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My Aunt Annarose IV (18+)

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My Aunt Annarose IV (18+)

A Story By Dan Chucks

I earnestly anticipated a very apprehensive Wednesday morning after I had woken up. You cannot tell me you wouldn’t foresee same if  you had just spent the past few hours poking your enormous 8inch pecker into your aunt’s sprawling ass.

I may have thought about, fantasized and maybe wished that the earlier incident would happen but never did I think it was gonna happen the way it had. I felt pretty cool last night (…nobody will feel any less), and do swear that I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of our romp back then.

However as the following morning unfolded, I began feeling quite like I was totally rushed. I suddenly started having that concern that comes just after you have been seduced into doing something cruel. I wouldn’t call it regret, but it looked much like it. Yes, I had once observed something you could call an attraction develop between myself and aunt and I had always wanted it to go beyond just that.

But hey, this is still my mum’s younger sister we are talking about here (…in case you’ve forgotten) and doing anything sexual with her should obviously be captioned incestuous. My being attracted to her was never going to be a justification to do any such things even though I was totally unaware of how she felt about the whole episode this present morning. Her countenance from last night do suggest that she thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it but that was already too ‘old school’ to draw inference from.

After all, I was feeling exactly same last night. But I remember remaining in bed a couple more hours after waking up the following morning just to let my mind dilute more of what had happened. I kept letting the whole incident play out in my head while trying to take things as realistic as possible. I was now absorbing the full weight of my sins and was seriously realizing the taboo that formed part of our actions.

I was feeling guilty. A natural scenario should mean that I would accept that what we did was wrong and against the society. This should then further lead to the gradual rise of a shamed self from within, totally unrecognizing of how and what aunt thought about it all. I should find it hard staring her in the face again; like most little kids would do. I was feeling rather mortified at the moment.

As I made it out of my bed later that morning, I had admitted that what happened was quite wrong and as well as a mistake that should never happen again. However, even fewer decisions are quite easier to keep! You do know better.

Mum and Annarose were seated at the dining table when I walked into the living room. They were having breakfast; tea, fried eggs and yam. Both were still in their night dresses and this only appeared rather strange to me, considering that mum usually does not wear hers beyond her bedtime. I quickly brushed the thoughts away, believing that she was only being influenced by her sister whose choice for a night robe was still looking ridiculous if not ‘inappropriate’.


“You are up at last, Little D?”, aunt began, hysterically; grinning quite profusely as she gazed at me. I couldn’t sense even the slightest of shame on her part. She obviously wasn’t thinking as myself. I was apparently alone on those decisions

“Well…uhmmm…yea”, instant dumbness. I was taken aback by her unexpected poise, then my own self guilt

“You must have slept happy last night? Obviously”, she was licking her upper lip with her tongue now. And I could see the ludicrous smirk on the side of her lips

I responded to this by giving away a weak smile. This was plain embarrassment.

“He should.” Mum was trying to be part of the big talk now. “After all, his big aunt is in town to babysit him”

We all laughed. Mine was more of an exaggerated grin though. I was making it into the living room. Obviously seeking to avoid them.

“Well…I am still around. He would be taken care of as much as he wants”, I wasn’t seeing her face now, but I sure can swear that she did know that I knew what she meant by all her lines and comments. This cannot be said about mum, as she was totally not into the handwriting on the wall. Her endless ear to ear grin said it all. Poor her!


It was not long before they both joined me at the living room where I had already started gaming. I had taken my breakfast there too while still doing all I could to avoid Aunt Anna. She however, took a seat just across where I was seated on the floor while mum sat on the sofa directly behind me. My level meant that I had her bare thighs and legs to my face but at this point, I wasn’t finding them very striking anymore considering how bad I was feeling about the previous night. This had become a struggle between the mind and self.

“I brought this movie while coming”, she suddenly cut in. They had been talking since they made for their seats but I wasn’t paying any attention

I turned towards her to see the movie she was referring to; and I guess mum must have done same too

“Go get the DVD from my room Little D.”, she really dint have the movie with her there. “You will find it on my bed”. She was feebly pointing towards the door as she said so and this caused the upper part of her robe to slightly open up. Her chest were now bare and one could trace the sides of her large boobs as they disappeared into the cloth she was putting on. Now don’t begin imagining too much. I am the one telling the story here. I am the one who saw it, not you. Anyway, I did noticed this early but I sincerely never made any attempt to look.

However, as I made it up from the floor where I had been, my eyes inevitably got caught in the depth of the sweaty, glistening cleavage. I let my eyes remain there (…and please, still do believe me that it was totally against my wish) until I made it up fully. And as I left the living room, my eyes met hers. She had been starring at me all this while. She did see me gaze into her obviously hot cleavage. Ops! Fortunately, a quick glance at mum told me she didn’t quite catch me too though.

As she was busy diligently straightening out the edges of the leather sofa she was seating on. I was now trying not to give much interest to what I had seen, but the emerging stiffness in my shorts kept saying otherwise. Not really as easy. Or is it?


When I got into aunt’s room, I met the DVD on top of her bed as she said. I quickly picked it up, glanced at the label, “lujuria” it read. Easily guessed it was of Spanish make. I have always known aunt to like lots of European and South American movies. A lady and a guy were right in front of the case and I began having the impression that this was a romance movie even though I couldn’t interpret the movie title. I remember seeing a couple of decent romance movies with her in the past. But that was long ago. I quite cannot predict what mum’s gonna say about it this time.

Having mum watch it with us will only make it a bit more awkward. As I quietly walked out of the bedroom while still looking at the DVD pack, my eyes suddenly got drawn to a rather bright colour at the far end of the room; right on the dresser just beside the wardrobe. I looked closely but couldn’t tell what it was since it was partly concealed by one of the cloths hanging from the window linen. This made me get even more curious but just before I could get to the dresser, I realized what it was; aunt’s pink dildo! What a wrong time to see it.

I knew within me that if I were to stick to my recent resolution of not having anything to do with aunt sexually, then I shouldn’t get any closer. I mustn’t open up to more ‘wrong’ fantasies about her having sex. But I was dying slowly. I couldn’t just take my eyes off it now. It looked very inviting. In fact, it was literarily beckoning me to come. Well…you get what I mean for sure. So, imaginations of how she gets to slid this in and out of her pussy began returning into my head. But wait! Did I say pussy? How was I sure it was her pussy and not her anus?

I couldn’t stop asking. I just needed to sniff it again to find out. So without spending more time, I saw myself step forward, pick the pink toy and bring it to my nose. It smelt strongly this time. It smelt strongly of exposed steel! Aunt has been fucking her asshole with this! And no Jupiter could convince me otherwise. My hard on was almost now dropping from my shorts. Holy fuck!

Danny has a blog ( where he writes very erotic stories.

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