the present and to our discussion. Thinking of fucking Sadiat had become my one major obsession since that day I saw her in bum shorts.

‘’Nothing mahn, just imagining my face buried between her thighs and my cock ploughing deeply in and out of her is what I’m doing’’ I responded causing the others to laugh and slap my back and some their thighs in appreciation. I wondered if they would be susceptible to the devious plan that was forming in my head but looking at them more thoroughly, I saw that the lust for Sadiat had not filled them to the point of obsession as it had me.

So I bid my time as I knew there was no way I could execute the plan all alone or with strangers. I needed my niggas, people I knew would get my back anytime any day but I needed them to froth in the mouth for Sadiat first.

‘’do you know her boyfriend, Segun? Samad asked

‘’How can I know? I answered a bit angrily thinking that someone could be fucking what I was lusting unsuccessfully after ‘’abi na you?

‘’The day I get my cock into Sadiat is the day I die and go to heaven straight! Nooo, just curious since the family she serves is close to yours na! Samad answered.

‘’I don’t know her boyfriend o, don’t even know if she has any” I answered cooling from my rising temper.

Anyways, my lust for Sadiat did not abate but rather increased and became too much of an obsession till the point that I decided to get a solution for it. it was as if she knew I was lusting after her since she would make up flimsy excuses just to get me to their house and then come out to meet me in the sheerest and skimpiest of dresses I had ever seen. One day, I could no longer bear the taunt and this is how it went down.

That morning after my parents and siblings had left home for work and school and it was just me and the gateman at home, I had received a call from Sadiat that I should come over to collect a package that Mrs Jones had asked her to give my mum. I told her to bring it herself as I was busy (of course I wasn’t, just tired of the tease). She said she couldn’t as she had a lot of chores to do. Fine I will come I responded as I knew I couldn’t refuse any longer since my mom wouldn’t take it lightly with me if she found out.

I got there about an hour later after delaying for as long as I could, greeted the gateman and went straight to their front door. Series of knocks later with no response prompted me to try the door handle which opened inwards signifying that the door was unlocked. I went in and almost had a burst artery at the sight that greeted my eyes. There was Sadiat lying stark naked as the day she was born on the sitting room couch!

A closer look showed she was lying on a wrapper which must have come loose when she slept off! Her boobs were heaving up and down in the throes of breathing and the size! Bigger than any I had ever seen in real life. I started fucking at thirteen but believe me when I say in all those years, I never saw anything like what Sadiat had on her chest! I had only seen the likes on porn stars and believe me when I say those are Silicone implants only, we all know that. What Sadiat was packing was the real thing, big and full with large darker areolas and one of the biggest nipples I have ever seen, even till now as a full blown adult with hundreds of boobs to my cap.

I forced my eyes away from those heaving boobs giving myself a mental promise to come back to them and roved down her body. Her waist was small and her tummy flat with belly button out of sight. I wanted to bury my tongue in that belly button! But my eyes roved on, downwards to the triangle patch of hair just above her mound and then to her opened thighs. Not too wide open but enough to allow me plant my dick inside. Her hips are wide and her ass looked like a pillow she was resting on, humongous. I took all this in in less than two minutes. I went further inside and coughed once, twice, thrice thinking she would wake up but she didn’t.

Like iron drawn to magnet I found myself moving towards her until I was standing in front of her looking down on her heaving boobs. I can’t explain how but the next thing I knew, I was kneeling beside the couch with one of Sadiat’s boobs in my mouth and the other in my hand squeezing the nipples. She moaned and I stopped, afraid she would wake and tell me off but nothing happened and it seemed like she went back to sleep after a few seconds.

I continued with my sucking job and this time her moans had increased with her hand cradling my head but her eyes still closed. Maybe she was dreaming, I thought to myself. My cock was by this time hard and straining to burst out of my shorts, it was hard and curved painfully! But I decided to take it slow to see how far I could go with her.

I hadn’t had enough of the boobs (I’m a boobs man) but I didn’t want to lose any chance I had of fucking Sadiat because of my obsession for boobs, so I moved on, trailing my tongue from her boobs down to her stomach and to her belly button which I gave a few licks before proceeding to that glorious mound! Triangle of heaven and hell, Pandora’s box, the foundation of all lust on earth! It was glistening and wet with pussy juice which I could plainly see dripping from her pussy and leaving a trail of wetness down her thigh. she’s one of those ladies with fat pussy lips and clit that look like miniature penises. I love those kinds, I could drown in those folds!

I rubbed my fingers up and down Sadiat’s clit and by this time she had started making small mewling noises like a cat, purring sexily as she opened her legs further causing the red lotus flower between her legs to open further and expose the pink inside for me to glorify in. I was almost dying by now as I was panting seriously and the front of my shorts was wet with precum which was copiously flowing out of my cum hole. I put a finger inside the steamy redness and Sadiat’s pussy gripped that finger, it felt like I had put a finger in boiling water that wanted to swallow the whole of my hand, I imagined how it would feel with my cock buried in it.

The juice flowing out of it was just too tempting for me to let go of and I guess that was what did me in! in one fell swoop, I buried my face in Sadiat’s pussy, sucking up the juices she was spewing faster than she could make them. I licked her pussy lips and the valley making sure to get to all the nooks and crannies of her pleasure hole. Her nectar is sweet like every pussy juice is to me though with a distinct taste that was solely hers. I lapped everything up, glorying in the noise she was making in her sleep state and the abandonment of her body which was by now all splayed out for my pleasure. I wanted to give the clit attention as it had protruded until it was nodding like a tiny bitsy penis.

”Don’t stop! please don’t stop, Segun”‘ I heard as I made to shift position causing my lips to move off her clit. the sound took me by surprise and i jerked up intending to run off but Sadiat had gripped my head in her hands and was holding my face completely buried in her nether region. I looked up through my eyebrows to see her looking down on me with the sluttiest of looks I had ever seen in a woman causing my already erect cock to strain to almost busting point. That look was enough to send a saint gladly to hell. Her lips were open and spit dribbled down the side of her mouth. her eyes were half closed and the blacks were almost totally gone.

I knew she was in a heaven that was sexually generated. I needed no further invitation as I gladly dove in and continued lapping up the juices she was indiscriminately producing, now i had permission, no fear of her waking up to catch me violating her, i was doing her wishes.
I sucked and lapped away at her clit in pleasure as she gyrated her hips to my lip and tongue movement. I paid special attention to her penis like clit as i flicked my tongue on it and licked for all i was worth. her fingers dug into the back of my head but i felt no pain, her nectar was too sweet, sweeter than any i had tasted in my young life. when i noticed that her jerking were becoming more pronounce, I raked a finger lightly on the tip and Sadiat wailed, gripping my head and increasing the decibel of her mewling sounds. I then continued flicking my tongue up and down on the clit, round and round, giving it undivided attention of my tongue.

I moved my head further upwards to properly please that clit and work that inviting red hole at the same time. Then I stiffened two fingers and shoved it rapidly in and out, in and out of her hole while clamping my lips on the clit and sucking for all I was worth.

Her scream was deafening as she stiffened and flooded my fingers with sweet pussy nectar. I didn’t stop sucking her clit or finger fucking her until she had calmed down and her body gone limp. I raised my head from her pussy to see her eyes open and looking at me with a half-smile on her lips. I licked her pussy juice clean off my fingers as I stared back, then I got up and made to take off my shorts but alas. It was not to be as Sadiat quickly got up and tied her wrapper and then told me to carry the basket on the dining table to my mom! I was shocked, standing there staring at the retreating back of Sadiat! Couldn’t move until she came back into the sitting room now dressed in jeans and a tank top with obviously no bra!

‘’What are you waiting for? She asked with a menacing look

‘’Burrrrr Sadiat! You can’t leave me like this” I stammered, my throbbing cock aching awfully, to be so close to bursting my nut and then denied! Any guy that has been in that place knows how painful it is.

‘’what? Hehn what? You think I will allow a small boy like you to put his small dick inside me and just do shukeshuke and get up? No way Segun, I fuck your elders. You have served the purpose for which I called you, now leave” all this from Sadiat.

‘’Sadiat please nah, my prick is paining me. You can’t leave me like this. Please even if a head, just make me cum. and my cock is not small o’’ I said as I made to pull down my shorts to show her my over nine inches of cock that was the terror of all the young girls on our street and beyond. I had even fucked many older women who attest to my prowess.

‘’Segun stop, if you go any further I will tell Mrs Jones that you tried to rape me’’ she threatened.

That was enough to pour cold water on me and deflate my hard cock but what she didn’t know was that it made me truly hate her and accelerated my plans for her.

I took up the basket and left, trailed by her derisive laughter. She didn’t know who she was dealing with. Rape isn’t it, now I’m gonna give it to her real good, better than she can ever imagine.

Written by Vixen Banks ( She blogs at

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